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Shortest Advice To Young Ladies

Giving a piece of advice to young ladies can be disturbing as some of them may ignore it and proceed with their lifestyles. I have made this to be the shortest and smartest advice to advice to young ladies so far.

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Before you move into a man’s house, make sure you have a source of income; either you have handwork, business or you’re a working class lady.

Marriage is not that easy and will be more difficult when your man sees you as a liability.

I know some women whose husbands do not give money for food and do not care if they exist. So in this regard, if the woman has no means of income, what would she do?

But honestly, some men are heartless.😌 If you know you won’t take care of your woman, don’t bother getting married.

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This is my advice to young ladies…
Godspower Oparaugo
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