9 Powerful Secrets On How To Motivate Yourself

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Self-motivation is one of the simplest things you can do for yourself if you want to know how to motivate yourself. If you don’t know how to motivate yourself, you would start expecting much from the people around you. Every achievement starts with self-motivation, so know how to motivate yourself.

The 9 Powerful Secrets On How To Motivate Yourself

  • Always work with vision
  • Set Up Achievable Goals
  • Avoid Laziness
  • Avoid Imitating Others
  • Always Avoid Pride
  • Learn To Discipline Yourself
  • Always Be Focused
  • Don’t Limit Yourself
  • Learn To Pray

1. Always Work With Vision

Have you wondered why companies and organizations have vision statements? Have you inquired to find out why it’s mandatory for every staff to know those mission and vision statements? The reason is very simple. Vision is an energizer for great achievements, that’s why it is used by companies or organizations that want to meet up with their objectives.

You should behave like a CEO of a company when making decisions. Ensure that your objectives will bring forth your vision. When you have a vision, you have a mission to accomplish. That’s how to motivate yourself.

When there is a vision, the reason to make a decision becomes clearer, and it becomes easier to motivate yourself.

You should know how to motivate yourself because no other person can do it for you. Our decisions should have reasons and the reasons should be definable, ready to achieve every good result.

Vision is a goal that one aspires for. I define vision as the hope for one’s struggle. In chapter four of my book, Decide Your Future, I described thought as what makes a man and I’m crediting vision as another thing that makes a man. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is the vision they have.

Successful people see the vision as the hope for their struggle. They know that their struggles, challenges, decisions, and sacrifices have a destination—a goal they aimed at achieving in the end. Unsuccessful people usually work without vision or rather, their vision is usually unclear.

Vision is always simple and concise. There are some people I know that whenever you tell them about having a vision, they glare at you, considering you to be a fool. On their own, they hardly plan their lives well and they lack vision. You can’t know how to motivate yourself without vision.

When your decision lacks vision, it would have no destination. If you make a decision without vision, you would regret it and it can’t motivate you. Vision helps us to walk on a balanced ground. It makes us have a sense of responsibility; helps us to know how to motivate ourselves. A man I envy his rich knowledge wrote:

“Without vision, you are just playing games with your life. Men and women with vision see more and further than others.”Bill Newman.

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2. Set Up Achievable Goals

After initiating a vision, you set a goal that you want to achieve and make it concise and clear. That’s a sure way to learn how to motivate yourself. Goal setting is very important in life. It keeps us on the move. It is a course for action. It motivates us.

Living without some goals to actualize is like moving a vehicle without a destination. Goals will keep you focused and makes you more responsible.

Goals could either be set to achieve a short-term or long-term objective. You should know exactly what you want before setting a goal. Most of the challenges we encounter on our way to greatness are sometimes caused by a lack of goals. When we set goals, we make the best decisions.

3. Avoid Laziness

No one cultivates in a stony ground instead, he cultivates in a soft-rich ground. People would hardly invest in you when you are a lazy type. No man would wish to waste his resources for nothing. I can’t try that. I believe that you can’t try it either.

Lazy people are always being considered people without a future. If you’re lazy, you do not know how to motivate yourself. People would avoid you if you’re a lazy type.  When you are lazy, success would run from you because you would not obey its rules.

After reading this article, you will learn how to motivate yourself with or without any green light on your path.

Lazy people hardly make a decision and when they manage to make one, they would not follow it up to ensure that their decision achieve its purpose. Success has rules, and a lazy person cannot obey them. You can’t fold your arms and expect miracles to manifest.

This is a peak time you should work out your miracles. Put your brain, skills, and ideas to positive work. Laziness makes one weak and indecisive in life. It can inflict man with poverty. You can’t motivate yourself or know how to motivate yourself if you’re lazy. We were advised against it:

“No food for a lazy man.2 Thessalonians 3:10. “Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.Proverbs10:4.

9 Powerful Secrets On How To Motivate Yourself

4. Avoid Imitating Others

One of the things that can keep you from knowing how to motivate yourself is imitation. When you imitate wrongly, you face the risks of failure. Don’t be like Mr. A or Mr. B, just be yourself. Always motivate yourself to greatness.

Some bloggers imitate Linda Ikeji because she is a successful blogger. Most times, they fail to imitate her correctly. In his book: Being a Happy Christian, the clergy shared a simple truth with us:

“No other person can be you, and no one can successfully occupy your own body.”Rev. Fr. Ignatius Okoroji.

You can’t be another person and no one can be you. Imitation may not help you to know your worth. Rather, it may even expose you to more troubles and challenges. Go into business in a way that would stand you out from the crowd. Get yourself defined with a distinct niche and avoid knowing it all. Success is made by identifying a need and proffering a solution to it at a price.

Imitation would only deny you your real self and keep you in suspense. You cannot know how to motivate yourself if all you do is to imitate people.

Those who have the habit of imitating other people can easily and ignorantly misplace their destiny. Imitation is not bad. When you imitate, imitate in the right way or face the consequences.

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When making a personal decision, make it suit what you want or what you do. Follow the right path and separate yourself from the queue. Forcing yourself to be like others would only keep you frustrated. When you find out that your destiny lies in hand, you would not make a duty to know how to motivate yourself, to enable you to do those things that are necessary for your success to manifest. This truth inspires me:

“The treasure of an original human being lies within him but, the treasure of a man that imitates lies outside him.Iroezi Godwin E.

5. Always Avoid Pride

Don’t plan your future out of pride, it yields destructive results. Jezebel was destroyed because of pride. She raised herself above God. When you engage in a conversation with anyone who has pride, you may not end it well as the person would try to humiliate you. The person would either think he or she is successful more than you or you are not his or her equal, and would insult or devalue you. There are many ways you can detect pride in people.

A man who is full of pride is the greatest enemy to himself and his future is limited. If you know how to motivate yourself, you will not allow pride to occupy your mind. With pride, you would only end up making decisions that would destroy your future. Pride destroys the mind of man and limits his greatness. It destroys the destiny of anyone who inclines to it.

Men and women who are destined for greatness can become the poorest of their kind if they make pride their companion. Heaven forbids pride. Lucifer was thrown down because of pride. Nebuchadnezzar became a beast because of pride.

My duty is to caution you against pride; be careful and not to allow it to envelop your mind. If you want to know how to motivate yourself, avoid pride. The Bible cautioned us by exposing the work of pride:

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.Proverbs 16:18.

6. Learn To Discipline Yourself

Without discipline, nothing valuable is worth gaining. Listen, the money you chase, the wisdom you seek, and the success you want, can easily be gotten when you apply discipline in all you do. Motivating yourself has a big connection with discipline; you can’t know how to motivate yourself without applying discipline.

Know how to invest than to waste. Spend time disciplining yourself. That’s what successful people do. You cannot succeed without discipline, and you can’t also know how to motivate yourself without discipline.

Discipline is like investing for a greater future. You need to discipline yourself before, during, and after making any decision, if you must get the best result. Discipline helps us to live purposefully in life and keeps us too far from irrelevancy. It helps us to discover the areas we have made mistakes and guides us toward making corrections. There is no much difference between discipline and self-control.

 “He who ignores discipline comes to poverty and shame but whoever heeds correction is honored.Proverbs 13:18.

9 Powerful Secrets On How To Motivate Yourself

7. Always Be Focused

Focus is a cause for action. It helps and motivates you towards achieving a specified aim. Without focus, you can’t rightly take action on anything and you can’t also make profitable decisions. Be it good or bad, focus is needed. You can’t know how to motivate yourself without being focused.

On the battlefield, the armed forces can hardly conquer without focus. The armed robbers can hardly escape without focus.No success is possibly made without focus. That shows how important it is to apply focus on anything we do, even in decision-making processes. The word ‘focus’ could be seen as determination or concentration. A man without focus can easily fall into a pit when walking on slippery ground, surrounded by so many holes.

Your future is hidden in the difficulties around you. You need focus to bring it out from its hidden place. Being focused will guide you on how to motivate yourself, thereby, helping you to achieve your goal.

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8. Don’t Limit Yourself

For you to learn how to motivate yourself for greatness, you must not limit yourself from doing great things even when they seem impossible. Before you make a decision, first believe in yourself. Have it in mind that God has given you the right to do either evil or good and the power to make great exploits or remain poor. Decide your future because nobody can decide it for you. Learn how to do some things independently and do not limit yourself.

Most times, we chose to remain stagnant in life just because people have limited us, and we also admit to what they have said about us. Nobody should tell you that you are not capable of that job, that contract, or that competition. Don’t listen to them— if you are convinced that you can venture into anything and emerge a winner, go on. But if you fail, just take it as another lesson you’ve learned. That’s how to motivate yourself.

Don’t limit yourself if you must know how to motivate yourself in a way that can make you a successful man.

If you dream big and remain consistent in your dream, you can definitely achieve big. Success Coach Magazine wrote:

Alison lapper, who was born on the 7th April 1965 in Staffordshire, England with a rare chromosomal disorder called Phocomelia which made her have short legs and no arms at all. She did not underestimate her capabilities of becoming great instead, she encouraged herself and registered for a degree in Fine Art and graduated with a first-class Honours Degree in1994. In the year 1999, she gave birth to a healthy son. In 2003 at the request of Queen Elizabeth11, Alison Lapper was awarded ‘Member of the Order of the British Empire (M.B.E), just because of her artistic creations.”

If Alison Lapper who was born without arms and with stunted legs could rise to such a height in life, what would stop you who has complete arms and legs from achieving greater greatness than her? Hey, you must know how to motivate yourself.

9. Learn To Pray

Prayer makes us feel at home and assures us that our intentions have been made known to God, our father. Pray unceasingly and commit the decisions you’re about to make to God before you make them. That’s how to motivate yourself to greatness.

As a destiny hunter, you should always be prayerful in other to draw God’s attention, mercy, and support towards your plans. The greatest motivation we have is God.

Prayer will secure your destiny in a brighter way. Making a decision that would guarantee your destiny is to submit yourself, your plans, and your struggles to God. In that way, you are motivating yourself. Prayers made with faith move mountains, according to James:

“You want something but don’t get it. You kill and covet, but you cannot have what you want. You quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.James 4:2-3.

Jesus Christ assures us that: “Everything is possible for him who believes.”—Mark 9:23.

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