5 Signs To Know Your Man Won’t Marry You

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It should be obvious that when your man who you so much love begins to display some attitudes that stand as a threat to your relationship, he’s heading to end the relationship he has with you.

This article will serve as an eye-opener to the readers that enables them to understand when things have changed in their relationships.

Below are the 5 signs to know your man won’t marry you:

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1. Giving Excuses Without Good Reasons

You see, this is what some people may find confusing but there is a truth in it. When your man starts giving you plenty of excuses without good reasons, it becomes a sign that he’s getting tired of you.

Someone that used to have time for you just changed all of a sudden, and you think it’s normal? No, it’s not. Something is wrong, and you can only find out when you calm down and reason well.

5 Signs To Know Your Man Won't Marry You
5 Signs To Know Your Man Won’t Marry You

2. Abusing Or Attempting To Abuse You

This sometimes can be misunderstood by some women as they call it nothing but annoyance. A man who loves you will not abuse you rather would use other means to prove how annoyed he is.

When your man starts to abuse you, it’s a clear sign that he’s getting tired of you. No reasonable man can abuse a woman he so much loves. Abuse shows that the love you guys share is no stronger, and will collapse at any moment.

In a relationship, it is assumed both partners are one and should avoid anything that will lead to abuse or fight. Immediately such a thing happens, it becomes difficult to call it love.

3. Making Love Calls With Other Girls In Your Presence

This is not common in relationships that still share a common understanding, challenge and love together. Lovers hardly make love or emotional calls with another person in the presence of their partners, unless their relationship is collapsing.

So, whenever your man, even your woman starts making such a call, just understand that your relationship is under attack. I always tell anyone who seeks advice from me about their relationships that, whenever your partner starts making love or emotional call before you is a sign that the relationship is ending.

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5 Signs To Know Your Man Won't Marry You
5 Signs To Know Your Man Won’t Marry You

The purpose of such a call is to make you feel jealous and angry, cheated and rejected. These feelings are not good in a relationship as they make the other party to be worried over his or her insecurity. And your man will perfectly know what he’s doing.

I think this kind of attitude is common in men more than in women, so women are more victims of such acts than men. No woman will have the guts to make love or emotional calls with another man right in the presence of her boyfriend. She may receive beating or other forms of harassment.

4. Becomes Stingy In Supporting You

In truth, every good man helps his girlfriend by catering to some of her needs, and this is usually done by supporting her financially. So, whenever your boyfriend stops supporting you or rather, starts being stingy to you, just understand that he’s tired of you. He’s just doing that to make you hate him. Your man knows what he’s doing.

I am not actually talking of when he didn’t have any money to support you, I am talking of when he has the money but refuses to support you as usual. It’s a clear sign that he’s no longer in need of you.

There are many ways to prove to anyone that you don’t need them again. In every relationship, support is paramount, and when the support is no longer there, the relationship will be greatly affected. The support is win-win stuff; both partners can support each other at any time, and must not be expected of only one person.

5. Starts Telling You That His Family Don’t Like You

Most men do this when they find out that you’re not useful to them anymore. They always find ways to bring their family into your relationship. It’s in the man’s power to choose a wife, and not necessarily that his family will make the decision for him.

Whenever such stories start coming into your relationship, it’s a clear sign that he’s getting tired of you and won’t consider you for marriage. Every woman should know this on time, to know what to do when such a moment comes.

My ex-girlfriend wanted me to marry while I was still in my HND 1 in the Polytechnic, and she was supposed to know that it was impossible for me to marry at that time. For Christ’s sake, I was still in school and I was a dependent, and no way for me to marry at that stage.

5 Signs To Know Your Man Won't Marry You
5 Signs To Know Your Man Won’t Marry You

I tried so much to explain to her so that she can understand me but she didn’t want to reason with me. At a time, I had to bring my family into our relationship. I told her that my family will not approve of me marrying her, and moreover, my community does not marry from their community.

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All were lies, I was just doing that to make her drop every interest she had in me because there was no way I could get married to her while I was still schooling. Again, I was under my guardians and I was not prepared for that too.

She was also in HND 1 but was desperate to marry. So my approach discouraged her, and she began to distance herself from me. By so doing, my relationship with her ended. She was the one that walked away after finding out that I was not going to marry her.

After some weeks before we departed from each other, she told me that her mom told her to get a responsible man, get impregnated by him so that he can marry her! Wow, this was so serious….but the truth was, I couldn’t fall into her mom’s desire. Then, I had to advise her by talking some senses into her.

Listen, once your partner starts to develop strange attitudes against you, you will hardly get him or her to start going to his or her previous attitudes that were favourable to you.

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