6 Dangers Of Sleeping With A Married Couple

The dangers of sleeping with a married couple are too destructive, and every man or woman should avoid them.

It’s advisable you exempt yourself from whatever will stand as a threat to people’s homes to enable your own home to be at peace too. Sleeping with a married couple is wrong.

1. Karma’s Visitation

Karma is real and effective whether we believe it or not. According to Wikipedia, “Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Good intent and good deeds contribute to good karma and happier rebirths, while bad intent and bad deeds contribute to bad karma and bad rebirths.”

Whenever you have sexual affairs with any married couple, you put it asunder. You need to stop it to be able to save your own marriage. Such an affair can practically affect you when you marry as it may open doors for other people to put asunder to your own marriage.

However, respect is reciprocal. A responsible lady should not have sexual affairs with married men irrespective of her condition. It’s disguising seeing some men going after married women just for sexual affairs. To avoid karma’s visitation, one has to be careful not to trespass.

2. It Defiles Sacred Institution

In the book of Matthew 19:5-6, Jesus Christ clearly warned us to desist from putting asunder what God has joined together. Adultery did not begin today; it has been in existence from origin. It’s a serious issue that God doesn’t smile at. It’s so funny today that some people see it as fun.

Marriage is a sacred institution that was established by God himself, you have to respect it.

For unmarried people to indulge in putting asunder what God has joined is a critical case that can hinder one from his or her own marital blessings from the Almighty God. Dating married men has become a hobby for some ladies especially, those on the academic campuses.

This particular activity can hinder one from getting married on time, even keep one unmarried. You might be dating a married man for money but invariably destroying your own future. It’s more common in ladies than men. I have seen where such a case was brought before me to resolve.

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3. It Tarnishes Your Image

Self-respect is an important virtue you must not allow an erotic feeling to destroy, always be ensure you keep it alive always.

Sleeping with a married couple makes you look sleazy and many people will avoid hiring you because of your reputation. Always make sure that you’re not sleeping with any married person, the effect is disastrous. If you are already living such a lifestyle, you better stop it now, otherwise, you may tarnish your image.

If you do have a feeling about a married couple, keep it under wraps so that other people don’t get wind of your extracurricular activities and avoid hiring you for their company. Is not every feeling that you allow to control you.

Sleeping with a married couple is not advisable because it tarnishes your image. It might taint your reputation and people will avoid working with you as they might consider you a bad person.

5 Dangers Of Sleeping With Married Couples
5 Dangers Of Sleeping With A Married Couple

4. It Places Your Career In Danger

There is not that places one’s career at stake more than sexual affairs with married couples. It opens the door for your opponents to start attacking you on every little issue, those in business or politics can understand what I’m saying more.

Even in every sector, it is important you keep your eyes off someone’s wife or husband to enable you to save yourself from some messes. However, some people may not really understand this as one of the things that lead to downfall.

Assuming someone who awards some contracts to you finds out that you’re having affairs with his wife or husband, what do you think would happen to your business with him/her? That’s more reason you should focus only on your partner and let other people’s partners be.

5. It Makes You Irresponsible

It’s a bitter truth but you may not believe it; sleeping with married couples makes you an irresponsible person. Yes, that’s what everyone who knows you will consider you to be.

At first, you will not be a responsible parent before your children once they find out, and it’s not advisable to make your children have bad thoughts about you. Whatever lifestyle they see you living is what they may try to emulate.

Secondly, you would hardly be at peace with your partner once he or she finds out that you have affairs outside the marriage. This type of case can linger for long, and may not have an ending resolution at all. Please avoid such a lifestyle.

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6. It Leads To Domestic Violence

On a serious note, most domestic violence is caused by infidelity and irresponsible lifestyles. If a man has sexual affairs and his wife finds out, there is a high likelihood that she will be unhappy with him. This can cause significant tension within marriage and eventually lead to domestic violence.

If you are in an unhappy marriage because of your partner’s infidelity, it is important that you talk with him/her about it before considering divorce or calling for help from domestic violence counselors.

Considering what we see recently on social media how some men brutalize their wives is alarming and calls for a stop. An effective way to stop this is to avoid every affair some couples have outside their marriages.

Deep Meaning Of Marriage

A day came when I asked my mother about her relationship with my father even after marriage. She said something that shocked me. She said,

To cut it short, if you’re not a type of person that can swallow assaults, humiliation, deprivation, and torture, never think of getting married. Marriage is not complete without those irregularities that I have mentioned for you.

She continued, “You can ask your father how I have endured all manner of attitudes he displayed towards me during childbearing. You’re a child then, and some happened before your birth, you would have witnessed it yourself. Marriage does not mean good all the time, and that’s where some young people of this age get it wrong.

My mother was trying to encourage young people out there who aspire to become husbands and wives someday to budget in their hearts on how to endure challenges such as humiliation, deprivation, and torture. Such things are bound to come; it would be beneficial to plan ahead of them than to meet the unexpected. If you think that every day will be full of happiness and good mode, you are mistaken. Relationships built without such challenges can easily collapse. Only a friend can understand you. Someone said:

“Marry your friend; don’t marry any person you see. Look among your friends and pick a wife, don’t just pick a wife and make your friend.”

5 Dangers Of Sleeping With Married Couples
5 Dangers Of Sleeping With A Married Couple

This means you should marry who understands you better, not marry for pretty, handsome, or money. Nothing good comes so easy. Don’t always think that marriage is a bed of roses; it has so much bitter taste attached to it. Understanding and love are important in marriage to enable you to overcome any challenge that might sprout out at any time.

As centuries passed, partners enjoyed the company of challenges in their relationships as one of the things that strengthens their union. It’s in this condition that one would find out true love. Some men take advantage of a lady that has accepted to endure his rotten behaviours, and instead of him changing from those behaviours, he keeps worsening them. The same goes for women but is more common in men.

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Advice To Both Genders

Young lady, there are other men out there, leave married men alone so that you will have a blessed future of your own. Desist from reaping other women’s labour, work, and pray for yours. Those married men that come to you in the name of rendering you financial assistance, are gradually destroying you. Refuse their deceit.

A responsible and God-fearing man can’t demand sex from a lady before offering her a job. Most times, the men invite young ladies to their matrimonial affairs by lusting after them. Most men blame their adulterous acts on the insatiable nature of their gender.

Any man that keeps a side chick is irresponsible to his family. His attention to his wife must surely be divided. You can financially assist a lady without expecting sex from her, or even offer her a job. Even in higher institutions, some lecturers offer grades to their female students for sex.

Most times, they molest and threaten these students with different things, just to lure them to sex. There are few good lectures that don’t compromise irrespective of anything.

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