Tyler’s True Tales: Part 4

Tyler’s True Tales: Part Four… Tyler, as you know already, is my name and my story from the beginning. This very part has not been very good with my parents, although there is still a lot that happened along the line and below it in full.

My Dad pardoned my childish attitude but my Mom was still bent on making me learn my lesson in a way that was contradictory to what my father had told me. He told me to always act in accordance with my parents’ instructions.” Therefore, I have to mix their instructions which I did and I got them right…

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I gotta do what my Mom says, staying in school till she comes to pick me up, washing my school uniforms immediately after I get back from school and doing my homework, then observing my siesta. Those are her instructions I must obey daily. I started acting more responsible which was what my father wanted.

So, I did this often without upsetting my Mom or my Dad being upset with me at all. This continued until one day my Mom came to my room together with my Dad with plenty of gifts wrapped in a red ribbon which they were going to present to me. Wow, I was surprised at seeing that! Tyler’s True Tales…

Although, first of all, I wondered what day it was because I was very sure it was not a Christmas or a Valentine’s Day, so why would my Mom and Dad bring me a gift? Immediately, I started steering at them their faces, waiting for some explanations as they were smiling like something was funny with my steering. Tyler’s True Tales…

Not minding what my further reactions would be, they refused to talk to me, not even a word! They dropped it on my locker and left. So. I decided to act maturely like a grown-up kid. I put off the light in my room and went to bed without checking what was in the gift until the next day at the dining table… My Mom, Dad, and I were having breakfast, so I asked them if the stuff they dropped in my room last night was mine. This, I said politely and nicely so I don’t get them mad at me again.

Tyler’s True Tales
Tyler’s True Tales

So my Mom looked at me and smiled, and said, “Tyler, you have learned a lot. I see that the punishment is taking effect on you.” Still, this doesn’t explain what the gift was all about and who the gift was for.

At the dining table, I was seated, looking at my plate filled with sausage but I couldn’t eat because my head was so full of thoughts about where I’d done wrong or right. These thoughts were all regarding the gift inside my room which I needed an answer so badly about the gifts and again I mustn’t be rude. Tyler’s True Tales…

So politely, again, the second time, I asked my dad, “Dad is the gift inside for me, please I need to know why it is in my room?” He always smiled and said, “young man, it’s a reward for your good behavior, you passed the test!” At first, I had to breathe in deeply, holding on to the fork in my hand very firmly and rubbing on it. I smiled as I rushed back to my room to check what the gift could be.

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It was a new gamepad and PlayStation and on it was written boldly “Tyler my boy, you can bring as many friends as you like for the whole of this week but note this leverage will end after this week.

Although for the first five minutes, I was excited after some time, I told myself, spoke to myself that this was only going to last for one we. What is the essence since my parents will keep monitoring and considering me to be a kid? Tyler’s True Tales…

I didn’t accept the one-week leverage, so I dropped the PlayStation back to where they left it, and I continued living the way they wanted me to. This sucks but I have no choice.

The end of Tyler’s True Tales…


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