A Good Decision: 7 Unique Ways To Identify It

How do you identify a good decision, especially in this perilous time? A good decision has unique ways you can identify it. Whether we believe it or not, the features of any decision you make determine how good or bad it can be. Let your utmost concern when making a decision be to make a good decision if not, you are making a great mistake.

In life, what counts is the type of decision you make and the goal it can achieve for you. A good decision always has a goal it tends to achieve. A good decision will at all costs possess some qualities that distinctly separate it from the bad one.

Indulge in making the right and profitable decision, it will pay you. Deciding on your future means, making the right decisions. I intensively discovered that a healthy and good decision must have the qualities that make it outstanding from an unhealthy and bad one. You may consider the following as the features of a good decision:

1. Legality

Doing things legally should be the priority of every individual. Right from the onset, human beings are surrounded by both legal and illegal activities but those who chose to do things legally are good citizens.

To be more certain on this, those countries that are highly noticed as the most corrupt countries in the world, usually indulge in evil practices and illegal activities. They ignore legal accreditation for most things they do. A good decision attaches itself to legality.

Decision showcases the total agreement of the body, spirit, and soul of a person towards a particular issue; whether positive or negative. If these three segments of human beings did not agree on anything, no good decision can be made. Again, making a decision under duress does not prove the concord of your body, spirit, and soul, and that makes it a wrong decision.

A Good Decision: 7 Unique Ways To Identify It
A Good Decision: 7 Unique Ways To Identify It

A good decision requires a lot of carefulness and legal consent in order to avoid destructive outcomes. The right decision requires legal approaches before it can be made. Legality simply means “to uphold the law.” It also means getting the approval of one’s conscience and natural consent before doing things.

Above all, we must consider the will of God for us before a good decision can be made. Anything done in legality gives peace of mind. If you want to live in peace with yourself, God, and your government, let whatever you do be legal.

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2. Self-Motivating

When we make a decision that would not give us reasons to keep pushing forward, it becomes futile and unbeneficial. Self-motivation energizes us to face the challenges that may steal away our vision. A good decision motivates us to keep striving until we achieve our dream.

Anything you engage yourself in that does not motivate you positively, can never add value to you. Self-motivation releases the energy to persist in achieving a dream, mission, or goal. You will be valued and held in high esteem if you cultivate self-motivation when doing anything.

Opt out from anything that does not add spiritual, social, and monetary values to you, always embrace making a good decision.

3. Endurable

A good decision does not expire after solving a day’s problem. It is also useful in the future. A good decision is one that can withstand a prolonged strain. A decision that is made today can achieve its purpose in the next one or more years. For it was made to tackle future problems. However, avoid making wrong decisions.

Most times, a good decision may be likened to a new business establishment which may not necessarily yield returns or profits in a short period of time until years are passed. Give your decision time to prevail and don’t be in a hurry when making it. Any decision that could not withstand the test of time is not a good decision.

There is a time set for everything in life, and you should consider it. Most decisions we make today may not give us the desired goals tomorrow. We should be patient with them to give us the desired goals in the nearest future.

“There is an appointed time for everything, a time for every activity under the heavens.”—Ecclesiastes 3:1 (RSV).

4. Difficult To Conclude

There is no hurry in life and there is no hurry in decision making. A good decision is not always easy to conclude. Some factors that could affect it either in positive or negative ways must be considered before it can be executed.

A Good Decision: 7 Unique Ways To Identify It
A Good Decision: 7 Unique Ways To Identify It

The quality of time you spent in making a decision, determines the quality of values it would add to you and vice versa. When you spend quality time making a decision, you would be able to make amendments where necessary.

It would point out areas that need amendments, that you would not have noticed when you are in a hurry to execute them. When we rush in making decisions, we would hardly detect the errors in them. Good decisions don’t need to be rushed, irrespective of anything. Always take your time when making a decision.

Most decisions people make have so many errors and they would hardly detect them because they have the habit of concluding them in haste. They might discover the errors when there would be no room for amendments. It’s much better to scrutinize your decision before you draw the conclusion line.

Nothing good comes easy and no good decision should be easily concluded. A good decision does not demand hastiness— it demands carefulness, step-by-step process, knowledge, understanding, and courage.

5. Risk Bearing

Risk is one of the qualities of any good decision. This is because the decision itself is a risk. Making a decision literally means, taking a risk. Check if there are some risks in that decision you want to make. If there is none, decline from making it.

We cannot separate risk from decisions. In tracing the histories of successful men and women, the first thing to notice in the process they took before becoming rich is a risk.

These men and women acknowledged risk, embraced it, and strategically managed it. Successful people are risk managers. We can’t live above risk, but we can manage it.

Risk and success are in partnership, and it would be hard for one to be separated from the other. It should be taken to mind that any decision that would lead us to our destiny, would first lead us to the territory of risk.

We incur risk in all we do since we live on the surface of the earth. You must ensure that you take calculated risks unless you want to become a failure.

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6. Objectivity

What distinguishes a negative decision from a positive one is objectivity. A good decision should be objective in view and in consideration. It should aim at achieving a particular goal. A decision without an objective is a deadly decision.

The objectivity of a decision guarantees its achievement. This is one of the reasons companies and organizations have objectives they tend to achieve or work on. Nobody would buy or support your idea when it is blurred.

A clear vision is what attracts stakeholders or sponsors. It is not advisable to be blindfolded when taking a step to become great in life. Whenever you make decisions, you are consciously or unconsciously taking a step to either success or failure. Let your decision has an objective it tends to achieve.

7. Flexibility

The success of any decision lies in its flexibility, and that’s the room for amendment. This allows the application of different strategies, corrections, or approaches that would make the decision unique to be applied. Make a room for your decisions to be amended if need be.

Most times, people would beg you to reverse your decision when they see that there is a need for reversal. The decision may not be favourable to them or have caused some havoc. In this case, there is a need to amend it.

A good decision is one that can be made, remade, amend or postpone to some other time as the case may be. It requires patience. Those who make decisions in haste are likened to those who speak in haste. They make a lot of mistakes.

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