4 Reasons Why You Love Your Partner More

Are you still wondering why you love your partner more? It’s very simple. Read down and you will find out the reasons. If you must love your partner, you must be ready to invest in him or her. Investing in your partner indicates you love him or her.

Relationships collapse every day with little or no effort made to prevent further occurrence. Two different people build a relationship, just like two different people build a marriage.

Only the man will not be the investor, the woman should also learn how to invest in her partner. This article will teach you how to love your partner and anyone.

These Are The Reasons Why You Love Your Partner More:

1. Your Treasure Holds Your Heart

Jesus Christ said, “Where your treasure is there your heart will also be.” —Matthew 6:21 (NIV). Lack of commitment in relationships can lead to little love, that’s why both partners, in some cases, may love each other with the same quality of love.

If you want to love your partner, invest in him or her. I think Jesus has illustrated it using the above scripture!

The partner that invests more in the other loves more. The one that invests little in the other loves less. It’s simple logic. Our attention goes to that which we have spent much on, just to ensure our investment is secured.

Assuming you have two different businesses known as A, and B, then you invested 10 million nairas into A and 5 hundred thousand nairas into B. Which of them will you pay more attention to? I know your answer is A.

Such happens in relationships, watch out for those ladies that invest more in their partners and those that invest less in their partners, you will discover who loves more. It happens in men as well. Where your treasure is there your heart will also be. Your investment in your partner is your treasure. It makes you love your partner, even more.

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4 Reasons Why You Love Your Partner More
4 Reasons Why You Love Your Partner More

2. Learn To Invest In Your Partner

It’s very obvious that we do anything at our disposal to protect our treasures. This is why most ladies that invest more in their partners become more jealous of their partners to protect them from other ladies. This is the major way ladies think they can protect their partners against other ladies. You have to invest in him when you have, to prove your love to your partner.

Again, those men that invest more in their partners become jealous and can love deep more than their partner. This is just to ensure they protect their resources in the woman they love and cherish from being snatched by another man.

In the same way, those men that invest little in their partner become reluctant and hardly become jealous of her closeness to other men. Try and love your partner.

A pretty way for partners to enjoy each other’s love is for them to invest in each other reasonably. But don’t demand much in the financial aspect; it might be misunderstood that all you want in the relationship is money. This will enable partners to value each other, love each other, and even see reasons to marry each other.

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3. Sex Ideology In A Relationship

S*x may not make partners love each other more; it’s just a pleasure, and its urge does not come regularly. If you love your partner for s*x, you don’t truly know what you want. S*x is not love, anybody can offer you s*x. Does s*x prove you love your partner?

When all your intention for your partner is s*x, you make it obvious that no good thing can come of the relationship. In this case, whenever your partner denies you s*x, you start making trouble with her.

Some women can be too funny being s*x freak to an extent that they need it almost every day, with the hope that they are strengthening the relationship. Offering a man your body is not a sign of love, you can do more than that. You can support him in his projects. It shows you love your partner.

What strengthens a relationship is commitment, not s*x and when a relationship is strengthened, the love becomes deeper. I’m not limiting the power of s*x in a relationship, but s*x without commitment is valueless.

4 Reasons Why You Love Your Partner More
4 Reasons Why You Love Your Partner More

4. Money Ideology In A Relationship

Money is nearly equivalent to wisdom. It’s biblical. So without money, nothing good happens. God knows why he wishes his people to be wealthy —Ecclesiastes 7:12 read it. Your female partner will be happier whenever you support her financially, but this must not be where she will focus her attention, understanding should be applied in this situation.

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I have seen good relationships without much financial commitment from the man, yet the lady stays happy, and in some cases, commits financially more than the man. This is to prove you love your partner. Everything is not money.

Let me clear you, a relationship that focuses on material things especially, money hardly survives. It dies off as fast as the money finishes. But when it is built on understanding with regards to the future, it hardly dies so quickly.

The fact is that most ladies don’t want to court a man who is not financially buoyant, forgetting that being financially buoyant does not guarantee a happy and lasting relationship. But does demanding money all the time from him show you love your partner?

Certainly, the guy will know that you accepted him just for his money. He would conclude that you don’t have a genuine love for him and might not put you on his futuristic agenda.

Ladies, learn to love those men you think have nothing, their future has something bigger than what you may have expected. Frankly, few ladies can accept men who are not financially buoyant and are ready to love them with their hearts.

Take your time and investigate this truth that I have shared with you here.

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