9 Secrets On How To Develop Decision Making Skills

If you don’t make decisions, you may die! Lack of decision making skills can kill, yes, it can kill. How to develop decision making skills is a very important topic because of its role in human lives. Don’t skip this article without reading to the end.

However, decision making skills are inborn in us, though; they can be induced, cultivated, or developed in us by emulating others. Even if you have the interest to start up a business, have enough capital to invest in it, have the outstanding staff to work for you, without making profitable decisions, you would not achieve anything. Nothing is achievable without a decision.

You need to make decisions always if you must stay alive and successful in your career or areas of calling. You should learn how to develop decision making skills needed for making profitable decisions. I have already worked out some of them for you and you would have to play your own part by practicing them, gradually, you will master them.

You can develop decision making skills— they are already in you. Some things are either innate or cultivated in us. The ability to learn and appreciate what we have learned is what makes the difference. These 9 secrets how to develop decision making skills, can make anyone successful in his decisions. They have helped me in making profitable decisions. I know that most successful people would tell you that they have applied at least, five out of the nine ‘secrets’ that I have provided in this article. You can try them too.

Be Knowledgeable

I have been invited severally by some persons to guide them on how to remain focused on their vision until they achieve it. I guided them on how to make the right decision on their needs because they believe I have the knowledge. Having knowledge about anything makes you relevant in life. Knowledge is essential in decision making just as the presence of a medical doctor is essential in the hospital.

You can’t know how to develop decision making skills if you are not knowledgeable about what you are making decisions for. If you’re ignorant of what you want to make a decision for, you would make a futile decision. I can’t suggest the best chemical used to produce drugs that cure cancer when I do not know the nitty-gritty of chemicals. Make a decision on what you know and stop guessing. When you guess, you are uncertain. When you make decisions under uncertainty, you expose yourself to uncalculated risks.

Be Valuable

No one respects a man who does not have respect for himself. Always see yourself as a valuable tool that can be used to achieve valuable goals. Your dress will determine your address, they say. Believe that you are valuable and always keep it in mind. Value your existence in any village, city, tribe, society, and country you found yourself here on earth. God is not foolish to create you in the country you found yourself. He wants you to value His decision to create you there.

Most times, people around us tell us how respected we are, which we rarely discover. Let your imagination always tell you how valued you are then, maintain it. Your success begins within you—it begins with the decisions of your mind. When we fail to value ourselves, we subject our minds to insignificance. If you must be a raw decision-maker, you must know how to develop decision making skills, and it will help you from looking down on yourself. When you value yourself, people will value your decision. This is a fact:

Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.”Malcom Forbes.

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Be Capable

I was told a story of how a man was boasting for a particular job, and when he was called to do it, he messed up, without knowing where to start. He was incapable of the job, and it was given to another applicant who was found capable. Most of us do not always consider their incapability before making attempts to take hold of their wants. At our state of incapability, we stand little chance to make success.

When you aspire to get a contract, job, or opportunity, be certain that you are capable of it. Such is applicable in decisions. Be capable to handle a decision instead of disgracing yourself. Do not make decisions on things you are not capable of handling, that’s how to develop decision-making skills. A priest in his book, The Battle is Over, wrote:

“Most people fail, not because they lack intelligence, ability, opportunity, or talent, but because they have not trusted their capacity.Fada J. C. Atado.

Do not start a fight when you know that you cannot finish it. Being capable would help you to successfully make valuable decisions. Most times you see people seeking the opportunity to become great in life and acquire wealth, without knowing that the opportunities they seek are always around them. Incapability has denied so many people the opportunities they were longing for. St. Paul made a confession when he felt that he was incapable to face challenges in his ministry:

“I can do all things by the power that Christ gives me.”Philippians 4:13.

Confess like St. Paul and hand over your incapability to God, He will sustain you. As you develop the qualities of learning to gain moral, physical, or spiritual outfits, you can equally develop the qualities that are needed for making the right decision. The little you have can earn you millions. Begin today to trust your ability and be ready to edify your skills—success is at your door.

How to develop decision making skills

Be Fearless

A very powerful step to know how to develop decision making skills is to become fearless. Fear has rendered many people ineffective, unproductive, and unstable in life. Fear is demonic and it is not of God. Fear holds no harm for anyone, except those who embrace it. We are always afraid of the things we do not see—things that may not truly exist. Do away with fear, cherish boldness, and shun anxiety. Anxiety develops fear and fear leads to negative thoughts, actions, decisions, choices, and loss. Fear can contribute to or lead to the downfall of a man. This could be a truth:

One of the main reasons people fail in their job or career is because of fear. Fear paralysis people.”—Bill Newman.

A decision that is made with fear is capable of demising your plans or making you encounter a temporary defeat. Don’t give attention to what people would say when you fail. No one is above disappointment or failure. It is one thing to fall and another to rise from your fall. A great inventor said:

Failure is only the opportunity to move intelligently and begin again.”—Henry Ford.

Repetition of a word, as they say, is an antidote to illiteracy. If you are convinced that your decision would profit you, no matter how many times it has failed, repeat it, for it may bring you the success you seek at last.

Fear is always there for humans to abide with. According to Bill Newman, fear that grip man is fear of life, fear of death, fear of poverty, fear of sickness, fear of old age, fear of failure, fear of criticism, fear of failure, and such like. We cannot run away from them, because we are still living, getting old, falling sick, being criticized, and getting poor (when we do not make profitable decisions), and are still experiencing failure. Fear may not be avoided, but can be waved away, especially when making decisions.

Remember you will not always win. Some days, the most resourceful individual will taste defeat. But there is this case always tomorrow-after you have done your best to achieve success today.”—Maxwell Maltz.

Fear causes us to worry too much and it destroys our peace of mind, whenever we give in to it. Don’t joke with fear, overcome fear.  Overcome fear through faith and knowledge. Fear waits to attack you at your most vulnerable moment, and you should be ready to battle it. You must try to stop fear before it stops you. The ability you have to make a strong decision is what makes you a giant. People who live in fear hardly think well, and people who think well hardly live in fear. Decision-makers are fear wavers, they speak to fear and it waves away. Learn how to develop decision making skills. You can treasure this word:

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience, but you must stop, and look fear in the face…you must do the things you think you cannot do.”—Eleanor Rosevelt.

Fear limits man and makes him ignorant of who he is and that’s why you must first limit it unless you want to remain indecisive in life.

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Be Self-Controlled

You need self-control in all you do. Self-control is very essential in decision-making. It helps us to make the right and profitable decisions. It helps us to decide our future wisely. It brings us directly to our level and not below or above our level. It prevents us from embracing pride and guides us towards making the right decision. Self-control is a gift God gave to man that was deposited in you right from birth. You need to develop it. To learn how to develop decision making skills, you must be self-controlled to enable you to make decisions on things that matter, and when necessary.

Without self-control, your future is at risk. Without applying self-control in everything you do, your chances of becoming great would be limited. Self-control can also be learned or induced by imitating others whose lives are worthy of emulation. Imitate people who have allowed their lives to be reformed by self-control.

You can’t be victorious over anything in life if you don’t become victorious over your ego, feelings, and thoughts. Self-control is a victory won over self. It makes you act when necessary. It can wave away many temptations off your ways.

In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves.”—Harry S. Truman.

Self-control helps you to control your actions in a moderate manner. It saves you from falling into temptations that your emotion can lure you into. You need to be self-controlled before divorcing your wife, disowning your child, and even before you eat. When you successfully learn how to develop decision making skills, you will have a better chance of controlling your feelings. This will keep you healthy as it makes you eat only the food that would satisfy your appetite. Before you make any decision, try as much as possible to apply self-control so that you can avoid mistakes.

Be Focused

Focus is very essential in decision making. It gives weight and strength to any decision we make. Focus is having a purpose for action. It helps anyone to attain his goals.

A person of purpose knows where he is going. He knows what he wants. And he pursues it vigorously.”—Fada J. C. Atado.

Your decision would not be too effective without focus. However, in your quest to learn how to develop decision-making skills, the focus is a must. When you have a focus on any situation, you will handle it well. A man without focus is like chaff of corn that is blown here and there, by the wind. Consequently, any decision made without focus has no target or aim to accomplish.

It will be a waste of time to make a decision without focusing. Being focused should not make you a haughty person. Remember that the flow of divine wisdom stops where meekness stops. When you’re focused, you should practice humility.

“Without a purpose, nothing should be done.”—Marous Aurelius.

Many people failed to get what they desired not because they had no money or talents. They failed because they were not focused. A decision without focus will not help anyone. It is your mental picture that determines your actual future. Focus is just like having a mental picture of what you want to draw. If you don’t capture the image very well, you can’t draw it perfectly. Say to yourself, I have what it takes to deal with this issue, then stick to your confession. That’s focused on the action!

Be Disciplined

A sound decision may not be reached if discipline is ignored. Discipline is to train oneself in obedience to principles, rules, and regulations guiding a particular thing. Discipline helps us to inculcate in us, the required skills for accomplishment.

“Discipline is required of the athlete to win the game. Discipline is required for the captain running his ship. Discipline is needed for the pianist to practice for the concert. Discipline is vital for the student to pass the exam. Discipline is mandatory for leaders to achieve their goals and dreams.”—Bill Newman.

Discipline is a sacrifice you have to make in order to decide your future wisely. Decision-makers are disciplinarians. They cherish discipline, nurture it and go about with it. Train yourself through discipline and achieve your aims and objectives that are far beyond the discipline you’d undergone.

Discipline reforms the mind and provides the energy for the right decision. If you are disciplined, you will experience both physical and spiritual change.

“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence then, is not an act but a habit.”—Aristotle.

Be Tensionless

The word “Inferiority Complex” has rendered so many people unproductive in life. It is an internal disease in man through which failure, poverty, and loss of opportunities befall man suddenly. It makes any decision futile and fumbles the victimized mind. The inferiority complex comes through tension. Tension gives in to inferiority complex.

A student would not excel academically if he has been victimized by an inferiority complex. Tension grips anyone who allows his mind to be enveloped with self-unworthiness. Discover the area where inferiority complex held positions in your life and fight against it without delay. Self-unworthiness is self-pity, and it demoralizes the mind. It does not energize the mind to think or act big.

Tension is associated with unconsciousness, fear, and thoughts that take advantage and control of one’s behaviour and activities. It is a disease that develops from the mind and destroys the physical activities of man. The worst part of it is that it makes you devalue yourself.

Whenever you encounter a dense crowd and begins to be afraid or feel cheated and unlearned when you are not, it is an inferiority complex at work in you. Avoid tension; be tensionless. Inferiority complex is an enemy of man. It makes the victim despondent and surrounds him with despicable thoughts.

Inferiority complex underestimates our ability to make decisions and floods our minds with superstitious beliefs and sometimes, jealousy. The largest room in the world is the room for improvement. Improve yourself by voting off the inferiority complex out of your life. If you’re still living a life controlled by tension or inferiority complex, examine the state of your mind.

You need boldness to overcome tension. Forget what people would say, just develop boldness using anything at your disposal. You need boldness anyhow. The complex is your personal problem, so solve it personally with every means. But if external help can aid you, give it a try too. That’s a good reason you should learn how to develop decision making skills.

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During my secondary school days, I was victimized by the inferiority complex. It suffered me a lot and I became devastated. On several occasions when questions were asked in the class, I would know them perfectly but won’t be able to answer any due to tension. I would tell the next person sitting close to me in the class the answers and he would stand up and answer them perfectly without tension. The respect and applause that would have been accredited to me would be given to him. What a demise of happiness inferiority or tension can cause to the victim!

I gained victory over inferiority complex. You too can be victorious. The mind is the center of human activities. It stores knowledge, information, and ideas. Hence, it could ruin or build you depending on what you allowed it to dwell on. Thoughts are so powerful and it rules the mind. If you must overcome tension, you must stop underrating yourself.

Negative thoughts can render those who practice it poor. Positive thoughts can drastically make those who practice it rich. Before you engage yourself in any activity, make sure the inferiority complex or tension in you is dead!

“When inferiority complex is found in a man, it means that the man’s mind is out of use.”—Benjamin Anosike Ph.D.

Be Courageous

Many people have ascended to great heights in life, just because they applied courage before making a decision. However, they learned how to develop decision making skills before achieving their goals. The ability for one to summon feelings into action is courage. Man is incapable of doing anything without courage. Remove courage and achieve nothing. Decision making requires quality courage with absoluteness of purpose. You must be convinced that your decisions are the best and can be achievable.

You don’t need to remain in that situation; that’s not your destiny. Be courageous and make the right decision. Engage yourself in logical, rational, and analytical thinking and look at issues objectively. You will see how things will fall in their proper place for you.

Without courage, soldiers will be like men in the beer parlour, and footballers, like kids in the playground. Successful people don’t joke with courage— they know the power behind courage and they strive to maximize it.

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