Tyler’s True Tales: Part 2

Tyler’s True Tales: Part One… Hey Tyler, what’s up with you? My friends teased me! The time was exactly 8 PM. I was just leaping into my house and so were the rest of my friends.

As I got to the door miraculously it opened on its own and then I knew I was doomed because I was so sure my mom and dad were already in the living room with their hands folded waiting for me to come inside so I could get scolded.

Well, I had no choice so I bounced in and straight I went to the living room as that’s where I knew my parents would be at this time.

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Without even pleading or feeling remorseful, I went to my Dad and said “hey pops, Good evening” with my hands folded trying to give my Dad a knuckle. The old man frowned at me as he said to my Mom, “Woman, I don’t blame your son’s misbehavior. I blame you for training him without discipline.” He stood up and looked at me with an eye that says, “I’m disappointed in you.” He walked himself to his bedroom, leaving only me and my Mom in the living room.

So my Mom began her version but this time she was talking straight to me and not to my Pops or any other person.

Then she started, “Hey boy sits down on that couch and listen to me… “your father is not like your school classmates who you greet anyhow you’ve got to treat the old man with respect knowing that he is your Dad and not your school pals” Tyler’s True Tales…

Tyler’s True Tales
Tyler’s True Tales

Then she grabbed a class that she had just finished filling up with wine. While she was saying her first words she then continued the second verse… “Boy where did you go to and why are you just returning by this time?”

Of Course, I had to respond to that so I said “Mom I went to the Park to be with my friends” so then she replied.” Do you think you are grown up now that you can make such decisions on your own?

You should have told either me or your Dad before leaving and waited for us to decide if you should go or you stay.” Again, she looked at me angrily as she rounded up by saying, “henceforth, you would not leave school until I come to pick you and you would not go outside this environment until I say so.”

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From the look of things and my mom’s words, I think my father’s bad character which I complained about is nothing compared to my mom’s because my father would never deny me from having fun socially but my Mom would rather babysit me like I’m a 2 years old kid.

My parents’ characters are bad but right now, I think I like my Dad’s own better than my Mom’s.

So at 2 PM, the pupils in my class had already started going home including my friends. It was only that I was left waiting for my Mom to come to pick me up from school, of course, so I could apologize and hope she would take this punishment from me. Tyler’s True Tales…

But she didn’t even listen to my apology as she came to my school in a Black SUV. She opened the door in my direction and as I approached I was going to start by apologizing to them. She shut me up and rode away to the house.

The end of Tyler’s True Tales: Part Two…

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