14 Best Ways To Write Apology Letter To Your Boyfriend

Kindly give attention to these 14 ways to write apology letter to your boyfriend, and build a happier and successful relationship with your partner.

Are you heartbroken after a fight, quarrel, or misunderstanding with your boyfriend and don’t know how to apologize to him?

Writing an apology letter to him is the best thing to do, therefore, you should to write anapology letter to your boyfriend in an appealing way.

As humans, all our relationships have good and bad times, and no relationship is like milk and honey all the time. I believe that no relationship is 100% free from cheating, lying, fighting, jealousy, disagreement, and many other examples of conflict. We have to endure and work towards perfecting our relationships.

Unfavorably, at such a time, one partner will be on the receiving end. However, in your love story, you may be an angel– even if you want it or not, you must hurt your partner, and break his heart.

No matter how excellent your relationship is, there will come a period when you need to render an apology to your boyfriend for something you have done to him, either intentionally or unintentionally.

A letter enables you to communicate your inner feelings without really being present. He may be so mad that he doesn’t just want to talk to you, but a well-written letter can be what you need to make things turn around. So, to write apology letter to your boyfriend is the fairest and easiest way to go.

If you want a little insight on how you can write a helpful apology letter that will persuade your boyfriend of how apologetic you really are and have you back in his good compassion, here are a few strategies you can follow to tell him you are truly sorry for hurting him:

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1. To Write Apology Letter To Your Boyfriend, Examine His Feelings And Admit His Hurt

Probably you didn’t mean to harm your boyfriend but you did, you might not see things from his viewpoint but you should admit his hurt and examine his feelings.

Acknowledge the certainty that he has the right to his feelings, whether you realize them or not. You should let him know you regard the way he feels and that he has the freedom to get annoyed without being judged by you or anyone.

For instance, you can say:

  •  ‘‘I’m sorry for hurting your feelings, I would like you to understand that we’re not on incompatible sides, we’re a party and we should be working jointly to work out this problem. I’m so sorry, please my love.
  • I’m sorry. I made you think like I’m going against you. I sometimes, become self-centered. Please forgive me for what I have done and be rest guaranteed that I’m always on your side.’’

2. Take The Full Blame

Acknowledging you’re at fault and taking full responsibility for your wrong deeds is always a good position to start when rendering an apology.

However, you can say these:

  •  ‘’My love, it was bad of me to have hurt your feelings the way I did, please pardon me. If I could go back in time, I would do things otherwise, I have learnt my lesson, and I know better now.”
  • “I’m truly sorry for offending you. I wish this experience boosts our love and relationship in understanding and forgiveness. What I did was bad, and there’s no way around it. I want to learn from this incident.”

3. Ask Him For Forgiveness

Do not circle an apology or beat around the bush, go straight to the point and ask him for forgiveness.

 You could say something like:

  •  ‘’My love, gently ignore my mistakes and find a place your heart to forgive me. I’m so sorry to have hurt you.”
  • “I wish I can assure you that I won’t cause you pains again but I’m not sure, I’ll go wrong again but one thing I can assure you is that, I will do everything it takes to safeguard your heart and our love at all expenses. I love you forever’’.

4. (For Fighting) Tell Him Sorry And How Essential It Is For You To Put Things Together Again

  • “I would like you to know how heartbroken I am for the words I had said to you. I know I barked and yelled at you, and sometimes, got off my mind and overreacted.”
  • “I know that you want a room to calm down but I want you to know that I’m ready to do what’s right. I’ll like the opportunity to make it right for you and express to you how sorry I am. Please, don’t stay angry at me, vest upon me the affection of your embrace and restore the happiness in my life. Forgive me!”

5. List Your Motives

  • “You know as much as I love you, and that I can’t ever hurt you intentionally. It was never my motive to cause you pain, but I did and now, I repent from the bottom of my heart.”
  • The feelings of how painfully I have hurt you tore me apart, I feel so shy to behold your presence again! The hurt is not because I don’t care, or because I don’t love you but because I am a human. Don’t be so mad at me.”
  • I feel regretful and am sorry for acting in such a manner. Please forgive me. I crave for your love once again and to listen to the words ‘I love you…’ from your lips.

6. Don’t Inflict

When rendering apology, the last thing you would want to do is to give your partner the feeling you’re inflicting what you want on them, don’t inflict. You can leave space for him to handle and choose either to forgive you or not and when to do so.

Write Apology Letter To Your Boyfriend

You can say:

  •  ‘’I will fully understand if you decide not to forgive me because I know I’m not meriting your forgiveness. Though, I humbly ask for your forgiveness.”
  • “I will be very pleased if you are kind enough to give me another chance. Please don’t let this terminate our relationship, I love you so much and will do whatever it takes to preserve what we have.’’

7. Be Honest

There’s no need to overemphasize your letter with idealistic promises like you will never upset him again. Reaching across as controlling and untrue won’t help.

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Consider these ideas:

  • Just say what you mean and what you know you will be able to perform.
  • Be sincere, say the truth, nothing less and nothing more. He feels you are just telling him the things he wants to hear without really meaning them, it would not work.  Your apology letter should be genuine.

8. Promise Him It Would Not Happen Again

Before you write apology letter to your boyfriend, you have to understand that your apology does not carry any true value unless you are remorseful and are obliged to take the important steps for it not to happen again.

For instance:

  • “I understand that, no matter how many times I say sorry to you, it would not wipe away all the pains I have caused you but please, forgive me.”
  • I will make no excuses for what I have done. I want to let you know that it will never occur again. I pray we can move past this experience to build a healthier relationship, full of understanding and love.’’

9. Do Not Make Excuses In Your Apology Letter

Take full blame for your actions, don’t try to pass the blame or justify your attitude.

For example:

  • “I did things I should not have done, terrible of all, I hurt you. I’m deeply sorry. There is no excuse for what I have done, I’m sorry to have put us both through this.”
  • I have disheartened you and myself. Please forgive me, give me a chance to do something to calm the hurt you are feeling.”
  • “True love covers a multitude of sins they say, hence I hope that our love is intense enough to cover my flaws. I’m sorry, my love.”

10. Tell Him How You Are Going To Make Things Right

Except you make it known to him that you plan on improving and making things right, your apology is just mere words.

Specify the thing you have done to make him mad and come up with a remedy you plan to carry out to change the situation.

This does not only show him that you are sorry but that you have given your attitude some thoughts.

You can say for instance:

  • “I will work on discussing better in the future, I will do my best to have discussions with you and regard things from your perspective…”
  •  “I will not allow my attitude to stand as a hindrance to future progress we aim at making in this relationship.”

This shows him that you are determined for it not to reiterate itself again and on the cover of your apology; you are trying to find a way to solve the problem.

11. Inquire of Him What Will Help

For you to stop your boyfriend from thinking like you will hurt him again if he forgives you, prove that you plan to do things oppositely this time by asking him what you can do to make him feel better.

This will make him feel given attention to, and make him know that his feelings matter a lot and that they will be taken into consideration in future events.

You can say:

  •  ‘’Sorry is not sufficient, I know. I can be insensitive and selfish, and it’s not easy putting up with me. I want to make a change, to be a nicer partner for you.”
  • “Advise me on what to do to make amends and it will be done. I need your support to be the person you deserve and someone you would be proud of.”

12. Remind Him That You Care

It is easy to distrust your relationship and your partner’s feelings when you are hurt.

If you want to stay longer, you need to remind him of your loyalty and that your feelings have not changed despite your recent bad attitude.

Assure him of your love; tell him the things you love about him, about your relationship, and help him recall the good times and how far you have come as partners. Discuss your plans and make him see that you can still accomplish your goals together.

13. Be Sincere (For Being Jealous)

  • “Speak from the depth of your heart ‘’ I can be adherent and upsetting at times, I know. I attacked you with messages because I miss you so much and get angry at you for not answering back. I am sorry.”
  • “There is a part of me that needs to always be in touch with you every moment of the day, but I know that you also have yours going on.”
  • “I vow to do better. I ask for your forgiveness and understanding, please forgive me, my love.”
  • “I wish I could take back everything I had said. I did not mean any of them. I just did it out of anger. I want to be the person who will never hurt you purposely. I am so sorry for what I have done.”

14. Vow To Do Better

Allow your boyfriend to know how serious you are about improving and not making the same error again.

Do not make empty vows just to get what you want, be honest and show guilt. Start making obvious efforts to amend the hurt you caused him.

Write Apology Letter To Your Boyfriend

Sample Of How To Write An Apology Letter To Your Boyfriend

Dearest Sam,

I write you from the utmost part of my heart to admit my faults and seek your forgiveness, if possible. I have come to realize how deep my words have hurt you, and wish to state that, I’m very sorry.

My heart is wounded and my conscience judges me each minute for being unfair to a precious heart like you, which has compelled me to pen down my concern and feelings for you.

I’m ashamed of myself and can’t behold your presence to say I’m sorry, I feel you will be mad at me due to my deeds. The attitude I gave you was none of my intentions rather, I was not really myself as my emotions went off me.

 My love, I’m not asking for you to forgive me tomorrow but I’m asking for your forgiveness for today only. I have accepted my faults and I’m ready to do things to please you from the inner part of my heart.

Please, Sam, remember the past moments where we share good times together. Remember that we promised each other forgiveness whenever the need arises. Remember that we have gone a long way in this relationship, and can’t allow this moment to destroy the empire we had built in our hearts. Remember that I love you.

Please, find a place in your heart to forgive me, I’m very sorry my king! Nothing will make me happy this time more than having myself back in your arms, please forgive your baby.

I really miss you and hope to see you soonest.

Yours lovely,



The above examples are to help enlighten your knowledge on how to write apology letter to your boyfriend, to enable you to pass your message across to him.

You should always have in mind that the most vital parts of an apology are integrity and sincerity. Put away your pride and open up to your boyfriend.

Be honest when asking for forgiveness from him, and let him decide if he is willing to accept your apology or not. If he does not, know you’ve made an effort but it did not work and if he does, ensure you do your maximum best to avoid making the same errors again.

I hope these instances of how to write apology letter to your boyfriend can help you reconcile with your boyfriend, and make a change in your relationship.

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