How To Make More Money: 6 Secrets You Must Know

Whenever people ask ‘where is the money?’ It means that they want to know how to make more money. That’s a question that most of us long for the answer. It’s not a mistake to read this article— it has the answer to the above question.

According to the International Student’s edition of the Oxford Dictionary, money is defined as ‘1what you earn by working or selling things and use to buy things.’ ‘3a person’s wealth including their property.’ So, how to make more money is a worrisome question we ask every day. Please read this article, and practice what you’ve read:

1. Money Is Not Only A Medium Of Exchange

Money has passed the stage of being defined as ‘a medium of exchange.’ Although, that’s what it is. I’m not disputing it. I’m trying to bring to your knowledge that most people don’t understand the meaning of money—where it can be found and how to acquire it. I’ve provided the unique meaning of money in this article, and where and how it can be found and acquired.

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2. Money Is Made By Undertaking A Process

How To Make More Money: 6 Secrets You Must Know
How To Make More Money: 6 Secrets You Must Know

Money is made by undertaking a process such as working for an employer or for yourself, selling a product, rendering service, or selling or leasing your property. The money is in what you do, work or sell. Do you know that the money is inside you in form of ideas? How you package yourself determines the amount of money you can make.

3. Money Is Not Only Seen Or Handled In The Form Of Paper Or Coin

Money is not only seen or handled in the form of paper or coin but in the form of ideas, exercise, careers, and professions. The money is in the services you render or in the products you sell. You can inherit wealth but may not inherit the process by which the money was made.

It’s not your sweat, so it might not last. You need to make your own money, the master plan will be with you, and it would hardly collapse when you have a master plan.

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How To Make More Money: 6 Secrets You Must Know
How To Make More Money: 6 Secrets You Must Know

4. Money Is Not Made By Staying Idle

You can’t make money by staying idle. Money is what you earn or gain in exchange for a product you sold or a service you rendered. You will understand what I mean if you read this book meditatively. Idleness does not earn good things, but commitment does even more than you can imagine.

The money you seek is also in your property; you can become a millionaire by selling off or leasing out your property. If you don’t work for an employer or for yourself or sell a product or render a service, you can never make money. Anything that can guarantee the accumulation of wealth is where the money hides. The money is hiding inside you, bring it out and stop searching for it elsewhere.

5. The Fastest Way To Make Money Is By Solving A Problem

The fastest way to make money is by solving a problem. The world is full of problems and if you know how to solve any, you know how to make money. Everything in life is done at a price. Those in the telecommunication industry are extremely wealthy because they are solving the problems of communication for people on daily basis.

We pay them by purchasing their recharge cards and subscribing to their weekly or monthly subscriptions, programmes, and advertisements. That’s how to make more money which those guys are making on daily basis.

Mike Adenuga made his money by rendering telecommunication services. Bill Gates made his money by offering Microsoft applications to the world. Thomas A. Edison made his money by inventing the electric bulb and Edison Dictating Machine.

Footballers make their money by rendering services on sports using their skills. Musicians make their money by unleashing the genius in their voices and skills.

Authors make their money by inventing ideas from their brains and making them eternal on paper. They write prolifically to keep the world going in the wave of history. Their ideas have sustained the future of millions of people who read books. You can see what the actors and actresses do on television when they act in movies, and that is how they make their own money.

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6. Know Where The Money Is Hiding

How To Make More Money: 6 Secrets You Must Know
How To Make More Money: 6 Secrets You Must Know

If you want to know how to make more money, then, you must know where the money hiding! The money is in what you do to make ends meet. It’s in the decisions you make on daily basis. When you make a decision to be committed to something meaningful in order to make ends meet, you’ve made a decision to make money.

You may have the skill, knowledge, and certificates required for making money, but when you fail to make the right decision, it will be hard for you to make money. That’s the reason why you should decide your future accurately.

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