15 Best Of Godspower Oparaugo Quotes

15 best of Godspower Oparaugo quotes: Godspower Oparaugo is a Nigerian writer who focuses his writing style on self-help, motivation, and inspiration. Most of his quotes are useful and helpful in daily life applications. Quotes are great words of public figures, writers, actors and actresses, and leaders who have made great impacts in people’s lives through their professions.

People especially this present time are passing a lot in life, and need motivating words; quotes to withstand those life challenges.

The 15 best of Godspower Oparaugo quotes are amazing and practical:

1. Money has passed the stage of being defined as ‘a medium of exchange.’ Although, that’s what it is. I’m not disputing it. I’m trying to bring to your knowledge that most people don’t understand the meaning of money–where it can be found and how to acquire it. I’ve provided the unique meaning of money in this book, and where and how it can be found.

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2. No one cultivates in stony ground, instead, he cultivates in the soft-rich ground. Do not expect people to invest in you if you’re a lazy type.

15 Best Of Godspower Oparaugo Quotes
15 Best Of Godspower Oparaugo Quotes

3. Risk is one of the qualities of any good decision. This is so because the decision itself is a risk. Therefore, making a decision literally means, taking a risk… In tracing the histories of successful men and women, the first thing to notice in their lives is a risk. -15 best of Godspower Oparaugo quotes.

4. If you can survive and win the battle over other millions of semen deposited alongside you in your mother’s womb, tell me why you cannot win the battle over challenges, difficulties, and poverty? Friend, I know you will succeed because; you’d once done it in the womb.

5. There are numerous choices placed before us, but we make a decision to choose the best that would meet our needs. Nothing can possibly become yours until you make a decision to take it or claim it, either through peace or by force. Sometimes, we would not have access to what belongs to us until we apply force.

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6. Without discipline, nothing valuable is worth gaining. Listen, the money you chase, the wisdom you seek, and the success you want, can easily be gotten when you apply discipline in all you do. Know how to invest than waste. Spend time disciplining yourself. That’s what successful people do. You cannot succeed without discipline, and you can’t also make the right decision without discipline.

15 Best Of Godspower Oparaugo Quotes
15 Best Of Godspower Oparaugo Quotes

7. Those who have the habit of imitating other people can easily and ignorantly misplace their destiny. Imitation is not bad, but when you imitate, imitate in the right way or face the consequences.

8. Since I started studying the Scriptures, I’ve not seen where anything was used to compare wisdom except money! This explains how important it is to make money. If you must be known in the world, make money, or have wisdom in a special way.

9. Every moment in life is a blessing, even if it brings tears or laughter. As a child of God, you should always keep Ecclesiastes 3:1 to mind.

10. We all know that there is a reward for every labour as well as there is a reward for every game played and won. How committed you are in life determines your reward.

11. Nothing worthwhile can ever be achieved until a decision is made. You’re in control of your decisions and your decisions are in control of your destiny.

15 Best Of Godspower Oparaugo Quotes
15 Best Of Godspower Oparaugo Quotes

12. As a start-up writer, there is a need for you to define your area of interest. You should know what inspires you to become a writer. Choose what interests you most and make it your pathway to achieving your dream, then work on it. Both fiction and nonfiction writers have everything in common- they are writers and authors, and they both achieve greatness and influence when they write prolifically.

13. In the beginning, you need no support other than your pen and paper to write down the ideas that your brain is ready to supply you at any given time.

14. Life is like the pages of a book. You are free to read any page of your choice but remember, your success or failure depends on the page you have read.

15. You need to tolerate all manner of characters for your own good because, you cannot force people to change and even if you have to, you cannot change everyone.

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