5 Questions: Older Women Dating Younger Men?

Are you among the older women dating younger men? You’re not alone — nearly 20% of men in the U.S. age 18-29 years old have reported having a relationship with an older woman, while 15% of women in the same age range have dated someone younger than them, according to recent research from March.

But are older women dating younger men advisable? In this article, we take an objective look at the pros and cons of older women dating younger men, and offer tips on how to make sure your new relationship works out for the best!

Older women dating younger men are not much practiced in some countries, especially in Africa. However, some younger men always crave for such as some of the older women are furnishing them with money and physical properties. So you can see that older women dating younger men is not really bad as it is a matter of choice.

1. Why Many Ladies Go For Younger Guys?

Despite what you might think, many ladies go for younger guys not because they’re more attractive or successful but because they have more energy. When you’re younger, you get more energy to do things. This is one reason we find many older women dating younger men.

Take my brother, for example, he could always keep us up all night when we were teenagers with his endless energy! Not only that, being active means young people burn calories faster which helps your body stay fit and healthy as you age. So, are older women dating younger men still advisable?

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If you’re reading through their profiles or messages, you’ll find that many ladies go for young guys because they are more fun.

If you are from a culture where it is frowned upon to date someone within your own age group, then you should try going for someone who is closer to your age. Even if it feels strange at first, don’t be afraid to experiment with people in your own age group instead.

2. Why Is It Bad For A Lady To Date Someone Significantly Younger Than Her?

Younger guys tend to be less mature than their peers, which is a definite disadvantage when you’re looking for a long-term partner.

In fact, Psychology Today published an in-depth study on age differences in relationships showing that men significantly younger than their partners have a significantly higher risk of cheating on them than do other types of couples.

Ultimately, one of your goals as a couple should be to protect your own security—and that requires maintaining mature, adult relationships that promote stability. I always advise young people to consider marriage counseling before embarking on getting married.

If you’re an older woman interested in dating someone younger than you, it’s important to ask yourself if those priorities are being upheld by each person in your relationship.

In general, I don’t recommend you date someone significantly younger than you. Most people are better off focusing on relationships with partners closer to their own age. And this does not limit or stop any event which shows that older women dating younger men are advisable or not. However, this calls for a personal choice.

Older Women Dating Younger Men: Advisable Or Not?

If you choose to date an older person, it’s a choice you have made and you’re accountable for that. How good it is for a woman to date someone younger than her: It’s generally not a good idea for ladies to date guys much younger than them. Yet, we still see older women dating younger men.

3. Do Women Enjoy S*x With Much-Younger Partners?

Research suggests that women are more likely to be motivated by love in their sexual relationships, while men are more motivated by s*x. Therefore, women’s motivation for s*x may increase with age whereas a man’s motivation for s*x decreases with age. This might mean that women enjoy s*x with much-younger partners, but men don’t.

The motivations for why men would date much-younger partners have been studied by social scientists, including those in evolutionary psychology. Some speculate that young women may be more fertile than older women, particularly if they are still menstruating or have recently given birth.

One study indicates that older women who report enjoying s*x with much-younger partners have more sexual experience, greater sexual frequency, more positive attitudes toward s*x, and are more sexually liberal. This could be one of the reasons we see older women dating younger men.

These findings indicate that factors associated with enjoying s*x are also important factors in explaining why women might prefer to date much-younger partners. However, it’s all about choice and personal disposition in sexual relationships.

4. Are Young Girls Generally More Sexually Active Than Older Ones?

The average age that girls start having s*x is about 16.4 years old. A lot of people say Are young girls generally more sexually active than older ones? to me, but my answer to them will always be no because I personally believe that there is nothing special about being younger or older in terms of s*x.

Age makes no difference with having a better s*x life; what matters is how well you know your partner in bed. Some people think that young girls are more sexually active than old women, but I don’t think so. Both young and older girls have various reasons for having s*x.

There are many different reasons why a woman might decide to have s*x at any age, from biological factors to sheer curiosity. Old or young, having s*x is a personal choice; it’s not about how active you are sexually but about your personality type.

People sometimes assume that young girls have more sexual experience than old women, but it is completely untrue. Both young and old girls may have s*x due to various reasons, such as biological factors or sheer curiosity. Age is irrelevant to having a better s*x life; what matters is how well you know your partner in bed.

Although some people argue that sexually active young girls are just not mature enough to understand what they’re doing, others tend to disagree with them because it might not necessarily be true. This could be another reason why we see older women dating younger men.

5. Is It Only Because They Don’t Have Children Yet?

Maybe you’re looking for someone who doesn’t have kids. Maybe you don’t want to date anyone with them. Whatever your reasons, here are some good arguments for choosing not to date someone because they have children: You don’t want to see their children as competition, or as an extension of their existing family.

This can be a valid reason for choosing not to date someone. If you want children, don’t feel like you’re at an age where it would be possible yet, or simply think that dating someone with kids is inconvenient, you’re within your rights to choose to not date them.

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However, if you do have kids yourself—you may have a slightly different perspective when it comes to what traits are important in a potential partner.

Dating someone with kids also means that you are assuming certain responsibilities—like spending time with their children or potentially taking care of them if their parenting skills aren’t up to par.

6. What Are The Long-Term Ramifications Of Having S*x At Such A Young Age?

Having s*x at a young age can have long-term ramifications. For one, teens are more likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease. When you’re both young, it’s often easy to have unprotected s*x, which puts both of you at risk for STDs.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not offer a specific age of consent for having s*x, it does list 15 as the median age Americans begin having s*x for the first time.

When people start having s*x at a young age, it’s easy to assume they don’t understand that unprotected s*x can result in serious complications down the road. What are some other negative ramifications of having s*x at a young age? The answer may surprise you. However, do older women dating younger men make any meaning in real relationship life?

The long-term ramifications are not all bad. The sexual education you receive when you’re young will help you make more informed decisions as an adult. Some other pluses of having s*x at a young age include strong self-esteem, feeling in control of your life, using protection, physical pleasure, experimentation, and good communication with your partner.


If you’re among those older women dating younger men, take note of these pros and cons. For example, you might find that younger men are great for their stamina in bed. But will he be able to make you happy?

If not, remember that there are plenty of younger men and older women out there who can be happily matched together. So don’t let yourself settle for anything less than what you deserve: someone who is both your age and your mind match.

Older women dating younger men aren’t for everyone. However, it can be a great match for some people. If you find yourself in a relationship with a man who is much younger than you, remember that it isn’t what he looks like on paper that matters; it’s how you feel when you are together.

Whether you want to date someone closer to your age or not, focus on finding someone who is both your age and shares your values.

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