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5 Major Things That Kill Relationships

It is much important to know things that kill relationships and avoid them as quickly as possible.

If you’re looking for a way to sustain your relationship, avoid things that kill relationships. I have taken my time to discuss them in this article, take your time to read them till the end. We need to push forward to figure out the things that can possibly kill a relationship and avoid them.

It is much important to know things that kill relationships and avoid them as quickly as possible.

Things that kill relationships can develop from either the male or the female partner. It is wrong to label the blame on one party without thorough investigation. In the step to diagnose relationship problems, a true focus should be made on both partners to ascertain the cause of the problem.

There are behaviours that you would exhibit and regard as irrelevant without knowing the power it possesses, that can really affect your relationship.

In a nutshell, misuse of the below points can drastically damage a well-built relationship:

Lack Of Communication

The basic role of communication is to strengthen a weakened or biased relationship. It is needed to build a new relationship and make it stand firm. It could be a relationship between a parent and a son, a daughter or between siblings, or between two lovers or love partners.

A relationship is a general term used to describe certain communion between persons. Communication is a very active feature in every relationship that demands closer attention for the purpose of mutual understanding and benefits.

Therefore, lack of communication is in fact, one of the major things that kill relationships. When you stop communicating with your partner or loved ones, you begin to kill the relationship gradually.

Sometimes, when a partner wants to quit the relationship, he or she will begin to avoid the other’s calls or messages, even visiting the person will be hard. By so doing, the relationship dies off. 

In some cases, there would be communication but a poor one, which would not benefit one party. This kind of communication always stirs up misunderstanding, suspicion, and insults. In this regard, it becomes poor communication as one party benefits while the other suffers the attack. A situation like this is one of the things that kill relationships.

A relationship that lacks communication lacks the lubricant for smooth motion. Once communication is excluded in a relationship, even in an ordinary friendship, every green leaf of love withers.

In fact, the fastest strategy to quit a relationship is to cut off its communication channel. Partners who see the future in their relationship don’t joke with communication; they ensure they hear each other’s voices on daily basis, no matter how close they may live. So, to avoid the things that kill relationships is to ensure there is continuous communication between you and your partner.

Lack Of Trust

Distance relationships are not the only set of relationships that are meant to be bound in trust; you can live in the same building with your partner but lack trust in him or her. Trust is inevitable in both man and woman if a relationship must survive.

Being in a relationship with you does not limit him or her from relating with other people but there should be a limit to everything. Making friends with others while in a relationship is not wrong; it becomes wrong when the motive is to cheat on your partner.

Unless you are too loose to metamorphose into negative sexual feelings whenever you gaze on the opposite sex, that’s when your movements should be placed in check to avoid being taken advantage of. When you truly know the kind of person you’re dating, it will be easier for you to trust, knowing fully that he or she won’t do otherwise.

Lack of trust is strongly seen as one of the major things that kill relationships. It is a very dangerous thing that can happen to a relationship.

Negatively, some people misuse the trust other people have for them. Whenever anyone trusts you, it means there are disguising things that you can’t do. Unfortunately, some people, both men, and women do those disguising things which were believed they can’t do. That becomes a betrayal of trust— it is one of the things that kill relationships.

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This is a breach of trust, unfaithfulness to a charge, or to moral obligation; treachery; deceit. It’s formally used as a term to describe unfaithfulness to the marriage vow or contract; violation of the marriage covenant by adultery.

I decided to use it here to prove that every relationship has a vow; partners usually vow or promise each other faithfulness and unconditional love. This promise is what most lovers don’t practically keep oftentimes. Aside from that, infidelity shouldn’t be used in a relationship as a term to describe wrongdoing or unfaithfulness. It is only valid in marriage to be used to portray unfaithfulness.

However, talking about the things that kill relationships, infidelity should be rated number one.

Believe me, some individuals who claim to have fallen in love do it for their selfish interest, either to have access to their partner’s money or body. That gives birth to the things that kill relationships. This was the case between Ezinne and Daniel in the first chapter of my book, ‘Knowing Your Relationship Status’.

A good relationship is meant to nurture each other for marriage as the original purpose of God for man and woman to come together is to multiply and fill the world (Genesis 1:28).

When you are unfaithful to your partner, it’s called infidelity. A good number of relationships have collapsed because of this. The truth of the matter is, even marriages have drowned in the river of infidelity, either through the husband or the wife, and have brought bruises to their marriage vow. And invariably, becomes one of the major things that kill relationships.

Things that kill relationships

Lack Of Money

This will shock you deeply as I unfold what lack of money can cause. Considering the era we are in now, lack of money produces some of the things that kill relationships that most people know.

If you are not buoyant to care for a lady, don’t approach her to avoid blaming your creator someday. Let me make it point-blank, you can’t keep a woman without money. Even if her father is a multibillionaire, provided she is an African especially, a Nigerian, you can’t keep her without money.

Therefore, if you are an African reading this article, understand that you can’t keep a girlfriend, wife without money. However, if she accepts to be with you, she will be unfaithful to you. Women don’t joke with money or fame.

In most cases, lack of money has proven to be one of the major things that kill relationships. Your relationship is likely to collapse easily when there is no money because money is highly needed to handle most of the daily demands of life.

My fellow men, I encourage you to hustle harder and make money to avoid the insults that lack of money can cause.

Some people would say that “money is not everything.” This sounds funny but as long as we know that money answers all things; it is, therefore, considered that without money to cater for your female partner, your relationship is at risk.

Your female partner can never tell you that without money, she won’t stay with you until you see it happen to you. That’s why every man should try to hustle to keep what he so many values. Even marriages can collapse for lack of money as money is highly needed to run family affairs.

True love is not determined by lack of money; nothing can possibly exist in the absence of money. You need money to rebrand anything to your taste, even love. If you believe that true love exists perfectly without money, when a challenge that requires money to solve comes, your true love would turn into a nightmare.

My advice to men is to hustle and make money before dedicating themselves to relationships. I have said it previously and still say again that, lack of money has proven to be one of the major things that kill relationships. In fact, it’s the number one reason why relationships fail.

With money, a dead relationship can be revived. It’s even better for both partners to have a source of income to enable them to value each other more. A lady that has no source of income is often regarded by her boyfriend as a liability, this makes him always try to subject her to every of his desire, even the ones that are against her norms just because he caters to all her needs.

Lack Of Understanding

Even in the presence of money, understanding is highly needed to avoid anarchy. Some reasonable ladies prefer going into relationships with men of understanding than to choose those who have money. Lack of understanding can render your money valueless when issues arise.

A relationship is something one should consider the future gain, and not what you would gain immediately. The best research you can make in your relationship is to discover what pleases or displeases your partner. If both do that, they will understand each other better.

If putting on a push-up brazier displeases your man, avoid it since you love him. If putting on more than one earring displeases your man, avoid it. If keeping hairs on your private parts displeases your partner, shave regularly. If keeping too many friends of the opposite sex displeases your partner, minimize your closeness with them. If keeping the room untidy displeases your partner, arrange it every time you visit. If smoking displeases your partner, stop it.

Both partners must avoid doing those things that kill relationships if they want to last in their relationship. Just avoid anything that displeases your partner, you will enjoy the taste of your food!

Some ladies see it as hard work to even arrange their partner’s room. Since you have decided to go into a relationship, be prepared to be obedient. Both partners should be obedient to each other without claiming superiority over the other. A relationship is similar to marriage which does not last without obedience. Understanding is gained by obedience, not otherwise.

Because of lack of understanding, many marriages have crashed; every now and then, troubles and errors are being identified. Some people now support the idea of a wedding at old age than a wedding before the couples start living together as husband and wife.

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I have personally witnessed a wedding of couples who decided to wed at their silver jubilee after their children must have been grown. This act is believed to be the best as it is against couples separating in few years after their wedding. Someone close to me divorced her husband after months of the wedding, just to avoid the things that kill relationships.

However, understanding goes a long way to supporting relationships, marriages, and other mutual consents between individuals, entities, etc. With understanding, everything becomes possible for families, couples, colleagues, and individuals to master and manage.

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