5 Ways To Change Your Financial Status

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Written by Ezeah Miracle: The 5 ways to change your financial status: I was discussing with a good friend of mine and he said something that shocked my bone marrow. He said, “I am still waiting on my sister to bring up her plans before I can tell or do anything for her”. This is someone that her sister was already complaining about that she doesn’t care about her.

Really, so there are people waiting for you to start doing something or at least say it out before they can support you?

You are just there complaining while they are waiting for you to come up with a plan for your own life.

Know now that there are people that will never help you until you start something.

So, can you now start that project that you have always had in mind? Make a plan, the budget, and every other arrangement needed, and then take it to them for help. I know that 10 out of 100 can help you out!

You don’t just go to people you seek help from and look clueless about what you want, like are you serious at all?  Lol…!

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And there is another mistake people make which is, saying they can do anything when asked about their expertise or choice. My dear, you can’t do anything. Yes, you can’t. You are only confused about your life. You can only do what you know or are experienced about.

Start being intentional about your life. Stop living your life carelessly. Create plans for your life. And that will mark the starting point of your success.

Please, just startup. Make inquiries about that particular thing you want to do. That particular business you want to establish, that career you want to build, that venture you want to try can only become a reality when you have a concise plan backed with action. You can even start; yes, after all, it’s not bad to start little.

If you are confused about how to start then don’t worry because I have a perfect plan which you can heed, and your financial status will be changed in a short time.

Here are the 5 ways to change your financial status:

5 Ways To Change Your Financial Status
5 Ways To Change Your Financial Status

1. Be Specific About What You Want

You have to sit and ask yourself these questions: What kind of business can I do? What’s my passion? Which course do I want to study? Which skill can I learn and monetize?

Conclude one at a time, and don’t choose many because you might end up becoming a “jack of all trades and master of none.”  You can decide to take others but make sure it’s one step at a time.

While choosing the particular career or business you want, also look at how monetarily convertible it is. If it’s a skill, look for high-income skills that people are in need of. Skill on demand that you can start cashing out from immediately after learning is highly recommended. Don’t learn a skill, trade, or study a course because your peers or friends chose it. Let your own passion and ability be your driver.

2. Calculate The Cost Of Starting Up

Make inquiries on what it takes to learn that skill or to start that business. Know what it takes to get your desired course in the university. For instance, a Nigerian who wants to study law in the university has to at least credit English, Christian Religious Knowledge or Islamic Knowledge, Literature and Government in WAEC. So these are the core subjects you should read more about so that you will be able to get what you want likewise other courses.

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If you want to opt into business, ensure that you carry out a feasibility study about the business. Know the best location to situate the business and the market that will demand what your business offers.

If you want to learn Email copywriting but you don’t like the idea of having a smartphone or laptop, will it work? So you see why you have to calculate the cost and know what it will really take to avoid stopping halfway or dropping out. Understand the ways to change your financial status by calculating the cost of starting up.

3. Learn The Required Skill And Get The Needed Knowledge

Now you have to go ahead and write that JAMB, take that course, and learn that skill.

Stop procrastination. Some people would be like, I am already 23 and it will take me four years to complete the course so I will be 27 during graduation but they forget that they will still turn 27 without taking the course. So it’s better you take the course and turn 27 as a graduate than turning that age without achieving anything.

Don’t compare your timing with other people’s time. You were uniquely created, and not a duplicate. Start learning the skill now, now it’s the right time.

I know that your mates that learned it last year are already boss this year, learn yours this year and become a boss next year, simple.

5 Ways To Change Your Financial Status
5 Ways To Change Your Financial Status

4. Motivate Yourself And Be Optimistic

Speak positively about yourself and your career. Stop looking down on your strengths and abilities instead, focus on developing them more. Tell yourself that you are doing well and you are going to do better.

Don’t compare yourself with anybody rather, compare your yesterday with your today to know the progress you are making. To know the things you are doing well and the ones that need more effort.

Terminate the fear of failure.  Never be afraid of failure. That you didn’t succeed in something doesn’t make you a failure rather, it makes you more experienced. If you try doing the particular thing next time, you will find out that you will do better at it than someone that hasn’t tried it before.

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5. Get The Necessary Help

Look for a mentor in your field. You can’t be aspiring to be a doctor and a carpenter is your mentor. You need someone in the field you are in or aspiring for, to enable you to get appropriate guidance and advice. They will help you avoid some unnecessary mistakes you would have made as a beginner.

In getting a mentor, get someone close to you. You can’t be in Nigeria aspiring to be a doctor and you say that Ben Carson is your mentor. No please, he is only your role model, not a mentor because you don’t have a close relationship and direct contact with him. A mentor is someone that can sit you down or call you on the phone to talk to you at any given time.


The ways to change your financial status can only be maintained by starting up. This is why I said you should learn one skill or study a course at a time because you would start up after the learning or studying process. So, imagine learning catering and carpentry at the same time, how will you start up after that?

Implement any knowledge you have gotten and never allow it to be a waste. Start practicing what you have learned. Many people make the mistake of continuous learning and lack of practice. Make sure that you utilize any knowledge you have already gotten before aspiring for more.

Haven followed the steps listed above, the “5 ways to change your financial status”, starting up something won’t be too hard, and, it will bring a lot of joy and excitement to you.

A great man once said, “Learn something and you will forget it, do something and you will understand it.” If you find any difficulty or confusion in the process of starting up, run back to your mentors for directions.

Cheers on your ride to a financial breakthrough.

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