EarnWithTasks Review: Legit or Scam?

I know you’re here to find the true nature of EarnWithTasks review as an online business. This is what you should do; read till the end of this article. This review provides you with the information you need to know about EarnWithTasks.

After a series of online investigations, I found out that EarnWithTasks review is a fake and fraudulent website that should be avoided. Here are the reasons:

Similar sites that operate exactly like EarnWithTasks are all over the internet. Yet, a lot of people are falling prey to them. Similar sites have a lot of complaints and dissatisfactions from various people or users, and that alone should tell you that EarnWithTasks is a scam.

I have given a review about L4-Earn.Buzz and Payout4tasks.com, and found out they are legit for now but may turn to scams any moment because their founders are Anonymous and also registered their domain names as anonymous.

EarnWithTasks and other similar kinds of scam sites have never paid anyone. I had joined many of such types and they didn’t pay me. Once you request to cash out your earnings, these kinds of sites will ask you to complete the paid surveys or pay some fees or download some apps in order to get the payment for which you have to pay money first. However, even if you pay them money, they will never refund you a dime.

EarnWithTasks Review: Legit or Scam?
EarnWithTasks Review: Legit or Scam?

Scam sites like this make money by selling the personal information of users like their email address, payment processor details and so on which users have to provide during registration and cash-out requests to their senior scammers who would utilize them for personal enrichment and indict you if need be.

Here are some examples of a few similar sites that scam people, owned by scammers: SwagBucksbdSwagBuckssnMobileWorkslxVindalemnSoclaielgWeekendPayoutsPayouttoBiWeeklyIncomeKashkickafVindaleueSocialelOnedayrewardsddSwagbucksggCoinbucksozGigwalktcPointswbCoinbucksjoGigwalkkzCoinbucksbwVindalexw, and many others.

These kinds of scam sites usually claim to pay $0.2 to $10 for each click that members receive on their referral links or $5 to $20 per referral sign-up through that link for which members only have to copy-paste their referrals links on social media and other websites, forums, etc. surprisingly, after carrying out the tasks, you will still not earn anything.

Is Earnwithtasks Scam?

Earnwithtasks is definitely a scam site. It is not real and contains many red flags.

Earnwithtasks Com Login

It is very easy to login into this website, you have to first register yourself and provide your data to them for registration. There is no problem in login in initially.

Login issue arises when people cross the minimum payout limit and apply for their income. The website instead of releasing the funds, just simply discard the member account and they were not able to login into their account.

Red Flags: Earnwithtasks Review

Information Not Shared

The owner of the website is not known to anyone. It is a common factor found on scam websites. If owner information cannot be shared then they must tell about their team members who are managing this website.

Scammers never reveal their identity, for obvious reasons. And we should always strive to know about the owner’s information. The point is simple, genuine employers never hide info from its employee. The more the information is shared, the more transparent is the company.

Not just Earnwithtasks’s people intentionally hid their information but they also guarded their info in WHOIS records. Any website where money is involved should not be trusted without checking the owner’s details.

Easy Task Trap

Many giant companies working on the internet gave employment to thousands of people. They hire people for their skills and knowledge. Big companies have more money than many small countries still they never offer easy ways to make money.

The sites like Earnwithtasks offer an easy way to earn online income from home, only because people believe in this idea. Earning from Home-based jobs is possible but it is not easy.

Earnwithtasks has no business model to explain how they are able to give good money for just watching and clicking the ads.

Scam sites offer easy tasks because they want to tap the majority of people around the world. If they ask for some particular skill then their audience will be very narrow. But when sites offer typing jobs, watching ads jobs, and other similar easy work, then they get a global audience.

Real Scam Is Referral

Websites like Earnwithtasks explain that the money they offered came from the companies whose ads they are showing. Companies instead of giving promotional money to some PR companies offer the same money to people directly using their platform.

This logic seems correct and people also believe in it. The problem arises when members don’t receive their income. The website’s main work is not to provide jobs to its members.

They want their members to bring more members. It is possible that they will release the income of some members. We are certain that the majority of people will not receive their income. It is an old trick of scam sites to make their members accomplices in the scam.


You should avoid a site like this that promises to pay money that is even higher than some countries’ minimum wage per hour, that’s a total scam. If you have anyone who is thinking of joining EarnWithTasks, kindly advise the person to withdraw interest.

Sites like this also claim to pay $10 to $50 just for signing up on their website. None of the legit companies can make any benefit by paying such an amount of money for such simple tasks.

Please use the comment box to air your opinion, and let’s help prevent these sites from scamming people. Always visit this site for more updates.

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