10 Causes Of Break Up In Today’s World

Sometimes, the causes of break up are uncommon that we hardly realize. They can lead to break up in relationships.

Not even love relationships but another communion between one another such as family, mutual friendship, etc. Break up has been one of the major problems of being in our daily activities that entail relating with people.

Everything we do is based on relating with people because a tree cannot make a forest.

We relate with people in our:

  • Schools
  • Working place
  • Friendship
  • Marriage
  • Relationships etc.  

We all know that things cannot function well in our lives if we work alone because two good heads are always better than one.

Have you ever seen any successful company that has been piloted by one person alone? No! It’s not possible. It takes the employer and employee(s) of different departments with different tasks to achieve the common aim or goal of the company. This is applicable to each of our activities.

  • School

The school has been a learning center that comprises teachers and learners, but this learning can only take place when both parties relate as needed. In everything, we observe that a lot of teachers, mostly in private schools and learners in general, break up from their schools for one reason or another.

  • Workplace

We relate with people every day in our work and business places. No matter how brave, strong, wise, and smart we are, we must relate with people in one way or another; to accomplish our mission on earth. Even as that, we still see people break up with their love, boss, employees, customers, clients, etc for a reason.

  • Friendship

Friendship is a selfless commitment of two or more people of opposite or same-sex gender. This set of people believes so much in them that they share their secrets among themselves on trust. They also share their strengths and weaknesses for encouragement and motivation from each other. They are generally termed “Besties”. Yet, we witness a breakup from them even when people look up to them.

  • Marriage

Marriage is the legal bonding of a man and a woman that are in love. They pay all the prices needed to fulfill their love, affection, vision, and dreams. Many of them fight with their loved ones, family, friends, or relations to prove their love to their partners. But in all these sacrifices, we count and are still counting “Break Up” in marriages.

  • Relationship

Two love birds entangle themselves together in mutual affection; looking forward to living forever. They believe they’re meant to be together through the signs of love they share. A lot of them have involved their families, friends, and relations in their relationship; just to prove their sincerity. Yet, we always find a breakup in them. With all the love and pleasantries in this life, we still experience a lot of breakups here and there; for one reason or another. That takes us to know what break up is all about.

  • Break Up 

Break up is an unpleasant disengagement of one from another without resolving it. Since learners acquire knowledge from school, and teachers their wages; Since employees earn wages for their work and employees achieve their aim; Since friends believe in themselves so much that they achieve a lot together; Since people pay a costly price for marriage and share a lovely time;n Since two love birds enjoy their mutual attraction so much that they stand and fight for their love. Then what are the causes of break up in our relations with people?

Causes of Break Up

Break up occurs intentionally and unintentionally through the imperfection of mankind.

Here is the list of some of the causes of break up:

  1. Lack of communication
  2. Selfishness
  3. Disagreement
  4. Unfaithfulness
  5. Lack of appreciation
  6. Unguided jealousy
  7. Gossip
  8. Lies
  9. Pretenses
  10. Unforgiveness
10 Causes Of Break Up That Are Not Common In Today’s World
  • Lack of Communication

Not communicating positively with your colleagues, not having a concrete agreement, not having a common goal, and not reaching out to your partner make them feel unimportant while relating together. It will gradually weaken their spirit as they break up with you. So, lack of communication is one of the causes of break up.

  • Selfishness

A lot of people do not that selfishness is one of the major causes of break up. However, they relate to their partners for selfish reasons; not minding how they feel. Selfishness makes you hurt people you relate with, just to satisfy yourself. Whether it’s in your workplace, relationship, or in another thing you do with people, avoid selfishness because it gives birth to “break up” when they felt “Used and Unhappy”.

  • Disagreement

Disagreement uses a lot of havoc between partners of any kind. It will occur when there’s no heart-to-heart agreement, which will start from quarrel to malice and migrate to break up in anger. Don’t forget that two can never work together unless they agree. Sometimes, disagreement becomes one of the causes of break up as one party usually disagree to some things that may be important to the other party.

  • Unfaithfulness

When you are unfaithful to your partner or work, it shows how unimportant they are to you. When your partner observes this for a while without changes, then break up becomes inevitable. Don’t forget that, unfaithfulness is in fact, one of the major causes of break up.

  • Lack of Appreciation

We should count lack of appreciation as one of the causes of breaks up in relationships. Don’t expect the best from someone you don’t appreciate. When you don’t appreciate your partner, but complain over every little mistake or fault you see, it will result in an inferiority complex. This inferiority complex will so much reduce your partner till he or she breaks up with you due to depression.

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  • Unguided Jealousy

Though, everyone has an atom of jealousy, when unguided, will push you so hard till you frustrate your partner unknowingly. Whenever you are afraid of losing someone so much, being intimidated, or can’t bear someone’s success, just know that you’re already dealing with one of the causes of break up.

  • Gossip

Gossip is nothing but tools for destruction. Whenever you entertain gossip in your relationship with anyone, be it in school, workplace, marriage, friendship, or in your relationship, it will gradually nurse out deep hatred in your heart until things go out of shape. One of the causes of break up is gossip.

  • Lies

Lying is one of the causes of break up. How do you expect partners to last long when they relate to lies and deceit? Avoid lies at all costs when dealing with people; because it kills trust and gives birth to suspects. Lies hurt and when can’t endure, break up occurs.

  • Pretences

It pains so much to see someone you love, cherish and appreciate; someone you’re working with within all sincerity pretending all this while. It kills your spirit of relation with the person no matter how long; it will also attract break up if not corrected massively.

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  • Unforgiveness

Unforgiveness is one of the causes of break up. One thing people refuse to understand is that no one is perfect. Everyone has offended people in one way or another, knowingly and unknowingly. When you refuse to forgive your partner no matter the gravity of the offense, just know that you’re inviting a break up between you both because u forgiveness is a barrier to success and greatness.


Break up is an unpleasant disengagement of one from another without resolving it. This occurs in our different relationships with people both in schools, working places, in our marriages, friendships, and relationships.

All these are a result of not communicating well, being selfish, not being appreciative to our partners, relating in lies, being unfaithful, gossiping, allowing jealousy to lead you, and being unforgiving when offended. Avoid all these and enjoy a long-lasting relationship with your partner all around. The above listed are the causes of break up, so you should avoid them if you want a lasting relationship.

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