10 Perfect Ways To Keep A Woman Happy

The perfect ways to keep a woman happy can’t be done through magic but through practice. Doing them will help keep your relationship or marriage healthy and strong. Money alone can’t keep a woman happy, there are ways to keep a woman happy that seems to be common but very effective when practiced.

1. Give her attention

There is nothing that makes a woman happy more than attention. When you give your woman the needed attention, she will feel more secure with you. She will say to herself even without your notice that she is the best for you which is the reason why you always give her every attention she needed. It will make her believe in you more. In fact, it’s one of the ways to keep a woman happy.

2. Listen to her

10 Perfect Ways To Keep A Woman Happy
10 Perfect Ways To Keep A Woman Happy

Most times, we tend to forget that listening to her is one of the most important things you could ever do for her. Passive listening is not enough, make sure to listen attentively when she’s sharing something. Also, try and reply with a good response to what she’s telling you. That’s one of the surest ways to make her feel you really care what she’s talking about.

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3. Open up to her

Men are naturally secretive in terms of what they feel about something, especially in business and relationships with other people. Opening up to your partner is a good gesture. A relationship is a win-win situation; as she opens up to you, courtesy demands you do the same to her. This makes it possible for her to trust and vouch for you whenever it comes up for her to do so. It will also make her happy.

4. Make her feel secure

Protect her as you can from deceivers and people who may hurt her. This is one of the things you can do for your partner to make him/her feel loving you till death. When she feels secure with you, she can tell you every secret even when you didn’t ask for it. Make her feel that you are there for her whenever she feels sad and alone.

5. Appreciate her

You’re not the only one who’s making an effort to make your relationship work. Never forget to thank her for the things that she does for you. Saying “thank you” even just for her presence makes her feel appreciated.

6. Respect her

Learning to respect your partner, is one of the key factors to making her happy and also keeps your relationship safe. Respect is reciprocal; when you respect her, she will have no option but give you all the respect you deserve. This is another way to keep a woman happy.

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7. Don’t beat her

Beating your partner has so many implications, do everything to avoid it. Learning to respect your partner, is one of the key factors to making her happy and also keeps your relationship safe. Respecting her opinion on things or situations can lead to less argument in your relationship.

8. Fulfill your promises

10 Perfect Ways To Keep A Woman Happy
10 Perfect Ways To Keep A Woman Happy

When promising something to your partner, try your best to keep them as much as possible. Most times, when you fulfill your promise to people, they will trust you more. If you to keep a woman happy, fulfill your promise to her.

9. Speak well about her
Always speak well about your partner, that makes her happy. Before your family, defend her but in the right way. Tell them good things about her but don’t hesitate to tell them whenever she erred in uncontrollable ways. Most times, the way you present your partner before your family determines how they will take her.

10. Respect her rights

Allowing her to exercise her rights makes her happy. Denying your partner her rights makes her feel as if she is a slave to you. When it’s time to be with her girlfriends, don’t stop her. Women naturally don’t like to be caged; they like freedom. They always hate and run away from men that treat them like slaves.


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