Why Prayer Doesn’t Work: 7 Reasons To Note

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The reasons why prayer doesn’t work occur as a matter of unpredicted future and laziness. You won’t believe that prayer, does not guarantee everything. I want you to consider this truth, “Prayer is defined as ‘asking’ God for things you need, desire, and want.” “It is also a means of establishing a relationship with God.”

Now hear this, a lazy person can’t maintain a good relationship with God. An idle person can’t receive anything, even when he prays. This is a peak time when prayer doesn’t work at all. When we pray to God to bless us, he looks at what we have at hand.

When Moses needed a sign to convince the people of Israel that God really appeared to him, he began to disturb God through PRAYER.

Moses asked God, “What if they do not believe me or listen to me and say ‘The Lord did not appear to you?” Then Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?” “A staff,” Moses replied. The Lord said, “Throw it on the ground.” Moses threw it on the ground and it became a snake…(Exodus 4:1-3).

At that time, prayer worked for Moses who was not idle at the moment he was praying. When prayer doesn’t work is when you’re idle and lazy. When you have nothing [skill, knowledge, idea, etc] to show forth, prayer can’t work for you.

From the prelude of this teaching, I want you to understand that God does not bless an idle person, that’s why St. Paul said in 2 Thessalonians 3:10, “No food for a lazy man.” Even if you are a prayer warrior without being a hardworking man or woman, you would die of hunger.

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When prayer doesn’t work is when you think you can pray down manners from heaven without engaging yourself in farming, business, or office work.

Just watch out for some Christians who call themselves believers, who do nothing other than fasting and prayers; see if they are rich or poor.

I am not a pastor but I know my rights as a child of God. So should you.

There is a popular phrase used among Christians known as “prayer is the key.” I don’t doubt it but there is more to it. Prayer is the key, and it depends on what you are praying for or against.

It will be so unfortunate for you to rely on “prayer is the key” without doing anything to make the prayer work. When you pray without work, you indirectly cause great harm to your life. When you abandon your responsibility and focus only on prayer, you make God a liar as you may end up without being blessed by God. He doesn’t bless an idle person.

When prayer doesn’t work is when you chose to abandon your responsibility as a person and try to get things done only through prayer.

7 Moments When Prayer Doesn’t Work
7 Reasons Why Prayer Doesn’t Work

7 Reasons Why Prayer Doesn’t Work

1) When You Are Idle:

If you are an idle person, prayer will not be the key to your success. God does not bless idle people. Prayer (faith) without good work is dead —James 2:17.

2) When Your Attitude Pisses Majority:

If everyone complains that you have a bad attitude, you need to change it practically. Prayer can only serve as oil to smoothen your efforts to change but when you don’t make any effort to change, prayer will not be a key to your success.

You must decease from doing what makes other people complains about. A person who prays also does practical work.

3) When You Are Envious Of People:

If you are not contented with what you have but always envy those who have more than you, prayer may not work for you. You need to work harder without envying others for prayer to work for you. Faith without good work is dead.

4) When You Expect Too Much From People:

When you expect too much: When prayer doesn’t work for a single woman is when she wants a man to build his own house, own a car, and become a millionaire before she can marry him, prayer may not work for you. I have seen on many occasions where some men became millionaires with the help of their wives.

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Don’t expect a man to first become a millionaire before you can marry him, just try and become an industrious woman. That’s when prayer will become one of the keys to a successful marriage for you.

Men do not love lazy women; they want you to support them in your own little way, irrespective of your beauty.

5) When You Don’t Plan Your Life:

When prayer doesn’t work for a man is when he spends his resources on women, beer parlours, and clubs without investing in good businesses. You need to curtail your way of life. Living extravagant life cannot make you rich.

Unless you invest and reinvest in good businesses, prayer may not work for you. Foolish people don’t make money but wise people make money.

A woman must not have all the qualities you need in a woman before you can marry her. Some of the qualities you would need in a woman will be made or added by you but the majority of men don’t know this.

6) When You Keep Bad Company:

Some people do not need to remain in your life; you need to avoid them if you must succeed. We can count a moment like this as a moment when prayer doesn’t work as expected due to the wrong set of friends. If you keep bad and lazy friends and believe that prayer will work magic for you someday, that’s deceit. Prayer won’t be a key for you unless you make new and good friends. No amount of motivation can make you successful when you don’t make good company.

7) When You Don’t Respect Your Parents:

See another moment when prayer doesn’t work: If you are always a problem to your parents, your own children may not give you peace of mind. Prayer may not solve it. Life is a give and take. Don’t be deceived that prayer will be the key to raising respectful and peaceful children when you can’t make your own parents happy whenever they see you. Remember karma.

7 Moments When Prayer Doesn’t Work
7 Reasons Why Prayer Doesn’t Work



Prayer can only be the key to your success when you have done the needful. Not every sickness needs prayer. Some sicknesses need good medications while some need good rest, feeding, and exercise.

When you use prayer in place of medications, rest, feeding, or exercise, you won’t get any result, and that’s when prayer doesn’t work. There are things you need to do when prayer doesn’t work which I have pinpointed above, try to make a change in your approaches to life.

I wish our Priests, Pastors, Imams, and other religious leaders will tell us the truth.

Even in the Scriptures, one of Jesus’ disciples was a medical doctor. His name was Apostle Luke, the author of the Gospel of St. Luke in the New Testament. Christ knew that not every sickness or problem needs prayer. That’s why he chose a medical doctor as a disciple.

Therefore, you need handwork, profession, career, and then, prayer before you can succeed. Only prayer cannot make you rich or successful.

We should stop being lazy and be eager to face our challenges so that we would not miss our opportunities to make wealth.

In a quote by George Bernard Shaw wrote, “Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” When prayer doesn’t work, do you think there is no hope? There is hope, only if you make a change.

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