5 Mistakes You Should Avoid In Relationships

Relationships can be difficult at times, but it’s important to avoid making the following five mistakes so you can have the best chance of success with them. Everyone makes mistakes in relationships, and they’re unavoidable, especially if you’re human.

However, some relationship mistakes are avoidable and can be minimized through careful consideration and forethought. If you want to have healthy relationships with others, whether that’s with your partner or with friends and family, then read on as we discuss the seven most common relationship mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

1) Waiting For Your Partner To Change

We all have different personalities and can’t change who we are. Instead of waiting for your partner to change, it’s important to accept that person as they are. If they change over time, great! But if they don’t want to do so, you should never try to force them into changing—because it may make things worse in your relationship.

Make an effort to love who your partner is now instead of wishing he or she was someone else. At times, it’s also easy to forget that you have to be willing to change yourself. You can’t expect someone else to change for you if you aren’t ready or willing to make changes in your own life and habits. Don’t wait for your partner to change rather, do things that can change him or her; this can help revive your dying relationship.

Ask yourself if there are things you do or say that may be causing your partner anxiety or stress. Make an effort to eliminate those triggers in order to resolve issues as they arise, instead of waiting for your partner to feel ready.

Maybe you’re waiting for your partner to be ready to settle down or have children. While that may make sense in theory, it doesn’t always work out as planned. People tend to change at different speeds and in different directions, so you never know when (or if) your partner will actually be ready to make that life-changing step.

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2) Putting Up With Verbal Abuse

Many people believe that if their partner is not physically violent, their actions don’t constitute abuse. Unfortunately, verbal abuse can be equally as damaging. Anyone who puts up with verbal abuse from a partner is foolish; if you think your partner may be engaging in abusive behavior, it’s time to reevaluate your situation.

Do you feel like a victim? Do you feel hopeless and lonely, or scared of your partner? If so, it’s time to get out. According to experts, many victims of verbal abuse are afraid to end their relationships because they fear that things will get worse if they leave.

However, there are many free support groups available—for both women and men—who can help you safely exit a toxic relationship. Verbal abuse can take many forms, but usually involves insulting or berating your partner. Abuse is one of the major mistakes you must avoid in your relationship.

The verbal abuser is often a narcissist; someone who needs to dominate and control others in order to feel good about themselves. They may constantly insult or demean their partners, often in front of other people, to bolster their own self-esteem.

Verbal abuse is not harmless: it can lead to low self-esteem and mental health issues for victims.

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid In Relationships

3) Holding A Grudge

When you are feeling betrayed or hurt by someone close to you, it’s normal to hold a grudge. But you should not hold a grudge for a long time because, even if it may be hard to let go of that person, holding on to anger and resentment will definitely damage your emotional well-being.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean giving in and accepting what happened. It is all about letting go of negative feelings and thoughts that might affect your emotional health in a negative way.

There is nothing as bad as a grudge in a relationship. If you are holding a grudge against your partner, you are suffering twice. It makes life difficult not only for yourself but also for others who surround you and care about you. A good way to get over it is to talk to someone or write down your feelings in a journal or diary.

By accepting that mistakes can happen at any time, we learn how to forgive more easily than someone who cannot accept that failure is natural.

So, as we discussed above, holding a grudge will only hamper your emotional well-being. Avoid getting into situations that can damage your relationship with others, especially with your partner. Always take time to think before reacting, forgive when you can, and be honest in how you feel. Doing so will keep your heart healthy, which is very important for long-lasting relationships.

4) Not Talking About Your Feelings

It may seem obvious, but talking about your feelings is one of those habits that you’re more likely to do when you’re dating someone new. It’s simple: No matter how happy you are with a person, it will always benefit your relationship to work on getting comfortable with communication early on. The sooner you learn to communicate effectively and clearly, the better prepared you will be for long-term happiness together.

A big part of feeling comfortable in a relationship is not feeling like you’re hiding anything from your partner. After all, what happens when you leave him or her out of something?

It’s natural to want to keep a little bit of yourself private, especially when you’re first getting to know someone. But as with many other areas of your relationship, it’s important that you learn how to share enough about yourself so that you feel understood by your partner. Learn to avoid mistakes that can shatter your relationship.

One of these ways is to share how you feel about things. Sharing your feelings in an honest way can help foster a sense of closeness and comfort between you and your partner. It also helps to keep emotional misunderstandings from occurring later in your relationship.

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5) Not Having Any Fun Together

When you don’t have fun with your partner, you’re making mistakes you don’t actually take notice of. Most couples eventually move past courtship and settle into a long-term relationship. After you’ve been together for a while, it’s easy to just coast along—thinking there are plenty of fun things you can do later, when you have more time.

But fun isn’t something that happens to you, it’s something that happens because of you.

Now, you might be thinking that you have plenty of time for fun later when you have more money. But building a relationship with your significant other should be about more than just planning expensive vacations and dinners out. Being together without even spending much or a penny can save you guys from making grievous mistakes that you would regret later.

It’s also about creating shared experiences—where both of you do something new together and make new memories that you can reminisce about years down the road. These experiences will build a stronger bond between your two souls.


Mistakes always occur in every relationship but to a certain point, some mistakes are to be avoided for the good of the relationship. Avoiding mistakes, especially deadly ones can help in sustaining any relationship.

Always be eager to amend your way of living that endangers your relationship. Don’t let your partner keep complaining about a particular attitude you’re displaying that pisses him or her off, it won’t add value to you guys. Just try and avoid mistakes that are harmful to your relationship.

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