Wedding Day: 9 Advice To Couples

A Wedding Day is an unforgettable day for couples. It’s a day they remember matching to the altar for matrimonial blessings. Bear this in mind; the first year of marriage is incredibly important for your future happiness.

Make every effort to build your marriage within this first year of love and understanding. My personal findings prove that many marriages in this digital world barely last one year before faults are beginning to be figured out. Lack of understanding and love can cause it.

However, some people are getting married to their spouses because of money or personal achievements, and not love. That’s a very big issue that may take plenty of time to be solved, or may have no solution at all. It is advisable to marry your friend, someone you truly love irrespective of their financial status at the moment. The marriage will last because it is built on love. Your wedding day will always be fresh in your memories.

It’s a time to establish good patterns and ways of being together that should continue for the rest of your marriage. These are a few things you need to pound over before picking a wife, husband and taking him or her to the altar to tie the nut. To spicy up your wedding day, take note of the following:

1) Remember The Love At First Sight

Always remember the good things you saw in your spouse that made you choose him or her. I mean the enduring characters that you love in your spouse when you first met him or her. Do well to remember them always. Don’t let the love last only on the wedding day, make sure it endures.

Also, do well to ensure your interest in your spouse did not reduce after some months or years of marriage. Be happy for those amazing things that attracted you to your spouse, and always work to ensure they endure the test of time. Beauty fades but good character endures. Happy wedding day!

2) You Need Love And Security

Remember that all women want the same things; love and security. Remember that men need love and security too. Love means kind words, sweet words, gentle words, quotes, and loving actions that gladden the heart. This is important, especially after the wedding day.

Loving-kindness includes occasional gifts, saying nice things about your spouse, and praising him or her for the good things he or she does. The more you praise your spouse, the happier he or she becomes. The happier your spouse becomes, the more he or she radiates the love and kindness that is within him or her. A happy wedding day to you guys!

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3) Let Understanding Guide You

Remember that no woman is perfect. You as the man are not perfect too! Having the understanding that both of your imperfect beings, will help you to understand each other more. Your wedding day is a commission day for another phase of life, make it always count. Continuous forgiveness is the key to a lifelong marriage, nothing more.

Do not allow yourself to start keeping records of your spouse’s mistakes. Forgive each mistake and gently correct him or her. As a man, always take things easy; understand before you act to avoid making things worse.

Remember your vows to each other which you made on your wedding day and always stick to them. Coming from different families and backgrounds, there is no woman that will have exactly the same agenda as her husband.

Serving God together and having children are good common and only original agenda to pursue. However, couples with a good understanding can always work on a particular agenda. Therefore, patience, kind words, and loving actions will always be needed in a marriage that wants to last. A happy wedding day to you!

4) Don’t Compare Your Ability With Your Spouse

Before your wedding day, always meditate on this: remember that there could be generational differences between husbands and their wives. Some wives are much often younger than their husbands while some are older than their husbands. However, by the virtue of being the head of the family, a man is always considered older than his wife.

My wife should be younger than me when I marry. I have to note that she will belong to a different generation; a younger generation. Rather than try to take her back to my generation, I have to try to work with her in her generation. Make her feel you’re mates in everything.

Make her play and have fun with you like mates; make her your playmate in all things and not only during lovemaking because you need her or want a baby from her. When you’re out of the house, call her on video calls, chat her up, send her text messages, it will make her feel fresh love every time she remembers you.

Wives should do the same to their husbands, which is a recommended attitude to develop in other to make every day look like a wedding day to couples! I try to involve her in family decisions. Tell your spouse that you love him or her very often; any number of times you do that every day is okay.

Wedding Day: 9 Advice To Couples
Wedding Day: 9 Advice To Couples

5) There Are Different Behaviours Between Couples

Dear husband, remember that you are a man, and not a woman. Dear wife, remember you are a woman and not a man. Psychologists have found out that a woman needs to speak 10000 words every day in order to be emotionally balanced while a man needs 1000 words only.

So, just listening to your wife talk to you is an act of love that will be rewarding to you too. Even if she is telling you something that does not interest you, act like you are interested, listen, laugh and smile. You are building family unity and trust by doing these. This doesn’t encourage wives to abuse the privilege they have to talk constructive words to their husbands by talking words that would anger them always.

In times of challenges, men should understand that their wives can talk out of context and disrespectfully just to ease their anger, feelings when they are hurt, and suchlike. At the moment she begins to talk disrespectfully, and angrily, give her some space; you may choose to leave the house for the moment until she is calmed. A good woman should always tender an apology to her husband whenever she displays an abnormal character. Happy wedding day, enjoy a blissful married life.

6) Don’t Engage In Arguments

Remember not to go into a shouting match with your spouse, especially your wife or engage in endless arguments to prove yourself right. It doesn’t make any sense at all. You will not win! Just listen to her while she does her talking or even shouting when angry and when she is done, calmly tell her what you think.

And that makes you a real man. As a man, you know all these things already but have to be reminded of them constantly to guide you on how to keep your wedding day vows. Women can be more annoying than anything you can think of, you have to keep this in mind to avoid adding more fuel to the fire. Happy wedding day, enjoy it to the fullest.

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7) It Is Your Duty To Love Each Other

Dear man, remember that your hands are designed for loving her. She is designed to always reciprocate. The quality of love you give your spouse, especially your wife, is what she will reciprocate. Under no circumstance should you beat your wife, don’t try it. That would not achieve the change you desire.

Speaking to her gently and appealing to her positive emotions will get you better results. Beating your wife devalues her humanity. Though her reaction may not be quick, it will have lasting negative effects on your life. Your wedding day vows will start having negative effects on your marriage.

Like I said previously, learn to accommodate your wife whenever she acts contrary, don’t fight or beat her. Gently ask her what’s wrong with her when you have noticed she’s calmed. A happy wedding day to the best couples!

8) Now It’s The Time To Change

Remember that accepting to get married means accepting to be changed for good; change from selfishness to selflessness, from the “I, me and myself” mentality to the “We, us and ourselves” mentality. You have to understand that you’re no longer a single person but share a union with your spouse.

If you want to be happy, make it your job to keep your wife happy. A woman should do the same. A woman should now understand that she is no longer a “slay queen” but a married woman who has chosen to be under a man, her husband.

Your lifestyle must change and your mentality should remind you that you’re now a new person living a new life. A happy wedding day to you; remain the best couples in town!

9) Always Be Faithful To Your Spouse

In one of the articles I wrote, I mentioned unfaithfulness as one of the dangerous things that destroy relationships. Your marriage is a superior relationship and must be kept sound and alive. Remember to stay faithful to your spouse.

Nowadays, the majority of men abandon their wives for other women which they refer to as side chics. On the other hand, some married women now enjoy meeting other men, abandoning their husbands with total recklessness. This is very bad and can’t help any marriage survive. Remember that couples do not have the capacity to keep infidelity a secret.

This is so because there is always a third witness to our married lives. His name is God. God’s plan is for you to love your wife, love your husband and for both of you to prosper; raising godly children whose lives will honor God and benefit humanity. Make sure that you are always pursuing that plan. Happy wedding day and many prosperous days!


Wedding Day; 9 Advice To Couples: Under no circumstance should you beat your wife with your hand, that’s a bad habit. That would not achieve the change you desire. Marriage is an institution of its own, to graduate as a successful student, you must possess or cultivate the spirit of love and understanding.

A man should be ready to tolerate his wife, and the wife should as the same. That’s when a marriage is enjoyed most. If you’re about to wed and are reading this article now, I wish you a happy wedding day…a happy married life in advance!

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