How To Get A Guy To Approach You And Say, I Love You

How to get a guy to approach you is a difficult thing for most ladies but can be so easy once you’re courageous.

It is not funny that some people can still find it difficult to approach others, especially the opposite sex. To express your thought about someone is not a crime but the manner and mode in which you present yourself before the other person matters. As a girl, how to get a guy to approach you has no defined method, whichever approach you choose can work for you. But you must have the courage to approach a guy and say, I love you. That’s a good start on how to get a guy to approach you and say, I love you.

Some people believe that they must have all it takes to live a successful life before they can approach other people and express their feelings for them. That’s not correct. When learning how to approach a girl, be sure to be coordinated in your speeches and appearance. Self-confidence is what you need to approach anyone, and when you’re discussing with them, make sure you say what you know and don’t beat around the bush on a topic you don’t know or understand.

Meanwhile, as a girl, you need courage and boldness to express yourself before a guy for the first time. You can talk to him indirectly without him noticing your interest in him.

How to Approach a Man You Like Without Losing Your Respect:

Most people don’t value women that approach men for friendship/relationship. They call such a girl a ‘cheap girl.’ But the truth still remains that both men and women are free to approach each other when it is needful, it’s not only the duty of men to approach women. Learn how to get a guy to approach you.

To be frank, men always expect women to approach them and talk to them about relationships but due to the feminism of women, they feel it’s not right to do so. Why do you think it’s wrong to approach a man you like and express yourself? Now, follow the steps below and exercise your human rights in approaching a man of your choice. If you like him and feel like drawing his attention, just do these:

  1. Approach him and let him know you like him but don’t make him understand you like him. You can say, “Hi guy, I’m Cynthia. I’m just passing by and decided to say hi…” At this moment, he would want to show more interest in the discussion, and takeover from you. That means, you have indirectly told him that you’re interested in him without his notice. That’s how to get a guy to approach you.
  2. You may try to walk away after saying hi to him, of which, he may not want you to walk away. That’s how to get a guy to approach you without his notice that you have interest in him.
  3. You may try to ask him few questions to know if he will reciprocate. Ask him a question like, “Do you live around here or came for a visit?” this question would take understanding off from noticing you have interest in him.
  4. You can tease him with a word like this, “You nearly look like my cousin brother but he looks fairer than you!” He would just like react in this way, “wow…you don’t mean it?” That’s how to get a guy to approach you in a spicy way!
  5. Once you approach him using this method, he would like to extend the discussion but don’t allow him rather, you can ask him to take your phone number and call you later. You may even ask him to call you by a particular time, just to avoid him taking you as a cheap girl.
Ask Him to Take Your Phone Number

Romantic Words for Him:

When you have finally gotten his attention and become close to him, you can start to express your love for him. Remember, don’t say romantic words to him in the first approach or time you met him, say them as time goes on when you’ve seen that he has started having an interest in you. Then, you can go on to say romantic words to him either through phone calls, text messages, or face to face. You can say these words to him:

  1. I can’t imagine myself thinking about you every minute of the day!
  2. My love for increases per second which makes it impossible for me to stop loving you.
  3. You’re my world, a safe haven for my gentle heart.
  4. Only death can stop me from loving you.
  5. Each time I remembers you, I exhales in joy.
  6. You’re my king, the only man I see each time I looks around.
  7. I will always love you, my charming prince.
  8. You’re a smart, brilliant and courageous man.
  9. I can’t wait to rest on your romantic body.

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How to Approach a Girl You Like Without Losing Your Respect:

  1. How to approach a girl is simple, it’s important you first introduce yourself to the girl.  This will make her accommodate you and whatever you will discuss with her. You can say, “Hi, I’m James, I would love to have some discussions with you.” Once you say that, you have sought for her permission, and she will hardly say no. That’s a similar way to learn how to get a guy to approach you and say, I love you.
  2. Whenever you see a girl, don’t just ask her, “Hi fine girl, how are you? Can I talk to you?” Most girls don’t like guys who approach them in such way. They would feel the guy has negative thoughts about them, and they would feel irritated with whatever he has to say.
  3. Don’t first ask for her phone, that’s not how to approach a girl. Most girls don’t like guys that ask for their phone numbers at the first approach. If you must ask for her phone number, let it be after a good discussion has taken place between both of you. She will feel secure in giving out her phone number to you, and may even be the one to ask you to take her phone number and call her later.
  4. At first, don’t ask her what she does for a living, go on to say good things about meeting her. You can say, “I’m feeling as if you had been with me for long! You’re an amazing person; everyone who comes close to you would not want to leave so quickly.” Tell her things that surprise her, and you will see how she will be falling for you, even though, it might not be obvious at this time.
  5. Don’t discuss much to avoid making your discussion irrelevant. Once you’d said the most important ones, try to excuse yourself and leave. Don’t allow her to first excuse herself, that doesn’t give a good impression. After having a brief discussion with her, just tell her that you want to go catch up with something, that you will see her some other times. That’s how to approach a girl.
  6. Before you leave, ask for her phone number. This is where some men make mistakes whenever they approach a girl in the first time; they always rush to ask for her phone number when no introduction or discussion has been made.
  7. Don’t tell a girl that you love her when you’re just meeting her for the first time; she will not take you serious.
  8. Before you leave, try and touch her cheek gently, or even kiss her fingers. This method creates an emotional scene in her mind whenever she remembers you. She will be craving to love you.

Romantic Words for Her:

Women love hearing romantic words from the man they love, and sometimes, from any man at all. That makes them happy and they always go close to a man that says what keeps them happy. Learn how to say romantic words to her after declaring your interest to her.

Once she is free to pick your calls anytime, discuss with you whenever you ask for that, she is indirectly telling you that she has accepted your request to date her. At this time, you can begin to flood her mind with romantic words, either on phone calls, text messages, or face to face. You may choose these words:

  1. I’m in love with you but had waited for a day like this to say it.
  2. I have made a special room for you in my heart, only you will occupy it.
  3. I’m so crazy about you, my heart yearns for you.
  4. I’m head over heels for you.
  5. You’re the love of my life.
  6. You’re my other half– a half that will make me complete.
  7. Be my queen, the queen of my kingdom.
  8. I love who you’re. How you talk gives me confidence. How you smile makes me happy. How you walk makes me proud.
  9. I will always love you.

In conclusion, Girls should begin to approach men and make their choice. Men have been anticipating that from them for a long time! Learn how to get a guy to approach you and say, I love you.

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