4 Amazing Ways To Earn As A Writer

Are you a writer and writing jobs are not coming your way? Here are what to do to earn as a writer when writing jobs are not coming in for you. How to make money with your skills is simple!

One of the hardest things in the field of skills and writing particularly is being able to earn from your skill. And many a time you will hardly find people that need the service of writers, and if you do the pay might be quite discouraging.

If you’re a graphic designer, it’s quite easy to earn, because you can always have someone who’s planning to launch a program, and will likely need a flier of which you can offer your service and earn. So what should a writer do when there are no writing gigs coming?

Here are what to do to earn as a writer:

1. Host Paid Online Classes

4 Amazing Ways To Earn As A Writer
4 Amazing Ways To Earn As A Writer

As a writer, you can have a good deal making money from your skill by hosting online classes or courses where you share your knowledge in writing with other writers or upcoming writers.

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An amazing thing about this is that there will always be people that love to learn about writing and by that you stand a good chance of making cool cash from your skill.

So stop giving the excuse of not earning from your skill because there are no people hiring you.

2. Direct Mentorship And Coaching For New Writers

Another good way to earn as a writer when writing gigs are not forthcoming is by having mentorship or coaching programs for young writers.

This is quite different from an online class or course because here you get to do more follow-up and charge higher compared to an online class.

This could also be a one on one coaching where you charge higher compared to group coaching where you may have to charge less.

3. Write A Book/More Books

4 Amazing Ways To Earn As A Writer
4 Amazing Ways To Earn As A Writer

Another cool way to earn as a writer is by writing and selling a book on any subject of interest that people are in need of. Most people prefer reading books that seem to provide for their needs or solve their problems, writing on a title that can’t in any way solve the reader’s problems will only frustrate you.

Creating an e-Book that you can sell online will cost you almost nothing. So put up an e-Book product and start earning from its sales.

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Writing is a lucrative skill which you can get good cash from, don’t be discouraged for not having writing jobs, take advantage of what you’ve got here and start earning.

4. Become A Blogger

Instead of complaining about not making good money or any money at all, get a blog and start blogging. You can do this by meeting with web developers to build a site for you for blogging.

Since you can write, it will be easier to become a blogger just to complement your writing career. That’s what I am doing, and I am earning dollars.

On my Facebook page, I don’t only post about writing and books but other trending topics. That’s part of blogging.

Though there is more to blogging, however, it’s not a big deal. You can meet any blogger to teach you the blogging secrets which won’t cost you much if you’re to be charged.

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A lot do not know that they can make money from what they post on Facebook on a daily basis if they turn it to blogging. I had never known this secret until I decided to start my own blogging career.

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