Tyler’s True Tales: Part 3

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Tyler’s True Tales: Part Three… My Mom is not a very good driver but she always loves to ride at full speed, something my Dad said was too dangerous for a beginner like her.

Although, we were lucky to have made it home safely without any occurrence of an accident on the way but to be very sincere, every minute I spent on the road inside the car with my Mom I felt like I was going to die.

My mom’s driving despite the fact that she is a learner is very rough. She drives as if she is in some sports race which is not very good at all for both of us. So even though my mom’s punishment is going to continue, it can’t always be her that will come to pick me up, my Dad too has to drive to my school sometimes and drive me back home like a gentleman.

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This was what I suggested in my mind but no one could hear what I had only thought of in my mind, so the routine continued. It was always my mom who was coming to pick me up from school which I never found comfortable because I was scared by the way she drives including how she always scolds me whenever I’m trying to wave hi to some of my classmates, especially girls. Tyler’s True Tales..

She says I’m too young to start having a girlfriend and also she adds some other things about me to be true to her which was starting to sound like she wanted me to tell her everything about my personal life. Men…! My mom is unbelievable. She had never felt comfortable seeing me discussing with girls.

Tyler’s True Tales
Tyler’s True Tales

I was not so sure before but I think I hate my Mom much more than the way I hate my Dad, and I’m not bluffing you when I said it. I meant it.

My Mom is so paranoid and annoying unlike my Dad, he just wants me to know what is right and act like a grown-up boy. Therefore, each time I act like a kid he gets mad at me.

So today, I decided that I was going to speak with my Dad about my Mom picking me up from school and how uncomfortable I’m getting about this. Tyler’s True Tales…

So I left my room where I had the thought to go meet with my dad in his room and there he was laying on his bed. I knocked, and he asked me to open the door which I did. I greeted him, “Dad good morning.” He replied with a smile.

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I began, “Dad, I know I have been a very stubborn child and I do not deserve to ask anything from you but I have been able to take my correction from the punishment I had received from my mother. So, I thought of begging you to please have mercy on me.”

So he replied to me “hey boy, I don’t know what you always think of yourself, do you think you are a child? I have been watching you since you were a kid and so have your mother, and now you are grown up, you need to start acting like a boy that is no longer a child.”

Although my Dad did forgive me, yet, he never said anything about the punishment to my Mom. Which means I have to continue till I get things right?

The end of Tyler’s True Tales: Part Three…

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