41 Amazing Motivational Quotes For Success

For your sake, I have made available motivational quotes for success so that you can read and get encouraged to succeed. You need to succeed in your work, business, career, and relationships. There is nothing that makes us happier than to have encouraging words to motivate us in times of trial, challenges, betrayal, backwardness, even for success to be achieved. We want to succeed in everything we do; in our career, education, leadership, marriage, finance, and lots more. You need motivational quotes for success at a time like this!

Motivational Quotes For Success

  1. One of the reasons we suffer so much before we succeed, even when we don’t need to suffer is, we give more attention to irrelevant things than relevant ones. Reduce the amount of attention you give to irrelevant things. Be committed to your business which is your source of income. That’s a motivation for success you must not ignore.
  2. In everything you do, put God first and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success” –Proverbs 3:6. Have you been doing things without God’s knowledge? Don’t do it again. Recognize God and success will recognize you.
  3. Only two things can guarantee success: favor of God and application of knowledge. When God is determined to bless a man, he will give him the knowledge or idea he must work on, and how you apply it determines your success.
  4. Every moment in life is a blessing, even if it brings tears or laughter. As a Christian, you should always keep Ecclesiastes 3:1 to mind. A motivation for success you must not overlook.
  5. It doesn’t mean you are subjected to temptations, hardships, rejections, wretchedness, or separation from your creator whenever you face challenges. When challenges come, try and learn whatever lesson they have to teach you. What makes you a winner are the lessons you’ve learned from your failure and challenges. Motivational quotes for success for you.
  6. Nature’s rewards are based on merit but God’s blessings are based on grace. God can bless a man without counting on his sins or professionalism to anything but nature will favor you based on how you’re committed to something in life. While you wait for God’s favor, don’t fail to commit yourself to something good.
  7. If you can survive and win the battle over other millions of semen deposited alongside you in your mother’s womb, why won’t you survive and win the battle over challenges, difficulties, and poverty? Friend, I know you will succeed because; you’d once done it in the womb. This is a motivation for success for you.
  8. Don’t stop where people have mapped for you. Stop only where you’ve dreamed to stop. Life is a race. Don’t allow people to decide your fate.
  9. The giant in you can never give up even when the fear in you has lured you to give up. Make up your mind today to do the impossible, you will meet success just in due time.
  10. When you smile, the world smiles with you but when you cry, you cry alone. I want to let you know that people will dine and wine with you only when you’re successful, they won’t associate with you when you’re a failure.
  11. Great men and women always encounter challenges before they become great. For the world to celebrate you tomorrow, you need to encounter some challenges today. Keep striving towards the actualization of your dream, don’t give up. –Motivational quotes for success.
  12. Practice does not make perfect when you do it in the wrong way.
  13. One of the reasons God fixed our eyes at the front during creation is to encourage us to leave behind our ugly stories and poor backgrounds and face the greatness of our future.
  14. We attract whatsoever we confess. Therefore, be careful with your confessions. If you want to achieve success, learn how to speak positive words to yourself, your career, business, academics, marriage, and situations. There is great power in your tongue. Use motivational quotes for success to master the power of tongue.

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Motivational Quotes For Success

Great Advice And Motivational Quotes Success Quotes

Get advice today, it will help you. A lot of people find it difficult to act independently without seeking advice from others. Advice is costly, don’t toy with it. That’s why these motivational quotes for success are made available for you to read, apply, and succeed. Of a truth, it’s good to receive advice from people but very important to know what it can do for you. However, this can be of help:

  1. A lion does not kill what it does not eat. Do not initiate a war you cannot finish. Some people will get involved with a business they cannot finish as time goes on. Avoid anything that will make you spend more than you should gain, that’s a great loss. If you had checked thoroughly, that a particular venture, friendship, deal, or relationship will not benefit you, you should avoid going into it. Get advice to grow your ideas.
  2. You have the right to do anything but you’re not permitted to do everything, not everything is worthy of doing. Some of the things you do and feel better can even destroy you, so curtail your actions.
  3. To get advice is very expensive, so appreciate any advice given to you.
  4. Life is guided by rules and principles; obey them and achieve your goals. Anything you do in life has a rule that guides it. Try to find what your customers need, provide it. Your spouse has something he/she likes, try and identify it.
  5. A man’s dream and vision are worth his life. When you have no vision in life, you become blind to the opportunities that can make you great. To get advice, get inspired to success.
  6. Don’t live with pride. Pride is the greatest enemy of man; it can limit your future if you are inclined to it. With pride, you would only end up making wrong decisions. Pride destroys the mind of man and limits his greatness.
  7. Stop blaming people when you fail in your mission, business, marriage, academic, friendship, and other tasks. It’s a normal thing for one to fail in anything. The issue is not that you’ve failed but what matters most are the other steps you would take to avoid failing the second time.
  8. Do you know that it is one thing to have an idea and another to have the necessary resources to actualize it? When you have a profitable idea without the resources to back it up, form a team or get a sponsor. Don’t let the idea waste.
  9. Ignorance does not occur because you’re not educated, it occurs whenever you follow the wrong step or approach towards anything in life. Some principles and rules guide everything in life. Be sure to identify them and work by them, so failure to do so is ignorance. –Great advice and motivational quotes for success.
  10. Good News Bible interpreted Ecclesiastes 11:1–2 more simply. It says “Invest your money in foreign trade, and one of these days you will make a profit. Put your investments in several places– many places, in fact, because you never know what kind of bad luck you are going to have in this world”–Ecclesiastes 11:1–2 (GNB). That means that the number of investments you’ve made determines your returns. Get advice by reading and meditating on these motivational quotes for success and relationships always.
  11. We attend school to acquire knowledge while we look deep inside our inner beings to create ideas. Don’t doubt me and if you do doubt, consider these men: “Thomas A. Edison had only three months of schooling during his entire life. He did not lack education, and nor did he die poor. Henry Ford had less than sixth-grade schooling but he managed to do pretty well by himself, financially” –Napoleon Hill.
  12. When we are not ready to face challenges, we may not grow as expected. And if we grow without passing through challenges, we may not last. Enjoy every great advice and motivational quotes for success on this page.

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Decide Your Future Quotes

Time has passed when people should make decisions ignorantly. Everyone should be very careful when doing anything that requires a decision. Your destiny is in your decision; whatever decision you make today will affect you tomorrow. Decide your future by reading and practicing the motivational quotes for success on this site. To help you decide your future in the right way and at the right time, these motivational quotes for success and other related articles were written. Learn how to decide in the right way:

  1. What then is a decision? It simply means ‘the conclusion of choice made on a particular issue, subject or judgment by an individual or group of individuals upon which an action or variety of actions are carried out.’ A decision is made for the actualization of goals. It is made to achieve goals through suitable follow-up actions. A decision entails the way people choose what to do immediately or in the future. To help you know how to decide, make good researches. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines decision as ‘a choice or judgment that you make after thinking and talking about what is the best thing to do.’ It could be established here using the above definition from Oxford that a decision is done after thinking and talking about what is the best thing to do. However, since a decision is done after thinking, it means that decision originates from the mind and becomes a reality through actions. Therefore, thinking is a product of the mind while a decision is a byproduct of thinking. That’s the reason why your mind should constantly be in a positive mood. Motivational quotes for success is a useful content to support your decision-making ability,
  2. Learn how to decide before you make decisions. The problem most people are facing today is not that God has refused to bless them. It’s because of their inability to make appropriate and accurate decisions in line with their God-given talents and opportunities. Please be real when making any decision.
  3. Life is like the pages of a book. You’re free to read any page of your choice but remember that your success or failure depends on the page you’ve read. And that’s a decision. Motivational quotes for successhelps you to decide your future at the right time and in the right way.
  4. Before you summon the courage to make a decision, get the picture of what it would achieve for you. Imagine it the way you would want it to be. That would be a starting point for making success for you. Your mind would dwell on it constantly until you see the end product. Have it at the back of your mind that there are some risks to be taken and some benefits to enjoy for making any decision.
  5. When you make the right decision, it can build you and when you make the wrong decision, it can destroy you. Decisions have the power to influence your future. A decision is a double-edged sword that can move front and back.
  6. Don’t allow people to force you into a decision; it is a choice you have to make on your own. This is because; you alone will be the consequences that would follow thereafter. Making a decision is like deciding on a future, so you should be careful whenever you make a decision. However, any decision you make has the power to determine what happens around you. It has the power to determine your future. That’s a good reason you should know how to decide.
  7. Your life is the end product of your thoughts. Whatsoever your mind dwells on, determine your actions and your actions determine what happens around you. Your actions are the result of your decisions, the decisions you’ve made in your mind.
  8. If you are in haste to make decisions without any cogent reason, you may as well end up losing everything you’ve labored for in your whole life. Therefore, be wise.
  9. When you have a clear understanding of times and seasons, you will stand a better chance of achieving success. Before you make any decision, first understand or consider the situation and conditions that may influence it.
Motivational Quotes For Success

Let Go Advice And Quotes

Let go of anything that would hinder you from achieving your aims, your goals. You should know how to ignore people at times, to avoid falling into their traps. There are some attitudes you need to let go of, you need to avoid. Let go of some behaviors your partner may display, and let love lead. Get advice to let go, battle live challenges.

  1. Learn to let go, though sometimes, it seems very difficult to do. This will help us live in good health both in body, mind, and spirit. When you refuse to let go, you overload your heart with burdens that may even be dangerous to your health. Try to avoid anything that will weigh down your mind and spirit.
  2. Learn to smile whenever people hurt you! Just learn to let go. We smile not because it didn’t hurt us, but because we want to let go. Tolerate people with different manners, it will add value to you and keep you from attracting sicknesses like High Blood Pressure (BP). If you don’t usually tolerate people, please improve your understanding. You need to tolerate all manner of characters for your good, you cannot force people to change, but even if you have to, you cannot change everyone.
  3. Decide to accept whatsoever situation that comes my way provided God, your creator allows it. He knows the best for you, don’t be faster than Him. Please learn to let go.
  4. Anger has destroyed many people. It has also led many people to destroy many things in life. Any decision made based on anger must bear evil fruits because anger itself is evil and nothing good comes out of it. Although sometimes, anger can pave the ways for good things to occur yet, you shouldn’t rely on it to achieve your goals. Control your anger and let go.
  5. Adversity is a life’s companion that we must face. Be prepared to meet your adversaries every hour of your life. The ability to handle adversity at any given point in time means maturity and showcases leadership tact. Your leadership quality will be guided by motivational quotes for success.
  6. Be the change you want. Change your mindset and everything around you will change to your taste. Never blame people for their characters, you may not change them but you can change your mentality towards them. When you learn how to let go, you will be stronger to those who offended.


Make your day sweeter by digesting motivational quotes for success, to help you ease your worries of the day, disappointments, or unplanned failure. Don’t take these quotes for granted, they can work miracles for you. To overcome those little challenges that face your relationship and strengthen your love for each other, you must be humble, ready to accept your faults. And these motivational quotes for success have much more for you.

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