Material Decision: Things You Need To Know

Material Decision: Every physical need of man is found in material things. Material things are powerful and influential, thus they can influence anyone. It can itself subject one to failure. When you desire material things, desire the right one that will be beneficial to you at that moment, and then make the right decision to acquire it.

Be careful not to be carried away by physical things that influence the eyes. But do not forget that every material decision takes its origin from the spiritual decision since the spiritual controls the physical.

Accumulation of physical things is good and essential for living, but you need to acquire the right one. The material decision explains the way you package your appearance towards the things you need and desire. When your decisions are not accurate towards your needs, you become obsessed with your needs.

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Obsession humbles us to what we need and makes them control us. Need, desire, and want are essential to man, but when we fail to get the exact one that would be helpful to us for a moment, we become worried. The material decision is important because it tends to solve human needs.

Material Decision: Things You Need To Know
Material Decision: Things You Need To Know

Honestly, we need material things to keep living, such as food, wears, shelter, money, car, and electronic gadgets. But to avoid making wrong decisions toward these needs, we should be knowledgeable, knowing what comes first— we should draw a scale of preference toward our needs. We need wisdom.

“Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: that wisdom preserves the life of its possessor.”—Ecclesiastes 7:12.

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Many people have destroyed their wonderful future because they love material things. They have made wrong decisions that brought no profit to them. Some people, because of material things, have decided to make money through rituals, armed robbery, prostitution, bribery, and corruption. That’s to show how important it is.

Some people chose bad instead of good, the wrong decision instead of the right decision. Any decision you make affects you directly and that is why it’s in your hands to decide your future.

Every material decision takes its origin from the spiritual but it’s very important for the survival of man.

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