6 Best Ways To Find Love Anywhere

Know the best ways to find love. Love is a thing of the heart and there’s no one rule to finding it. What works for one may not work for the other.

The best ways to find love is not to be desperate. Kingsley Okonkwo, a marriage counselor once said “If you are desperate for marriage, you are not ready for marriage.” You might be asking so many about finding love, including: “how to find love after 30?” how to find love after 40?” While some are saying: “I want to find love.” However, there is no specified way for finding love, there are many ways to do that.

There’s no one way to find love, as when you are ready for love and prepared, it will come naturally. However, I will give you a few ways to find love.

Best Ways To Find Love: Helpful Guidelines

1. You Should Be Matured

When finding love, you need to have attained a level of maturity. There are six types of maturity you should attain before going into a relationship. Whether the man or the woman wishes to approach the other for a relationship, maturity is a must to be maintained.

a) Spiritual Maturity

This is more important than the others; you should be able to pray for your relationship (marriage). This helps your relationship stand firm. Being spiritually mature is the best way to find love. Everyone wants to be with a praying partner, and this helps you find love faster.

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b) Physical Maturity

In physical maturity, the persons involved must be of age, they must have gotten to marriageable age (18 years and above). No one wants to be in a relationship with an underaged person. After spiritual maturity, the next best ways to find love is by becoming physically mature.

c) Financial Maturity

Financial maturity is also very important, as money is needed for the smooth running of a relationship. This attracts love faster than the others. You must be financially okay before going into a relationship. Some ladies believe that dating a man will make more sense when he is financially mature. In fact, they are rated as the number one best ways to find love.

6 Best Ways To Find Love Anywhere

d) Social Maturity

Another type of maturity is social maturity. You should be able to relate well with people in public.

Learn to say “Please”, “I’m Sorry”, and “Thank you”, as the inability to say these shows that the person is proud and is not enough for a relationship.

Social maturity can also speak about dressing. You must be able to dress well and responsibly like an adult who is ready for a relationship. This is the coolest best ways to find love because some ladies fall for men who dress responsibly.

c) Emotional Maturity

Emotional maturity speaks about controlling your emotions. Love genuinely, reciprocate your partner’s love, it shouldn’t be one-sided. You should be able to control circumstances. Learn to guide your heart, and don’t fall in love with everybody that comes your way.

e) Mental Maturity

Mental maturity is about the development of the mind. It talks about the ability to make decisions. Being able to stick with the right decisions and also be responsible for your decisions. It is acquired by reading books, learning from successful marriages, attending marriage seminars, making research, and engaging in mental activities. I believe that the best ways to find love are by tapping from the power of mental ability as it will help you to think, talk and behave well before the person you would want to hook up with.

2. You Should Be Happy

Many people believe that they need a partner to make them happy. This is not true. When you feel happy on your own, it’s a sign that you’re ready for a romantic relationship. Nobody makes you happy when you’re not happy yourself.

If you are not happy as a single person, you cannot attract someone and you cannot also be happy after a partner. The cute best ways to find love is to be happy; people, especially women love to befriend happy people. Learn to be happy always.

3. You Should Be Prepared

A relationship (marriage) is more of a sacrifice than enjoyment. When you are ready for a relationship, you should be ready to pay some prices and not just to have fun.

If all you think is that you are going into a relationship to be a burden to your partner, then you are not ready. Marriage is about a partnership, always have it in mind. As a woman, the best ways to find love is when you remove your thought from dating a type of man that will cater to all your needs.

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4. Work On Yourself And Discover Yourself

Before going into a relationship, you must have known yourself to a point. Learn new things, improve your life, work on yourself, and be productive. Everyone wants to be with a successful partner.

5. Don’t Be Too Rigid

The kind of person you want might not be around you and you might end up not finding love. Open your heart to love people irrespective of their colours, height, body size, and shapes. This is the surest best ways to find love.

6. Put Yourself In Your Partner’s Shoes

Have you ever asked yourself this question? “Can I marry me?”

Can you marry someone with your character? If your answer is No, you are being selfish and you need to work on yourself. Smiles, that’s the truth. You should be able to be what you want people to be.

How To Find Love In 2022

There are various ways to find love in 2022, and to be frank, each of them proves one of the best ways to find love.

1) Pray For The Right Person

God is the author of love, pray to him to help you with your life partner. He doesn’t joke with prayers.

2) Make Yourself Attractive

Work on your look, your thinking, and your social relationships with people. Do anything that can attract other people to your life.  To find a partner, dress properly, and use a little makeover. Make yourself presentable, have a nice fragrance, then you will be surprised by the way things will turn out.

3) Join An Online Dating Site

This is another surest best ways to find love. Join online groups on social media that deal with dating, hookups, etc, where you meet singles with similar needs. You can find a love website useful at this point in time.

The wonderful thing about online dating sites is that you can select birthday mates, compatibility tests, and more. Any quality, colour, or shape you want can be found online.

4) Be Free With People

When finding love, try to be free with everyone you come across, smile always. No one wants to be with a sadist.

5) Take Care Of Yourself

Take real good care of yourself. No one wants to be seen with a dirty person. Always tidy up yourself, eat nutritional meals, work out, socialize, etc. Love won’t find you in your room; you still need to take a walk where others can notice you. This is another best ways to find love.

 6) Know What You Want

 You must know what you want, so you would be able to know if you can cope with the person when you find him/her. You should also work on yourself to make you attract others.

7) Be A Peacemaker

Another best ways to find love is by being a peacemaker. Everyone wants peace, no one wants to be seen with a fighter. Try to make peace everywhere you go, and apologize for every slight mistake.

6 Best Ways To Find Love Anywhere
6 Best Ways To Find Love Anywhere

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8) Be Kind To Everyone

The best way to find love is by being kind to everyone you meet. Take a chance on people by always going out of your way to be of help.

Don’t do it with the intent of finding a lover, do it with the intent of reaching out to people. Before you know it, you become fulfilled and you are making an impact, you can get a lover this way. You might not get love directly, but then someone you helped might connect to your partner. To some people, this is a sure best ways to find love.

9) Associate With The Right Company

If you are at the right place and with the right set of people, it will help you meet the right person for you. Be careful when choosing your friends, who you are, is who you will attract to your life.

5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Find Love

1. You’re Looking For The Perfect Person

You want one person to be handsome or beautiful, tall and wealthy, brilliant, hardworking, and charming. It’s not possible to find all the qualities you want in just one person. It is one of the signs you will never find love.

And while they need to be perfect, they should also be ready to accept all of your weaknesses, or else don’t really deserve you. You are not ready for a relationship.

2. Inability To Be Healed From Past Heart Breaks

A lot of people are not truthful to themselves; they have not healed from past heartbreaks and are not opening up for new relationships. Things that kill relationships can develop from the unhealed past heartbreaks.

3. You Want To Always Be At The Receiving End

A lot of people dream big, they want to be pampered; they want to be at the receiving end with nothing to offer. No one will love you. However, have you ever asked: “What is the most common way to find love?” The answer is in this article, read and practice what you read from the article.

4. You Haven’t Worked on Yourself

The number one best ways to find love is to make yourself a vessel that can receive love. Work on yourself, and be flexible.

5. You Want Those Who Don’t Want You

Another reason why you aren’t finding love is that the people you love don’t love you. You always think and feel about them but they don’t have you in mind.


When finding love, the above ways should be put into consideration. There is no one way to find love.

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