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Endless Definition: Love Story

Endless Definition: Love Story is so wired, unbelievable things happened. Some people would come to you asking for your friendship, with ulterior motives either to destroy your life or to shatter your plans. Life is full of surprises, an endless definition indeed. This love story will entertain, educate and advise us.

Emeka was out for real love, he met Ezinne, a gold digger who was out for money. Ezinne couldn’t give him attention.

Ezinne later met Daniel who was more of gold-digging than her, something she didn’t expect! Her experience became a love story others can learn a lesson from. Daniel deceived Ezinne just like a dog is always being deceived with bones.

The love story of different people in life- we don’t usually get what have expected, either from people or fate. In most cases, good people always meet bad people and vice visa.

After some moments of enjoyment between Ezinne (Ezy-Baby) and Daniel (Danny Boy), things began to change from good to worse; their relationship began to shake. It was built on falsehood; money and ulterior motives.

As soon Danny Boy got what he wanted from Ezinne, he dumped her. There were no two ways about it, both of them got what they wanted; Ezinne wanted money while Daniel wanted her body. Both of them were looking for a love story that will cause traffic when driving.

If I can advise any lady, I would say, “do not consider the physical appearance of a man in most cases, men can disguise just to enable us to get the real stuff we want. Imagine endless the definition of Ezinne’s desire was, a shameful one.

She had a close friend, her name is Chioma. She was a good lady, Emeka later got interested in her, and befriended her, after some time, he got married to her. A day came when Chioma and Emeka met Ezinne in her vulnerable time, she regret shunning Emeka.

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Endless Definition: Love Story Begins…

“Good day pretty girl. I’m Emeka. I’m a graduate of Abia State Polytechnic, Aba. I studied Business Administration. I’m managing a petty business for now. I like you. I have been seeing you around this neighbourhood. Can we become friends?” Emeka was after her beauty.

Emeka was ready to have an emotional love story to share without knowing that his dream was becoming a nightmare!

“I’m Ezinne but you call me Ezy-mummy. I’m a HND final student, studying Mass Communication at Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri. That’s all I can say to you. And for your information, we can’t be friends.” Ezinne harshly replied. Emeka was not the kind man she needed. She needed a rich man. “Alright, can I check on you tomorrow,” Emeka asked. “For what? What business do we have that would warrant meeting each other next time?” Ezinne asked.

“Today can’t be a piece of bad luck to me. How can this guy ask me for friendship, what does he have? Oh my God, I wished I had slapped him so that next time he won’t approach a damsel like me! He doesn’t have money but wants a good thing, rubbish…” Ezinne mocked him.

Without a breathing space, Ezinne chased Emeka away and warned him never to approach her again.

After two weeks, another spinning occurred.

“Hi, call me Danny Boy but my parents named me Daniel. I can’t tell you my surname for now because my family has a big name as our personality counts. I’d rather keep it a secret than air it and get myself into trouble. My dad inherited his wealth from his late father, though he is not the only surviving male child of his late father.

He has three brothers and a sister; they are five great children born to his parents. My dad’s mother is in her late 70s and lives with her first daughter in Los Angeles, United States. I’m a businessman, fortified by my father’s wealth and connections. If you don’t mind, can we become friends?”

Endless Definition: Love Story
Endless Definition: Love Story

Ezinne was sitting under a big tree near the school library in Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri with a few of her girlfriends. Daniel visited his friend on campus. He was moving around the campus and was appreciating the environment. He moved near the library where he found Ezinne and her friends.

“I’m Ezinne but you can call me Ezy-baby. I’m a HND final student, studying Mass Communication. Well, I’m not used to a long conversation with strangers. My mom warned me to stay far from strangers, especially men. We can’t be friends because you’re a stranger and moreover, my final exams are fast approaching. I wouldn’t need any distraction.” She was saying all that to interest Daniel and make him see her as a responsible lady.

At this time, Ezinne was thinking that an excellent love story will make itself for her to share with her friends.

“Don’t mind her, you can take her phone number and call later. She always pretends. I’m Chioma. Ezinne is my close friend, and I’ve known her lifestyle for years. Give me your phone number.” Chioma collected Daniel’s phone and typed in Ezinne’s phone number.

“Thank you so much, I will call later,” Daniel said and left. “Let me save this number now, I have at least collected numbers from four girls on this campus today. I must have them to myself.”

Daniel was talking to himself. Daniel is from a wealthy family and spends half of his life jumping from one lady to another.

Ezinne was interested in Daniel but pretended, she thought that he was real. She wanted Daniel’s because he’s from a wealthy family. Emeka admired Ezinne because he has been seeing her in their neighbourhood. He wasn’t approaching her for friendship; he was searching for a wife. Daniel on his own part was interested in her just to have access to her body.

Later in the day, Daniel gave Ezinne a call and discuss with her over the phone. They agreed to become friends, and a new dawn was set. “Baby you’re a pretty woman. I would always want you beside me.” Danny Boy appreciated her beauty with a promise. “Thanks, baby, I trust you. I’m always here for you.” Ezinne reacted.

Along the line, Ezinne and Daniel went deep into a relationship. Ezinne’s love was on money while Daniel’s was on her body! They couldn’t last because Ezinne was after money and Daniel, after her body. There was no definition to their relationship. It couldn’t mature to marriage. Danny Boy achieved his aim likewise Ezy-mummy.

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A time came when Daniel became tired of her and set out to dispose of her, he began to misbehave. “I’ve gotten what I needed from her. She doesn’t attract me any longer. I will ban her from visiting me.” Daniel was talking to himself. When Ezinne had found out that he was not assisting her anymore, she began to give excuses when it comes to s**x. Formerly, she always begs for s**x, because there was money.

Emeka finally found a good woman, enjoys a good relationship with her, and she happened to be Chioma, Ezinne’s best friend. She was searching for a partner who has a future. She needed love and understanding, and not after money or material things.

“Sweetheart, I accepted you because I see the future in you. I always feel relaxed and loved whenever you’re beside me.” Chioma confessed. “My baby, thanks for your kind words. Our future is secured in God. I love you so much. You have what I needed in a woman.” Emeka reciprocated. “I love you too,” Chioma replied.

At last, Chioma became the luckiest lady to have a love story from the scenario Ezinne thought nothing good happen.

Ezinne has been used and dumped after a year and five months. She was not aware of Chioma’s affair with Emeka until a fateful day when Chioma and Emeka went for jugging near the polytechnic’s field. “Hey guy, can’t you hear me?” Ezinne tried to draw Emeka’s attention. Chioma was behind and stays far from Emeka, but stopped when she saw Ezinne. “Hi babe, it’s nice to see you again. How is Danny Boy?” Chioma asked. “Babe please, don’t even mention that name again! Can you imagine that that fool dumped me after we dated for a year and five months?” Ezinne bitterly cautioned Chioma. Ezinne bitterly explained all that had happened to Chioma.

“Hey baby, what’s that?” Emeka’s voice echoed from afar enquiring to know why Chioma had stopped. “Sweetheart, I’m with an old friend, will catch you up soon!” Chioma replied. “Who is that guy?” Ezinne asked. “It’s my boyfriend. He’s a good guy, and we have dated for six months now.” Chioma replied. “Oh my God, I’m happy for you babe. You’d finally found your missing rib.” Ezinne complemented Chioma.

Chioma was behaving like one who met a man on Facebook, for just Facebook fun without knowing that you can’t recently judge a book by its cover. In her thought, a love story will make her a genius when she hasn’t merited it.

After a while, Emeka draw closer to check on Chioma, there he saw Ezinne. “What are you doing with my baby? So you want to discourage her from loving me just as you had insulted and rejected me? Please stay far from my fiancée.” Emeka angrily shunned Ezinne. Unable to control her tears, Ezinne left them and headed near the library where Daniel first met her.

Chioma was upset with Emeka’s reaction toward her friend. Emeka later explained to Chioma what had transpired between them. Chioma later went to her and consoled her, her friendship with her didn’t end.

Emeka and Chioma got married after eight months.

Finally, Emeka got good a job in the Federal Ministry of Internal Revenue.

Endless Definition: The Love Story Ends…

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