10 Best Sex Styles For Married Couples

Have you ever wondered what best sex styles most young marriages are lacking that make them fall apart? Of course, there are a lot of things that could make most young marriages fall apart, and one of them is the inability to satisfy each other’s s3xual desires.

Over the years after the advent of the deadly virus (HIV/AIDS) which got transmitted majorly through s3x, made much premarital s3x activities reduced as those who still engage in premarital s3x activities do them secretly and are mostly ashamed to let the public know about their premarital s3x.

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This, however, has made it why most young marriages have lost the main thing that needs to always be practiced in a young home at least once in two months because they are still living with the instinct they used to have about s3x while they were not yet couples.

What Is S3x?

S3x is the mutual intercourse of a man and a woman joining together those sensitive parts of their bodies in a way that raises their body sensation. For couples or young adults, s3x is simply the putting in of a male private part into the female private part.

So now that’s the explanation of sex which is been explained above, although it wise you know this too that as newly wedded couples, s3x is something that must be practiced often as it is what spices up the relationship between a husband and a woman either as couples or as premarital s3x partners.

Below is a scenario of a man in Boston Massachusetts, USA.

10 Best Sex Styles For Married Couples
10 Best Sex Styles For Married Couples

Mr. Matt Austin is a US citizen who spent all his days living with his uncle in Spain. He grew up eating, walking, and talking like the Spanish.

Mr. Matt, one day, got connected with Lucy on his way to his usual corner which is the basketball court. At his first sight of Lucy, Matt got interested in the young-looking bright skin American lady, so he approached her, one thing led to another and they later got married to each other.

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Months after Mr. Matt and young Lucy moved to the United States of America after spending two months together as couples in Spain they finally felt they should build themselves a family in the place of their origin.

Although Mr. Matt Austin loved his wife the constant quarrel continued over and over again of which the subject of their quarrel is usually s3x Mr. Matt complains bitterly to his friends that he can no longer stand it with his wife big being able to satisfy him while they are having s3x.

The young bald head man, Mr. Matt from Spain has seen a lot of ladies while he was still living in Spain, this is because Mr. Matt was a bar attendant in a very famous bar where all kinds of ladies of all shapes and sizes do visit for a lunch or a dinner date but boring Matt was too shy to approach any lady so he stayed clean till he met Lucy.

But now it has been two years since Matt and Lucy got joined together as two coined couple and still because Matt doesn’t know how to man up to ladies he is desperately hoping that his woman Lucy would do the turning on all the time but sadly Lucy hates s3x so this makes poor Mr. Matt hurt.

Here are ten major sex styles for couples should try when they are performing their conjugal rights:

  1. Doggy style
  2. Face-off style
  3. Cowgirl style
  4. Reverse cowgirl style
  5. Pretzel style
  6. Wheelbarrow style
  7. Standing on one leg
  8. Laptop style
  9. Angle 69
  10. Missionary style
10 Best Sex Styles For Married Couples
10 Best Sex Styles For Married Couples

1. Doggy style: To most lovers, doggy is the best s3x style ever practiced. Doggy style is s3x practice where the woman would bend over in the form of a dog and the man would stand behind her to thrust his manhood back and forth into the woman’s virgina. However, some persons prefer anal s3x during doggy style. This style has proven based on research, to many young homes as one of the best s3x styles. As a woman, you may wish to practice this with your husband as most men enjoy practicing it.

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2. Face-off style: This is also another fantastic s3x style that you would want to try, although it’s not much popular as a doggy. It is among the list of best s3x styles that you may want to explore…it’s an adventurous s3x style.

3. Cowgirl style: This also is a very famous s3x style. Many young fleshy lovers have over the years testified of the amazing effects of this s3x style.  It is just like the doggy style that most men and women in love engage in for fun. So for you as a lady, you must be aware that your man needs sex styles.

4. Reverse cowgirl: This is also a very amazing s3x style that many black American pornstars engage in more from the porch videos on the internet this style is capable of making your man go wild about you once you’ve been able to do this right there is no limit to how much your man would love you.

5. Pretzel style: This is one amazing style that you would love to try as it’s a style that makes you lay your back down as a lady while your man grinds sideways.

6. Wheelbarrow style: This is another fantastic style just like the name implies wheelbarrow. It is a style where you as a lady would put your hands to the floor while your man would raise your leg like in form of a wheelbarrow and he will hit you from behind as hard as he can.

7. Standing on one leg: This style is so much fun and the interesting thing about this style is how tiring it becomes after going through it you will feel the pains all over your body this is something that needs to spice up your sex style with your man.

8. Laptop style: If have not tasted any other style before, I think you need to try this style. It’s full of so much fun. It is a style you would perform as a lady with your legs raised and your man would thrust inside you like he’s on a laptop.

9. Angle 69: This is a popular style just like some other styles in this article. You can practice this style with your man and watch how magical his breath on your skin would make you go wild. This style allows you guys to stay upside down on each other while pleasuring yourselves, especially during oral s3x.

10. Missionary style: This style is simply done inform of submission. As a lady, if you give your man this style often, he would always love and respects you. This style indicates that you have surrendered all to him, then he will grind you till he’s satisfied.

And so you have it listed above of the 10 best sex styles each every of the style listed above you have their special function just as search on more details about those sex styles you would be amazed at how easy they are any and how much fun it would be to give any on it them a trial.

Effect Of Sexual Dissatisfaction

10 Best Sex Styles For Married Couples
10 Best Sex Styles For Married Couples

There are sexual issues here and there are a lot of marriages. About 80% of divorce is related to their sexual life, and dissatisfaction.

Couples are expected to satisfy their partners and have pressure together. I have heard of so many complaints where some lament over their wife lying like a log of wood while the man does all the pressuring.

This type of kind of sexual attitude makes the man feel unsatisfied which might lead him to go look for sexual pressure outside the marriage.

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While some women complain about their husbands not being able to satisfy them or take them to reach climax before cumming, or the man doesn’t give them the satisfaction of their desires.

One reason why partners are not sexually satisfied is that they lack the proper skills in bed.

When different styles are carried out in bed or applied in a love room. The activities will be carried out hand-in-hand by couples which will make them feel satisfaction and satisfaction together.

Need For Sexual Styles In Matrimonial Homes

Gone are the days when love marking in a family is all about reproduction. Gone are the days when women lay down like logs of wood to allow the man to do all the pressuring. Especially the style called (mummy and daddy).

This is a modern technology age where couples are taught how to make love with satisfaction. In this method, couples marry to stay together both in body and spirit. It grows their love and gives them more reason to enjoy their marriage on earth. When couples are happy with themselves they will be able to overlook their shortcomings because love covers a multitude of sins.


This content contains what you’ve been looking for all these years something that not all newly wedded couples know but wish to know as they are essential for you and if you are not giving any one of the what the list a trial to your man then don’t complain when you lose him.

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