Moses Disobedience: Short But Deep Lessons To Learn

Moses disobedience should be a case study that everyone who wants to make a reasonable decision should study. A decision takes different forms according to what it is meant to tackle. Our daily activities demand accurate decisions before they can be perfectly carried out, achieved, or propagated. We make decisions to succeed, not to fail.

If you fail through your decision, the truth would be that you’ve made a wrong decision. No right decision can take you to failure, except that you didn’t follow the right procedures when executing it.

After receiving the instruction from God, Moses and his brother Aaron summoned the people of Israel, to implement the instruction. They reached a decision, but not according to the procedure or standard of God. God told them to speak to the mountain, not to strike it. That was the instruction. That was the right time and season set for Moses and Aaron to decide their future.

Moses Disobedience: Short But Deep Lessons To Learn
Moses Disobedience: Short But Deep Lessons To Learn

Unfortunately, they failed because they did not follow the instruction just as they were instructed. Moses’ emotion (anger) overtook him, and he ignored the instruction and made the wrong decision. The people of Israel enjoyed the benefits of their decision while they lose. That was when their future was tempered, if not for the grace of God, Moses would have gone to hell.

But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not himself dare to condemn him for slander but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”—Jude 9 (NIV).

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Why did Moses fail through his decision when he had the key to the right decision? When you make wrong decisions, other people will enjoy the benefits, and you will lose. Moses and Aaron lose— they did not reach the Promised Land but the other Israelites reached. That’s what Moses disobedience caused.

Moses Disobedience: Short But Deep Lessons To Learn
Moses Disobedience: Short But Deep Lessons To Learn

Those to enjoy the benefits could be your business associates, colleagues at your workplace, foes, friends, or family members. I heard a story of a young man who made a great fortune through fraud. Unfortunately for him, death knocked at his door a few years after he had accumulated his fortune. He was not alive to enjoy his toils but left them for his family to enjoy.

There are lessons to learn from Moses disobedience which is always caused by anger.

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