Academic Decision: Things You Need To Know

Academic decision: Consider your decisions about education from the point of view that you need to be educated in life. Academics have a lot to do for you today, tomorrow and in the future, when you embrace it with passion. I have tasted its power, favour, and exposure in so many angles of life. Initially, I didn’t know what it could help me to achieve in life, but now, I have seen it.

Make your academic decision unique, knowing that it will make you successful when you make the right decision. It can also make you unsuccessful when you make the wrong decision. We all have a choice to make. However, education is power and it promotes the standard of living. It ushers in new methods of solving problems, and strategies for making fortunes.

How do you make a decision that would favour you academically? A lot would be considered when producing the answer to this question, but individually, you can make this kind of decision without external help. Though some people go to counselors to be guided, the best is the decision you make for yourself.

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Every academic year, secondary school leavers make a decision to further their education or choose another career. They will decide the course to choose, the institution to apply for, and so forth. During this time, a lot of them make wrong decisions on the course to study and institutions to attend.

I have seen a girl that applied for admission in a state far from the reach of her parents and when I asked her why? She said that she needs the freedom to enjoy life without being monitored. Some boys do the same, just to have the freedom to live rough lives— join cults and other bad gangs.

Tell me how these sets of people would succeed in their academics. The educational environment is for academic learning and character modification. It is not a place to nurse questionable characters. An academic decision is very important and should be considered as such.

Academic Decision: Things You Need To Know
Academic Decision: Things You Need To Know

Another fact to consider is the wrong discernment on career selection. After secondary education, not everyone is opportune to further higher education. Some prefer acquiring skills, learning a trade, or staying idle. Even when you force or drag them to higher institutions, they would not perform well, because they know that they would not make it.

Enrolling in higher education is not the only way for acquiring education, if you can write, spell or pronounce your name, and know when a statement is made in favour or against you, you are educated. Traders and artisans are educated because they passed through the process of teaching and learning. An academic decision shouldn’t be an option but recommended.

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What you do for a living is a career. Education is a process of learning or honing your skills, ability, or career. An illiterate is not one who did not pass out from higher education. An illiterate is one who cannot interpret or understand the content of a document made against him.

There are a lot of illiterate graduates in the streets, who have seen the four walls of the university, tasted higher teachings, knowledge, and different lifestyle, but have nothing to account for after five years of studies. I believe that, if you know how to make money, you are educated. Anything you learned to sustain a living is education.

An academic decision is a must for everyone.

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