22 Best Rules For Men Of God

Here are the 22 Best Rules For Men Of God that would endure the taste of time. Anyone serving in the vineyard of God, especially Pastors, Reverend Fathers, Reverend Sisters, Brothers, General Overseers, and all the servants in God’s vineyard should obey some rules. These rules are for men of God who do not see it as a risk to maintain a close relationship with their female members.

Historically, men of God have struggled with controlling their sexual urges. This led to the unfortunate mistreatment of women who didn’t know where they stood in regard to men of God. You should not be like them! There are many ways to approach dating a religious man without sacrificing your faith or endangering yourself. Religious devotion does not equal misogyny. If he truly believes in God, then he will understand your boundaries and will respect them.

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All men of God shouldn’t forget that keeping a close relationship with the opposite sex is a risk. Once keeping such a relationship, the devil will start having his ways to attack. Men of God during the matrimonial homily, advise the newly wedded couples to respect their marriage, he should also respect his calling by obeying these rules.

The 22 Best Rules For Men Of God:

1. Never have a close spiritual daughter.

2. Never get emotionally attached to any woman or female member of the Church.

3. Never post pictures of your spiritual daughter on Facebook or any social media no matter how supportive she is to you.

4. Always bear in mind that the lady who cheaply offers herself to you will cheaply fight you tomorrow.

22 Best Rules For Men Of God

5. Never take advantage of any sheep (lady) who calls you “My pastor”, “Daddy”, or “My daddy”. Please I beg you, don’t let anyone “daddy” you to hell!

6. Never give financial assistance to any lady without the consent of your wife or any 3rd party.

7. Never pray for ladies in lonely places. Ensure people are around.

8. Never allow your heart to lust after any lady.

9. Don’t eat from ladies who consistently give you cooked food in the name of “he is my pastor”. Remember, food is another way to a man’s heart.

10. Preach against sexual immorality and be a doer of what you preach too.

11. Rebuke indecent dressing around and within you and the church.

12. If any lady is giving you signs for sex, openly rebuke her.

13. Never start any dirty and naughty discussion with any lady.

14. If you are married, don’t hide any secret from your wife.

15. If you are married make your wife your best friend and “flaunt” her anywhere “anyhow.”

16. If you are married, direct female members to your wife for counseling if the case is sensitive.

17. Always talk about your wife. It chases bad girls who want you away.

18. Profess your love to your wife anywhere, anytime, and any day.

19. If any lady begins to come close to you, kindly report to your wife with her name, phone number, and her details.

20. Be nice to female members, but you must be strict and disciplined when you notice any bad move.

21. Be conscious that a gift, in cash or kind, from any woman can be inimical to your spiritual life. Be careful.

22. Employing a woman as a secretary or personal assistant is an easy trap for your soul.

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Final Word

As a man of God, it’s likely you will want to make your partner happy. It’s also possible that your drive to be pleasing will cause you to yield too much control or provide emotional support in times where it isn’t welcome. Make sure to set firm boundaries with your female members and avoid letting them push you around or influence you into doing what you preach against. Men of God should respect themselves before the congregation if they want their followers or members to give them respect.

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