Paula’s Sad Breakup Story

Here is a sad breakup story of Paula. Paula had hoped that her relationship with Matthew would last forever, but she was wrong.

She had no idea that he was cheating on her with her sister until she caught them together, and now it’s all over.

Paula wants to find out everything she can about their relationship so she knows what she’s up against when she sees her sister again.

This is Paula’s sad breakup story, and it just might be the beginning of an epic feud.

I am Paula and this is my story; Mattew was the love of my life. We met in college and hit it off immediately.

We were together for four years before he broke up with me out of the blue. I was devastated.

I loved him with all my heart and couldn’t imagine my life without him. My friends tried to console me, but nothing helped. He said he still wanted to be friends, but that wasn’t enough for me; I wanted to be his girlfriend again.

One day we happened to be at a party and ran into each other by chance. When he saw me, his face lit up like fireworks on Independence Day.

I knew then that he still loved me too. We got back together that night and have been inseparable ever since: Our love is stronger than ever.

Our love was so matured, so much that in the past few years we were able to work through our problems more easily till now. Paula’s sad breakup story.

Paula's Sad Breakup Story
Paula’s Sad Breakup Story

Whenever I’m feeling down, he would tell me how proud he is of who I am and how lucky he feels to have found me again.

And when times are tough, he always manages to make me laugh with just one look. So even though I don’t want to admit it, sometimes we do go through rough patches.

But thankfully, things get better with time. If you know what you’re looking for, good can come from bad.

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If you don’t let yourself feel sorry for yourself, you’ll find happiness again. I know this from experience and as long as we stick together, nothing will stop us from being happy forever. Paula’s sad breakup story.

I and Matthew have been in a relationship for 6 years. I met Mattew when I was in college and we hit it off immediately. We were together for six wonderful years until finally, we broke up. Paula’s sad breakup story.

The breakup was hard on both of us, but we slowly went through it. We became close friends at the end of the day.

Sometimes it feels like everything has changed overnight: all the things that used to make me happy don’t anymore, my heart is heavy and I have this emptiness inside that won’t go away. Paula’s sad breakup story.

Paula's Sad Breakup Story
Paula’s Sad Breakup Story

I’m trying to get back into my routine, but every day feels a little more difficult than the last.

My friends tell me that time will heal everything and they’re right – one day I’ll wake up feeling better. In the meantime, I’m taking small steps forward each day. Slowly but surely, I’ll feel whole again.

In the meantime, this is what I have planned out. I want to remind myself that this too shall pass. I want to reach out to people who can support me and helps with deal with these feelings.

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One day at a time, I’m working on figuring out what makes me happy and reminding myself that I am capable of achieving anything.

When the future seems uncertain, I hold onto those moments where I felt most alive. All this I will do in an attempt to stay positive, to take small steps forward.

He cheated on me with my sister. I was devastated when I found out that my boyfriend had cheated on me with my sister. I felt betrayed by both of them and didn’t know how to move forward. After a lot of soul searching, I decided to end things with my boyfriend.

Right now I’m focused on healing myself and moving on with her life. My sister apologized for her actions but an apology isn’t just enough for Paula to feel whole again. Paula’s sad breakup story.

The breakup was really hard for me but I knew it was the right decision for her at the time.

I was focused on spending time with friends who were there for me during this difficult time and have since made new connections in the community.

Paula's Sad Breakup Story
Paula’s Sad Breakup Story

The worst part about the whole thing was that it took him back to his old ways of cheating on me. I guess he didn’t learn anything from being caught before. Paula’s sad breakup story.

I don’t have any contact with my sister anymore which is tough because we used to be so close but I don’t think she will change so I need to keep my distance from her.

It has been over a year now and I’m happy with where I am in my life right now.

After all my work provides a stable income and I can support myself, there are some nice guys around the area too so there is no need to miss Mattew that much.

My therapist told me to let go of all that baggage from the past as well as other toxic people in my life like my ex-boyfriend because they won’t help me get better.

He said Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting. And once you’re done releasing everything, you’ll find your place in this world again.

In order to move on and live happily, I had to let go of what happened with my sister and forgive myself for not seeing it coming sooner. Plus, I learned a lot from this breakup relationship. We all make mistakes, no matter how big or small.

What matters most is learning from those mistakes and moving forward in life to become the best version of ourselves.

It was then that Paula realized that her ex-boyfriend would never be able to provide her with what she needed in life: emotional stability and love.

Paula's Sad Breakup Story
Paula’s Sad Breakup Story

At first, he seemed like such a great guy but after finding out about his infidelity, she realized it would only continue if they stayed together.

In retrospect, I knew that leaving him was the best decision for me at this time. It might seem unfair considering how much I loved him but sometimes relationships just aren’t meant to last.

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To date, I can’t believe Mathew would do this to me. We were together for two years and I thought things were going great. I came home from work yesterday and found all my stuff packed up and sitting by the door.

He left a note saying he was sorry but that he just couldn’t do this anymore. I don’t know what I’m going to do without him, I miss him but life moves on.

That was Paula’s sad breakup story.

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