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4 Things That Contribute To Making A Woman Feel Special

Do you want to appreciate her? Making a woman feel special may not be hard if all protocols are carefully observed. Do you want to make her feel loved and special? Read the things I listed here.

Unfortunately, most people tend to forget that a healthy relationship takes a lot of work but seems to be common. As a result of this negligence, couples who once held a deep affection for each other slowly grow apart. It’s a sad thing to see this happen but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are the 4 things that contribute to making a woman feel special:

1. Pay Careful Attention When You Interact With Her:

Active listening shows your partner you care about what she says. When you and your partner are having a conversation (even a mundane one), get rid of distractions like your phone or the TV and make eye contact with her. Nod along to show that you understand, and ask follow-up questions if you don’t get something.

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Ask questions like, “Can you tell me more?” or, “Interesting. Could you explain that?”

You can also rephrase what she says to show that you understand, like, “So what you’re saying is… This also contributes to making a woman feel special.

2. Be Exposed To Her:

4 Things That Contribute To Making A Woman Feel Special
4 Things That Contribute To Making A Woman Feel Special

Being exposed to her shows that you trust her. As you two get to know each other more, let’s open up and show her the real you. She will value you more than when you hide your real self from her. The more you open up to her, the better she’ll feel about being open and honest with you, too.

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You don’t have to open up all at once but try telling her about your childhood or why your previous relationships ended. If you can let her in, even a little bit, it will help both of you understand each other on a deeper level.

3. Try and Accommodate Her Jokes:

Most ladies find it funny to be with a man who accommodates their jokes. We know that women joke more than men. So, in your relationship with her, find out what she loves that makes her happy and try to accommodate it unless that is totally evil.

My girlfriend loves jokes and sometimes, they might be expensive which may keep you off-balance if you don’t know to accommodate her. So in the beginning, I was always uncomfortable with her jokes until I became used to them. Accommodating her jokes can contribute to making a woman feel special.

Some relationships have crashed for lack of accommodating a partner’s way of happiness. No one would want to kill his/her source of happiness in the name of a relationship.

4. Don’t Caution Her In Public:

4 Things That Contribute To Making A Woman Feel Special
4 Things That Contribute To Making A Woman Feel Special

Whenever she did something wrong, please avoid the habit of cautioning her in public; that will cause more harm to your relationship. Always remember that she has a conscience as you do and deserves respect, especially in the public domain. Relationships should be, “do to others what you would want them to do to you” and not otherwise.

Making a woman feel special is not a big deal when you buy her Ranger Rover Sports. There are relationships where some men bought multi-billion dollar cars, estates, houses, etc yet, the relationships still crashed. In fact, some women prefer to be loved with respect than to spend for them with showing them respect when they needed it most.

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The way you would want her to caution you with respect in private is the same way you should caution her. Sometimes, exposing your relationship to the public, especially on social media could be the biggest mistake you’d ever made. Many relationships have crashed due to too much exposure to the public domain. Making a woman feel special requires a critical approach, and may be very simple.

Godspower Oparaugo
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