Tyler’s True Tales: Part 1

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Tyler’s True Tales: Part One… Hey, my name is Tyler and this is my story. As a boy I had a lot of hobbies, one of my best was kicking the wall… ha did that surprise you? Well, yes as a growing-up child, I loved to kick the wall to prove something to my parents.

Well, they weren’t quite getting the information so sometimes, I would have to cry just to prove to them that what I’m doing is hurting me and that I need whatever it is that I wanted.

So as a child, I was very clumsy which made my Dad very furious whenever he saw me but he wouldn’t dare to lay his finger on me because my Mom never joked one bit about me.

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My Mom is a tall and very lovely, black American lady who lives on the Southside with me and my Dad. Of course, you know where the Southside is, that is the street hustle name for South Carolina USA is where I lived with my parents.

Living, eating, and getting by every day was not an easy task at all cause I can tell from the look on my momma and pops faces anytime they get back from work, although they don’t always get to tell me how bustling and tough outside on the street of South Carolina was I figured that out myself.

Tyler’s True Tales
Tyler’s True Tales

So one day in school after my chemistry class teacher was done with us I stepped outside with a couple of my friends named James Parker, Paul Hilary, and John Kerwin. These three buddies were like no other on this planet.

They were so much fun to be with.

So about what we did after class was that we started gisting with our family, and some of the things we said were things we were never allowed to say in the presence of our parents. Tyler’s True Tales…

Well, I told my friends about how much I hated my father and his behavior toward me. Although I didn’t have a clear reason for why I hated my Dad, that’s what I said during the discussion with my friends.

So as we went further to our homes we made it clear to ourselves that we were going to meet again at the State Park where children our age used to gather to play football.

Of course, the only way our meeting could be possible would be for our parents to decide because we would have to tell them first which didn’t seem like a great idea for the four of us because we all had similar issues with our parents being overprotective about us.

Tyler’s True Tales
Tyler’s True Tales

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Which made us create a Plan B of what would work if we didn’t have the balls to go speak with our parents.

In the evening, at 6 pm, was the time we chose and that time is what the clock hand was at the very moment. I looked upstairs from the living room with thoughts hovering around my mind as to whether I should tell my parents about the meeting I had prepared with my friends.

Soon enough when I couldn’t bear the thoughts that were all over my head about how my Mom would be ashamed of me if she found out that I sneaked out of the house, I had to sit down for some seconds which was already eluding the time we picked to meet at the Park.

The end of Tyler’s True Tales: Part One…

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