5 Types Of Decision-Making You Would Be Interested To Know

Looking for types of decision-making? Worry less, here comes the answer to your question! A decision takes different forms according to what it is meant to tackle. Our daily activities demand accurate decisions before they can be perfectly carried out, achieved, or propagated. We make decisions to succeed, not to fail.

If you fail through your decision, the truth would be that you’ve made a wrong decision. No right decision can take you to failure, except that you didn’t follow the right procedures when executing it. In this article, we’ll discuss the 5 types of decision-making that are very interesting to know. They include Spiritual Decision, Material Decision, Financial Decision, Academic Decision, and Marital Decision.

5 types of decision-making:

1. Spiritual Decision

5 Types Of Decision-Making You Would Be Interested To Know
5 Types Of Decision-Making You Would Be Interested To Know

The spiritual decision is the prime of all decision-making processes. As we often believe that spiritual things control the physical, we should, therefore, focus our attention first on the spiritual things before the physical. Spiritual decision supersedes the physical, that’s why what happens in the spiritual controls the physical. The 5 types of decision-making you would be interested to know.

So, we believe that what is decided in the spiritual realm is accomplished in the physical realm. Spiritual forces are the backbone of every physical occurrence, life, decision, and existence. The powers that operate on earth originate from the spiritual. For more clarity, these types of decision-making, the spiritual decision needs much consentration when making because it forms the basis of other decisions.

For one to make a reasonable decision, he must first and foremost consider making a spiritual decision. There are no two ways about it. We must understand that physical things can only exist when they have been approved in the spiritual realm. That’s the myth.

Moses made a wrong decision by disobeying God because he chose to act more human than divine; he failed to speak to the rock but rather strike it, and God became angry with him. That’s what made him not enter the Promised Land. The 5 types of decision-making you would be interested to know.

Now, what should we do when making decisions? We should be acquainted with the knowledge of how spiritual decisions are made by considering what we do spiritually and knowing their effects on us. If you’re not being condemned in the spiritual, no physical inhabitant, event or force can condemn you in the physical world. Consequently, spiritual decision benefits those who have the spirit of God. It is clearly written:

The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. The spiritual man makes judgments about all things, but he himself is not subject to any man’s judgment.” —1Corinthians 2:14.

Spiritual decision equips you in getting the right information that is beneficial, inspiring, and motivating. It can enable you to handle any physical decision that you wouldn’t have handled alone with your physical abilities.

Spiritual decision indeed controls the physical, and it’s the most part among the other types of decision-making.

2. Material Decision

5 Types Of Decision-Making You Would Be Interested To Know
5 Types Of Decision-Making You Would Be Interested To Know

Every physical need of man is found in material things. Material things are powerful and influential, thus they can influence anyone. It can itself subject one to failure. When you desire material things, desire the right one that will be beneficial to you at that moment, and then make the right decision to acquire it.

Be careful not to be carried away by physical things that influence the eyes. But do not forget that every material decision takes its origin from the spiritual decision since the spiritual controls the physical. The 5 types of decision-making you would be interested to know.

Accumulation of physical things is good and essential for living, but you need to acquire the right one. The material decision explains the way you package your appearance towards the things you need and desire. When your decisions are not accurate towards your needs, you become obsessed with your needs.

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Obsession humbles us to what we need and makes them control us. Need, desire, and want are essential to man, but when we fail to get the exact one that would be helpful to us for a moment, we become worried. The material decision is important because it tends to solve human needs.

Honestly, we need material things to keep living, such as food, wears, shelter, money, car, and electronic gadgets. But to avoid making wrong decisions toward these needs, we should be knowledgeable, knowing what comes first— we should draw a scale of preference toward our needs. We need wisdom.

“Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: that wisdom preserves the life of its possessor.”—Ecclesiastes 7:12.

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Many people have destroyed their wonderful future because they love material things. They have made wrong decisions that brought no profit to them. Some people, because of material things, have decided to make money through rituals, armed robbery, prostitution, bribery, and corruption. That’s to show how important it is.

Some people chose bad instead of good, the wrong decision instead of the right decision. Any decision you make affects you directly and that is why it’s in your hands to decide your future.

Every material decision takes its origin from the spiritual but it’s very important for the survival of man, and can help in making other types of decision-making.

3. Financial Decision

5 Types Of Decision-Making You Would Be Interested To Know
5 Types Of Decision-Making You Would Be Interested To Know

Whenever you make decisions, remember finance. Don’t forget that money answers all things. When you create space for money, it will come in. That’s what financial decision is all about; it helps you utilize the opportunity to make money or more money. Just like a material decision, a financial decision is very important.

A feast is made for laughter, wine makes life merry, and money is the answer for everything.”—Ecclesiastes 10:19 (NIV).

Consider finance and its importance to man, then you would know how to make an effective decision and implement it wisely. Everyone likes money because money answers all things. Have plans for making money and spending it too. The 5 types of decision-making you would be interested to know.

There are so many good things to acquire or own but money decides whether you would get them or not. Financial decision is all about making a decision that focuses on creating wealth that will sustain the other decisions that you would subsequently make.

When you don’t have money to handle the other decisions, you would fail. A financial decision will help you to succeed. Know when to make a decision, how to make it, and whom to make it for. Stop making extravagant decisions when you cannot meet up the requirements to carry them out. This is the truth:

The fatal mistake many people make is either due to lack of money or not thinking the process through.”—Brain Sher.

When you make a decision that is worth one million nairas, you must make sure you have one million or above in your account, or have the means of getting the money. You cannot carry out a project that costs one million nairas when you do not even have up to 50 thousand nairas in your bank account or assets of one million naira equivalent.

Always consider your financial status when making decisions, it is very essential. Make a decision according to the value of the coins in your pocket! Everything requires money, and without money, nothing works.

Successful people use money as a tool by which they achieve success.”—Fox Lane.

Always consider the financial decision in all you do because finance is needed to make other types of decision-making.

4. Academic Decision

5 Types Of Decision-Making You Would Be Interested To Know
5 Types Of Decision-Making You Would Be Interested To Know

Consider your decisions about education from the point of view that you need to be educated in life. Academics have a lot to do for you today, tomorrow and in the future, when you embrace it with passion. I have tasted its power, favour, and exposure in so many angles of life. Initially, I didn’t know what it could help me to achieve in life, but now, I have seen it. The 5 types of decision-making you would be interested to know.

Make your academic decision unique, knowing that it will make you successful when you make the right decision. It can also make you unsuccessful when you make the wrong decision. We all have a choice to make. However, education is power and it promotes the standard of living. It ushers in new methods of solving problems, and strategies for making fortunes.

How do you make a decision that would favour you academically? A lot would be considered when producing the answer to this question, but individually, you can make this kind of decision without external help. Though some people go to counselors to be guided, the best is the decision you make for yourself.

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Every academic year, secondary school leavers make a decision to further their education or choose another career. They will decide the course to choose, the institution to apply for, and so forth. During this time, a lot of them make wrong decisions on the course to study and institutions to attend.

I have seen a girl that applied for admission in a state far from the reach of her parents and when I asked her why? She said that she needs the freedom to enjoy life without being monitored. Some boys do the same, just to have the freedom to live rough lives— join cults and other bad gangs.

Tell me how these sets of people would succeed in their academics. The educational environment is for academic learning and character modification. It is not a place to nurse questionable characters. An academic decision is very important and should be considered as such.

Another fact to consider is the wrong discernment on career selection. After secondary education, not everyone is opportune to further higher education. Some prefer acquiring skills, learning a trade, or staying idle. Even when you force or drag them to higher institutions, they would not perform well, because they know that they would not make it. The 5 types of decision-making you would be interested to know.

Enrolling in higher education is not the only way for acquiring education, if you can write, spell or pronounce your name, and know when a statement is made in favour or against you, you are educated. Traders and artisans are educated because they passed through the process of teaching and learning. An academic decision shouldn’t be an option but recommended.

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What you do for a living is a career. Education is a process of learning or honing your skills, ability, or career. An illiterate is not one who did not pass out from higher education. An illiterate is one who cannot interpret or understand the content of a document made against him.

There are a lot of illiterate graduates in the streets, who have seen the four walls of the university, tasted higher teachings, knowledge, and different lifestyle, but have nothing to account for after five years of studies. I believe that, if you know how to make money, you are educated.

Anything you learned to sustain a living is education. An academic decision is a must for everyone even without it, other types of decision-making would not be sound.

5. Marital Decision

5 Types Of Decision-Making You Would Be Interested To Know
5 Types Of Decision-Making You Would Be Interested To Know

Marriage is not a toy that children can play with; it is a life two matured minds can embrace and enjoy. If you’re not mature to get married, don’t take it upon yourself until you become mature.

Marriage is where two different people with different ideologies come together to live as one. Therefore, it requires deep knowledge and understanding from the bachelor and the spinster to enable them to enjoy it. Early marriage is good, but you should consider your financial status. The 5 types of decision-making you would be interested to know.

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A marital decision is to be carefully made as it is a lifetime task. The financial capacity of the man is all that determines if he is financially mature. A man should be matured biologically, spiritually, and financially before he can think of getting married. While we talk of maturity, financial maturity means, having a source of income through which he can provide for his family. It is not necessary that a man must become a millionaire before getting married.

In marriage, couples are one body but different souls. In terms of making decisions, one body may not seem to be one. If you make a decision that protects the interest of one person and fails to protect the interest of the other, fracas may develop. God made the couples one body, not one soul, not mind, and not one heart.

Marital decision-making is a very important one in every household that keeps the couple in a balanced shape. The desire of each partner may differ from the other, and that is why knowledge and understanding are vital to maintaining sound matrimony. Have you seen that? You should be ready to consider or accommodate your partner whenever you make decisions unless you want to create space for temptation.

Before a man will propose to a woman, he should think well, decide well, and know that he is making one of the major decisions of his life that can ruin or build him. That’s what marital decision stands for. The same goes for the woman who makes the decision to accept a proposal. We should be proactive whenever we make marital decisions.

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You have to know that the decision you make today will affect you tomorrow and it would guarantee your success or your failure. Make the right decision, and avoid the mistakes that would take away your happiness. You need God’s guidance if you must make a good life partner. Don’t rely on your human ability, it would fail you. Seek the divine direction and this is how you can find it:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”—Proverbs 3:5-6.

Always be mindful that a marital decision is paramount in every relationship and marriage. The other types of decision-making also compliment marriage.

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