Why You Should Stop Living In Fear

Why you should stop living in fear: Whether we choose to live in fear or in fearless, the same fate awaits us— death. Why then do we betray our inner selves due to fear?

Stop living in fear, and see the few things fear can lead you to:

a) It can deny you your rights and privileges;

b) It can make you miss opportunities that are capable of making you rich or successful;

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c) It enslaves you to a certain point you would hardly stand up in public to express yourself or address the public;

d) It can make you unable or unfit to withstand even the lowest attack from the opposition;

e) It can make you give a partial judgment;

f) It can even make you miss Heaven.

And lots more….

Why You Should Stop Living In Fear
Why You Should Stop Living In Fear

Fear is dangerous and indeed, a disease that’s capable of causing emotional death. Learn to speak when necessary, nothing will happen to you.

However, your fearless approach to anything may be mistaken for a lack of respect, but do not allow it to bother you.

Learn to wave fear aside especially when you’re to make an important decision on anything.

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