Fathers Day: 4 Things Every Father Should Know

Today, the world celebrates all the fathers on their fathers day as a remembrance of the roles they have been playing in their respective families.

However, before we allow the joy of the fathers day celebration to envelope the whole event, let’s seize a moment to point out some things every father should know.

Don’t forget these as you celebrate the fathers day:

1. Your Family Is Your Sole Responsibility

Every man should know that his family is his sole responsibility devoid of any doubt. Don’t expect your wife to play your role. As the head of the family, some roles are strict to be handled by you and not your wife.

If you understand this, you will be safer and happier than trying to impose on your wife what she is not originally designed to do. Use today to retrace your steps toward the roles you play in your family to know if you’re doing it right or wrong.

2. Your Wife Is Your Helper

Fathers Day: 3 Things Every Father Should Know
Fathers Day: 3 Things Every Father Should Know

Some men do not still believe that their wives are their helpers rather they regard them as slaves or genders that have no choice but to obey orders. That’s not true. Always respect the role of your wife in your household. This will keep your family in peace and sound.

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Always tell her how she can help you out on some things and don’t expect her to assume responsibility for anything at all. Yes, she may know what to do but still, she may need your directives before she can act.

The reason is simple: she is a helper; your deputy or vice. Every deputy or vice takes order from the head. That’s how family administration operates.

However, if your wife assumes a responsibility that is meant to be assigned to her, you would not be happy. You may call it an insult or disrespect. This is what some families are experiencing today.

In this regard, the man, his family, or friends may say that his wife is controlling him just because she assumed some responsibilities that were meant to be taken by the man or assigned to his wife.

3. Love Your Wife And Children Unconditionally

During the wedding vows, most couples do not really understand what it means to vow to love their spouses even ‘for better for worst’. The vow has so many implications that can destroy the defaulter.

That vow means that you’ve accepted to love your wife or husband whether good or bad; whether he or she cheats on you or not. Huh, do you understand it now? That’s where religion brought an inseparable tie to marriages.

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If I may ask, how many couples are keeping to this vow? If you respect and keep to your marriage vow, you would not divorce your wife or your husband. The vow said, “for better for worst”. Considering today’s marriages, it means that many couples do not respect the marriage vow, and do not love their wives or husbands unconditionally.

So today to commensurate the fathers day, you’re advised to renew your love for your wife, and also, your children. Love them unconditionally.

4. Don’t Expose Your Wife To your Family

Fathers Day: 3 Things Every Father Should Know
Fathers Day: 3 Things Every Father Should Know

Learn to make major decisions without involving your family. Some issues concerning marriage should be kept between you and your wife and your children.

Involving your family (parents, siblings, or relations) in every little issue between you and your wife is very bad and may not yield good results in the end.

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If you want your own family to be in peace at all times, don’t involve a third party in your family to settle issues between you and your wife. As the head of the family, it will be wise to learn to make most family decisions by yourself. Decide some things with your wife, and your children, and stop inviting the third party.

Your wife will always love you for keeping some privacies of the family far from the third party. But there are some issues that you must involve your family (parents, siblings, relations).

Once again, happy fathers day to all the fathers and intending fathers.

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