7 Hard Truth About Personal Opinion

Personal opinion is a strong feeling that shows the independence of one’s mind. Opinions are very powerful. You’re wonderfully and fearfully made by God. You’re given the right to produce your own opinions and make a choice.

This is where I usually have a misunderstanding with my siblings. They always want to influence my opinions concerning my aspirations in life. I have never stopped telling them that what matters most are the opinions I have for myself, and not the opinions they have for me.

NapoleonHill wrote, “If you are influenced by the opinions of others, you will have no desire of your own.”

Instead of discouraging the personal opinion of a person, give it heavy support. He who has the opinion knows exactly why such opinion sprouted out from his/her mind.

Mary Slessor, though was a Presbyterian missionary to Nigeria, was opinionated, her strong personal opinion led opened a new chapter in her life by becoming famous for having stopped the common practice of infanticide of twins in Nigeria. She so much believed in having a personal opinion, which brought about great change and development to Africa while promoting women’s rights and protecting native children.

In making decisions, personal opinion sets us in motion and enables us to do anything we want in the way we wanted it. Those who want to decide their future positively, always have concrete opinions. They value what they have thought for themselves.

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Opinion Is A Personal Thing

Most times, people would want to decide for you on the kind of husband or wife to marry, and they would tirelessly persuade you in order to suppress your own opinion. They would always want you to follow their opinions while yours becomes futile.

Your mind has to be well-positioned for it to be strong enough to avoid being poisoned by the waves of diverse opinions of other people. Your opinion as a person matters.

If you must be decisive in all you do, be a person whose opinion is first considered before the opinions of others. Think of what the Bible says here:

Do not pay attention to every word people say…”Ecclesiastes 7:21 (NIV).

That’s an encouragement to maintain a personal opinion.

7 Hard Truth About Personal Opinion

The majority of people who failed to achieve their desired goals in life were as a result of being easily influenced by the opinions of others. I’m not advising that you should disapprove of other people’s opinions or advice but filter them very well before you can apply them. The necessity still remains that we must follow our own opinions before we could achieve our goals.

Never act outside your personal opinion, it is a personal thing. Everyone has his or her own opinion but problems arise when people are afraid to unveil them like during the Red Scare. However, they are beliefs, and not facts, so they can’t be wrong or right and everyone is entitled to one.

Personal Opinion Protects Your Secrets

The mind is the pivot where all man’s activities revolve. Your mind must have to agree with your decisions before you can succeed. When we allow our opinions to prevail during the decision-making process, it becomes a secret but when we chose to follow the opinions of others, it is no longer a secret.

When a personal opinion becomes a public affair, anybody would easily detect the direction of our decision. So, it is much better to uphold a personal opinion than disregard it just because the people around you did not support it. During decision-making, one can only have peace of mind when a personal opinion is upheld to the end.

Sometimes, when we expose our intentions to people, we might be betrayed. Those who always rush to others for advice and suggestions are always in pain of betrayal and blackmail. You would build a good status and reputation before everyone when you know how to manage opinions and implement the right one by yourself.

Personal Opinion Helps You Make Money

To be more specific, if you disclose your purpose for making a particular decision to anyone, even to your close relatives, be ready to encounter bias from different angles. The fact is that your family and relatives would want you to take the easy road to success, which is enough reason they may have to discourage you through their opinions. They would neither encourage you to take the rough roads to success nor permit you to always take the risks.

Nature has it that anything that was gotten so easily would vanish easily, even wealth. Endeavour to avoid the easy roads to success. Wealth, power, or impact is always achieved by taking the tough roads and taking the risks. A lot of sacrifices are required before one could ascend to great heights.

Sometimes, other people’s opinions could benefit us but we need to be careful with them. If you want to succeed, mingle with success-minded people. Both of you can always flow in thoughts and actions.

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Personal Opinion Shows How You Deal With God

One of the reasons God had created in us an independent heart and mind is to enable us to make independent decisions and achieve independent goals. And only those who practice personal opinion can achieve independent goals. Apart from God, never rely on any other source to execute your decisions.

When you need facts or information to back up your decision, be careful not to disclose your purpose to the source. Let God’s word be the only force that will influence your opinions.

Remember, Satan absolutely loves it when we live in ignorance of God and His powers. Satan is working full-time on everyone, including your friends, so don’t listen to your friends who love to give you their opinion on certain topics unless their opinions are based on Scripture. Scripture is truth. Opinions are usually not.”—Jim Harper.

You can indirectly derive the information you need from the source. So many people do it. People who you disclosed the purpose you have for seeking their opinions may betray you. They can work on your purpose, achieve it and leave you empty. We are capable of doing anything to satisfy our wants especially when it comes to making money and establishing fame. It is always better to deal with God than to deal with the man.

Personal Opinion Supports Activism

What would our world be without the expression of opinions? While they are capable of getting you into trouble at times, the progression of society and humans as a species relies on them.

Anytime I would speak up for the voiceless, some people tackle me. They would ask, “Must you speak? Why can’t you keep quiet like others?” I don’t agree with anyone who tries to make me trample my personal opinion. Anything that inspires one to make positive moves in life is worth encouraging.

I think that you should always stick to your opinion and never be afraid to voice it out, if possible. You don’t need someone’s permission to have a personal opinion and you shouldn’t let anyone stop you from protecting your opinion, provided it is legal and devoid of evil.

Everyone could disagree or everyone could agree but neither determines its validity. No matter what you say, someone, somewhere, will be offended and it’s important to remember that it is impossible to please everyone but it is necessary to share what you believe in.

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