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14 Reasons Why Your Appearance Matters Most

Your Appearance Matters Most: Some men prefer to date a lady that makes herself look like a whore but when it comes to marriage, they will travel to their villages to pick a fresh and novice lady as a wife. This is a kind of trick!

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Here are 14 Reasons why your appearance matters most in all you do:

1. If a man likes your half-naked dressing, think very well, he’s not going to marry you. When you show off your boobs to the public, you become a public commodity. If you’re the type of lady that dress irresponsibly, you will only attract irresponsible men, they can’t approach you as suitors but as players.

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2. They would consider you to be a whore. Don’t allow anyone to deceive you, good men like good things; they like ladies that dress responsibly. Indecent dressing can only attract indecent people to you; everything is contagious.

3. Some women don’t like taking good advice especially, on how to live their lives to attract suitors. Your appearance matters most because it is what suitors will look at in the first place.

14 Reasons Why Your Appearance Matters Most
14 Reasons Why Your Appearance Matters Most

4. A woman wouldn’t mind spitting on you when you advise her to dress decently, she would refer to you as a devil who doesn’t want her to look good like a real woman. This kind of attitude has set so many ladies back and limited them from enjoying good relationships.

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5. Hey, to find a good man, the first step is to know if he is a responsible man. If he is, he will dress responsibly, and as well, would admire any lady that dresses responsibly too.

6. It is only a few men who would prefer ladies that uncover their bodies for marriage. Everything is just a choice but the majority of men don’t like eating uncovered food. We must learn lessons that are paramount to our success.

7. Africans have their own culture different from the culture of other parts of the world. A real African woman does not leave her body uncovered for any reason. Though there are a few parts of Africa that are still primitive but are drastically catching up with development. Their culture seems to disguise as women would go about half-naked.

8. In some cases, some ladies permit their boyfriends to draw tattoo on their boobs and buttocks, just to look attractive and sexy, after some months or years, the boyfriends would abandon them for another lady. Now, you have a mark that another man may not like to cope with, if he discovers the tattoo on your body which he must definitely discover someday, he would change his attitude toward you. We are Africans; drawing tattoos are not our culture.

9. The western world may have it as a culture but we don’t. Some African superstars draw tattoos because they feel they mingle with a caliber of people, tribes, and humans internationally, under the sun, and that with their money and firm, they can attract anyone. Are you in the same position as them?

10. After admiring seeing your girlfriend wear a ring on her leg because you’re dating, and when you guys get married, you will ban her from wearing the same ring? I want you to rethink. When she refuses to stop wearing the ring, you will beat, maltreat and even divorce her for being disrespectful, right? Who is fooling who?

So she is only permitted to wear the ring on her leg as long as you guys are dating but banned from wearing the same ring when you guys are married? I laugh who does this kind of action!

11. This brings disagreement that leads to problems in marriage. Whatever you can’t tolerate in marriage, don’t tolerate it in courtship, it brings problems between couples.

14 Reasons Why Your Appearance Matters Most
14 Reasons Why Your Appearance Matters Most

12. A lady who doesn’t want to marry a smoker shouldn’t date a smoker. If you can’t stop him from smoking while dating him, you can’t also stop him when you guys get married. Problems emanate when you force him to stop it, so to avoid them, don’t fall in love with a smoker.

13. You force your boyfriend to a club every weekend, and when you guys get married, you try to stop him from clubbing, which definitely, you’ll become tired of, but he may not. This would make him go to clubs with other girls, which is your fault. Learn to put limits on some things you do while courting to avoid its adverse effects in the future.

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14. Lying can make you look indecent. The heart is always destabilized when trust is betrayed. Lying, stealing and infidelity are most considered by men as major crimes any woman can commit. Others are minor crimes and do not possibly kill a relationship or marriage.

Take time and discover what your partner may like or dislike for the sake of your relationship, just to make it endure the taste of time.

Though we are not perfect, we can abstain or avoid some things just for the sake of what we want.

Article Credit: ‘Knowing Your Relationship Status‘, my second book.

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