Marital Decision: Things You Need To Know

Marital decision: Marriage is not a toy that children can play with; it is a life two matured minds can embrace and enjoy. If you’re not mature to get married, don’t take it upon yourself until you become mature.

Marriage is where two different people with different ideologies come together to live as one. Therefore, it requires deep knowledge and understanding from the bachelor and the spinster to enable them to enjoy it. Early marriage is good, but you should consider your financial status.

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A marital decision is to be carefully made as it is a lifetime task. The financial capacity of the man is all that determines if he is financially mature. A man should be matured biologically, spiritually, and financially before he can think of getting married. While we talk of maturity, financial maturity means, having a source of income through which he can provide for his family. It is not necessary that a man must become a millionaire before getting married.

In marriage, couples are one body but different souls. In terms of making decisions, one body may not seem to be one. If you make a decision that protects the interest of one person and fails to protect the interest of the other, fracas may develop. God made the couples one body, not one soul, not mind, and not one heart.

Marital Decision: Things You Need To Know
Marital Decision: Things You Need To Know (Image:

Marital decision-making is a very important one in every household that keeps the couple in a balanced shape. The desire of each partner may differ from the other, and that is why knowledge and understanding are vital to maintaining sound matrimony. Have you seen that? You should be ready to consider or accommodate your partner whenever you make decisions unless you want to create space for temptation.

Before a man will propose to a woman, he should think well, decide well, and know that he is making one of the major decisions of his life that can ruin or build him. That’s what marital decision stands for. The same goes for the woman who makes the decision to accept a proposal. We should be proactive whenever we make marital decisions.

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You have to know that the decision you make today will affect you tomorrow and it would guarantee your success or your failure. Make the right decision, and avoid the mistakes that would take away your happiness. You need God’s guidance if you must make a good life partner. Don’t rely on your human ability, it would fail you. Seek the divine direction and this is how you can find it:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”—Proverbs 3:5-6.

Always be mindful that a marital decision is paramount in every relationship and marriage.

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