Best Tips To Become a Brand People Recognize

To become a brand, no one would help you, if you didn’t first start helping yourself. You must first show what you have before you seek assistance. Experiences have made it known to me that people are only interested in you or your career when they see the burning zeal in you to keep pushing on. At first, it might seem useless to them until they see that you are becoming something else.

Human brands are influential and successful people of a certain career or profession, and you can become a brand someday, if:

In my book, “Decide Your Future“, I clearly stated that “no one cultivates on stony ground but on fertile ground“…if your brain is as idle as a stony ground, my dear, just forget it. Good investors cannot invest in you, unless your relatives who may see it as a responsibility to assist you can only invest in you, partially.

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Ordinarily, your state of mind can only attract people of goodwill when it is productive and sound. I got known to people of goodwill when the zeal in me for my career became a “brand” and none of the people who have assisted and supported my writing career is my relative. None of them have close contact with me. I came to realize that most of them got to know me through Facebook or by referral where other people spoke about me.

Best Tips To Become a Brand People Recognize
Mark Zuckerberg | Best Tips To Become a Brand People Recognize

You make money by getting people’s attention to whatever product, service you have to offer or talent or skill you have to showcase that people are in need of.

So, it is very important for one to be consistent in anything he or she aspires to or claims to be. Don’t be a master of all, you will turn out to be a master of none. When you don’t confuse people with your claims, they will queue up for you.

Mark Zuckerberg is a brand due to he founded Facebook without which, the majority of us would not have known him.

Angela Nwaosu is a brand due to her consistent claim of being a Digital Ogbanje (she claims that she is a witch) yet, millions follow her because she had already defined herself. It means that people still need a witch to look up to!

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Nnamdi Kanu is a brand due to his consistent commitment to free Biafrans. He has followers, even those we would not believe would follow him. Kanu has more hidden followers than what we see with our naked eyes. You will understand this once his mission is achieved.

Bobrisky is a brand, he turned himself into a woman. As a transgender, people became attracted to his actions. Imagine that!

Best Tips To Become a Brand People Recognize
Image by Oberlo | Best Tips To Become a Brand People Recognize

What are you known for? Does it mean you will start gaining popularity like the above-mentioned brands immediately? No, but you must start from the little you can.

Iroezi Godwin wrote:

Inside everyone’s life, there is a degree of greatness which indicates that the great God dropped his native image and likeness of power within us expecting that we will develop ourselves and fulfill the purpose of creation.

Read the above-cited lines again, you will find out that you are destined differently from the other person. You are a brand. It is a matter of time. Whenever you begin to understand what brand you were meant to be, you will clearly know how you should be acting.

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The kind of brand you becomes is the fastest craft you have made for yourself that can enrich and popularize you until you exit this life.

A popular writer of ages, Napoleon Hill wrote:

Success comes to those who become success conscious. Failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become failure conscious.

I am a brand. You are a brand. We are brands. Let’s keep it rolling!

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