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22 Long Apology Paragraph for Him

Long apology paragraph for him: you did something that made your boyfriend or husband become very mad at you and you are searching for words of apology to say I’m very sorry to him, people mostly find it difficult to admit they offended their partner thereby not admitting to apologize for the wrong they have done.

You messed up, you offended your crush, your boo and you need apology paragraphs that will make him forgive you, you need to remind him of the good times you both had together.

When apologizing to him, you have two items on your agenda:

  • Apologizing
  • Making a change in the current situation

It’s a good idea to apologize; however, there is a difference between having your apology accepted and being able to initiate a dating relationship with him.

As for the apology, the best thing to do is stick with first-person statements, such as:

  • I realize that I made a mistake when I made the previous decision.
  • I feel bad about the decision I made.
  • I feel very sorry about hurting you.
  • I care for you deeply.
  • I hope that you will accept my apology.

If he responds by accepting your apology, that is very good news. However, he might want to leave it at that. If that’s what he communicates to you, it’s probably best to let it go.

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Apology Paragraph for Him

1) Your presence has made me feel the highest of highs, and your absence is making me feel the lowest of lows. I’m very sorry for all that has happened and I beg you to forgive me. I love you.

2) Sometimes, life twists things in a way where selfless and beautiful souls like you end up with stupid people like me. I am terribly sorry for everything I’ve done, and everything I will do if you take me back. I want you to know how much I miss you and how much you mean to me. I love you. –Apology paragraph for him.

3) Oh, my love, I’m sorry, everything that happened yesterday was a mistake from my side, my king, I have been blaming myself for hurting and causing you so much pain, here I am pleading and asking for your forgiveness.

4) If I could wish for one thing, it would be for the ability to turn back time, so I can start over, and not do all the dumb mistakes I’ve done over the lifespan of our relationship. I am terribly sorry for making you sad. Please forgive me, I love you.

5) You truly are one of the most wonderful people I have met in my life. And I want you to continue being that and not allow something minute as this get in the way between us. I love you, and I’m sorry.

6) You are a nice person to me, you are the best in the whole world, offending you was among the biggest mistakes that I have ever made. I am here to say I’m sorry. I will soon surprise you on your forthcoming birthday!

7) When I lay down to sleep, my eyes refuse to close, my heart was beating very fast, my countenance couldn’t let me be, then I paused for a moment and asked myself what was actually happening to me. I now remembered that my love is not happy with me and it is affecting me badly. Here I am, asking you to take me back as that special person which you have always taken me as.

8) Even the fact that I could have a man like you fall in love with me, shows me that there is still hope for this world. A hope that was lost the moment you decided to stop talking to me after all of the things I’ve put you through. And you have no idea how much I’ve repented for everything. I just want you to forgive me. I love you. –Apology paragraph for him.

9) I apologize for causing you pain, I apologize for being the reason why you are unhappy. I apologize for betraying the trust that you have in me.

22 Long Apology Paragraph for Him

Apology Message to My Boyfriend for Hurting Him

1) I was never one to get involved with people. Yet, you have shown me all the good things I was missing all these years for not doing so. Yet, I have managed to harm the one thing that makes me truly happy. I am terribly sorry, I love you.

2) I want to be that person that always makes you smile on your bad days, I want to be that person whom you will always think of even when you are sad, I want to be that person that will always give you strength when you want to give up, and I am here to apologize for whatever wrong I have done to you. –Apology paragraph for him.

3) Once again I have failed you, hurt you, and made you sad. Once again I prove to myself and to you that you have a lousy girlfriend. But still, I am yours. So I beg you to forgive me and let us set this relationship straight. I love you.

4) I know that you have been drowned in sorrow by my horrible actions; yet, I can only find myself feeling sorry for the both of us. You have to understand that I am terribly sorry for all of this, and I have myself for being the cause of this mishap. I love you, so please forgive me.

5) Do you want me to continue to be alive? I know you love me despite all that I did to you. Please set my soul free, because I’m hating on myself right now. I’m sorry and I know that you will forgive me.

6) Having you in my life is a vital part of my unending happiness here on earth, when you are sad, I’m sad, when you are happy, I’m also happy. Then, do you want me to continue living in sadness? Please forgive me, I will never offend you again.

7) I will never break your heart again, I promise I will never do anything that will annoy you again, let the past be past, and let us look forward to a happy future together.

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8) I am certain you can find girls that are better than me, yet, I can assure you that none of them will make you feel the way I do. So please, forgive me. I love you. – Apology paragraph for him.

9) My love, I am promising you that I will be forever yours henceforth, I will be more loyal and committed to you now, hurting you was something which I will never stop regretting, please accept my apology and find a place in your heart to forgive me.

10) Doubting you have been the worst out of the things I’ve done in the past, and for you to be so mad at me, then I can admit that they are many. Yet, I want to believe that there is still the act of forgiveness engraved into your heart. Please accept my apology. I love you.

11) I know I get jealous when random girls try to flirt with you. But it’s only natural when you realize how much I care for you and I want you by my side. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but the complete opposite. So I beg for your forgiveness because everyone deserves a second shot. I love you.

12) There is one thing I want more right now than to make this right. It’s the smile I get to see on your face when you come home to me. Please forgive me. I love you. – Apology paragraph for him.

13) Not talking to you makes me feel like I am dying over and over again. Please I want to live and I can’t achieve it without you because you are an indispensable part of me, you are my love and I will continue to love you, please forgive me in any way that I have wronged you.

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