5 Common Ways Social Media Ruins Relationships

Social Media Ruins Relationships: A lot of ugly incidences have happened through social media platforms especially, Facebook to ruin homes and relationships. Lots of evil have found their homes on social media as well to make those who are addicted to it misbehave outside their intended lifestyle. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

These platforms were created for fun, business, and interaction between families and friends, and not a place for pride, evil plot, and all manners of impurity.

Here are the 5 common ways social media ruins relationships:

1) Harmful Advice To Relationships/Marriages

Some months ago, a post on a Facebook group on family affairs went viral, where a woman was seeking advice from the group members on how to retaliate on her husband’s infidelity.

Her fellow woman who happened to be a newly married woman volunteered and advised her to: ‘remove her husband’s car break so that he would be involved in a motor accident that might render him impotent.’

After advising the woman to set her husband up to death, the information reached her husband, and he divorced her, for advising another woman how to murder her husband. That’s an example of how social media ruins relationships. The man reasoned that someday, his wife would do the same to him.

Should we blame the man? Not at all, he was protecting his own life from his dangerous wife. Social media had brought doom for that woman as it made her lose her marital home. These common ways social media ruins relationships are not something to be taken for granted, you need to avoid them unless you don’t want your relationship to survive.

2) Takes The Time Meant For Spouses

I have witnessed some cases where a man told his wife to quit Facebook or leave his house. The level at which social media ruins relationships is alarming. These are some of the trending issues in some homes recently as some married women chose Facebook over their marital affairs.

As a woman, you are fond of using the time to prepare food for your husband to chat, make video calls, and do other online stuff, you are not helping your marriage. This will always affect you in a negative way but at first, you may think it’s funny or a way of life.

It is not that you will not access social media but learn how to curtail how you access it. Give your spouse quality time. Most men don’t feel happy to see their wives or girlfriends spend much time on social media. It makes them feel jealous even when nothing bad is going on.

5 Common Ways Social Media Ruins Relationships

3) Causes Break-up/Divorce Through Funny Ways

Limit your involvement in dirty or evil discussions on social media, your partner might be following up with your discussions without your notice.

A lot of relationships and marriages have crashed and been dismissed because of social media.

Most ladies are fond of connecting their girlfriends with their partners on social media without knowing what it might result. You’re not the only lady that wants a husband; your girlfriends want it as well. They may utilize the negative power of social media to ruin your relationship and takeover.

So keep some things secret from them until your desire is satisfied. If you are too simple to let your partner have a mutual relationship with your girlfriends, especially on social media, you’re playing a dangerous game that you might not win.

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Your partner can be snatched from you to your very surprise. You’d better keep the devil far from your affairs. Be wise and vigilant of those things you call fun or lifestyle, they can easily bring you down.

4) Encourages Rapid Growth of Infidelity

I’ve seen a situation where a man is having sexual affairs with two friends, even with three without any of them knowing it. In most cases, the first friend would not know but the rest would know.

Tell me how a relationship that’s in such a quagmire survives?

The three ladies might even end up losing the man to another lady. Men are wiser; they hardly permit their friends to rally around their girlfriends for the purpose of not losing them to other men, and we tag it jealousy.

Yes, jealousy is allowed in courtships or relationships for protection against relationship killers.

5) Makes Unfaithfulness A Normal Thing

With social media, everything is normal. Every behavour is normal and there is nothing you can do about it. Social media has brought a lot of good things but has impacted so much negativity to humanity. Please understand that social media ruins relationships and kills them totally.

This has made most people both men and women unfaithful to their partners, thereby increasing infidelity in different forms.

Most times, through Facebook, your wife will be tossed and won to another man who would have sexual intercourse with her without your knowledge. What is happening nowadays is alarming. However, some people still see unfaithfulness as a normal thing due to the role of social media.

Some married couples don’t allow each other to access their phones. Partners that prohibit each other from accessing their cell phones have something dirty hidden in their minds. That shows how social media ruins relationships.

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Your girlfriend will leave your house to another man’s house; still, have sexual affairs with him against your knowledge. These are some things that might hinder marriages but no one might consider them as one.

Social media has become the connecting junction for infidelity. Some women only make use of their smartphones not just for fun but for immoral businesses.

Some of them would be right there with their husbands and ping young boys on Facebook, send nude photos, engage in dirty and immoral chats, and on top of that, would still preach for you against infidelity.

In those days when letter writing was on board, infidelity was mild or silent but now, it’s ravaging the world because people are taking negative advantage of social media platforms for their intended purposes.

Thanks for reading.

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