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Wrong Decision: 11 Things That Lead To It

A decision is a daily task that every human must partake in. Irrespective of who you are, you can’t succeed without making a decision. If you don’t know how to make a decision at the right time, you would face so many challenges.

A good leader is known for his decision likewise any responsible and successful person. Without making the right and great decision, you can’t be a good manager, parent, or leader.

There may be different things that lead to a wrong decision but the below mentioned are highly considered as the major things that make people make a wrong decision. The eleven mentioned causes of a wrong decision in this article are capable of leading anyone who embraces them to failure.

No one can possibly make a wrong decision without something leading to it. When anyone makes a wrong decision, trace it back to the below-mentioned causes:

The 11 Things That Lead To Wrong Decision

1. Laziness

This has kept many people poor and unproductive in life. Laziness can make us take things for granted especially; those things that would help us make success. Stop being lazy and be eager to face your challenges so that you would not miss your opportunities to make wealth. There is no pleasure without suffering.

I care about your future. A decision can make you successful and can also make you unsuccessful. When you allow your mind to be enveloped with laziness, you will easily fail. When you are lazy, people would be discouraged to help you.

Laziness will make you poor. People whose aims are to achieve success— make money, pass exams, and do anything that supports good living, must stop being lazy. Through hard work and commitment, success can be attained.

2. Carelessness

Be watchful when making decisions. It’s not something you should do with carelessness. One of the things that destroy a man is carelessness, but most of us don’t know it. A lot of people have gone to their early graves just because they were careless about things they were to be serious about in life.

On daily basis, I see people who do things carelessly and when you correct them, they would feel offended. At last, when they see the results of their carelessness, they blame themselves. The right and the profitable decision does not work together with carelessness. Stop taking things for granted irrespective of their nature.

Wrong Decision: 11 Things That Lead To It

3. Impatience

We often say that ‘curiosity kills the cat.’ Whether you call it impatience or curiosity, you are right. Patience is the key to making success, and we should always practice it. When you are desperate, you would be liable to indulge in mistakes. Life is a step at a time and does not require a hurry or rush.

You’re a year one student of a higher institution, and you want to become a millionaire! That’s impatience. As a student, your stage is to meet the academic requirements, and then you can think of making money when you must have finished schooling.

School is not a money-making arena, it’s a learning environment. Impatience would push you to make a wrong decision which literally, is not required of anyone who wants to make success.

No one can achieve success without exercising a little patience. God knows how to deal with us, and as He does it, we are expected to exercise some patience. A desperate man is always subject to making a mistake and a wrong decision. Impatience is destructive and can lead to wrong decisions and failure.

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4. Pride

I have cautioned you about pride severally and will still caution you more. We say that ‘pride is a killer disease.’ Pride is deadly— it destroys and kills anyone who made it a friend. It gradually kills and collapses the already built future of anyone who indulges in it. A lot of people live with pride and showcase it in everything they do.

In history, it has not been recorded that pride has helped anyone to make success yet; some people still make it their friend. Pride is a destiny killer and one of the major causes of a wrong decision.

5. Bad Company

A good manner can be damaged by bad friends. Bad company leads to a wrong decision. If you want to make fast money, learn how to be committed to something good. Don’t allow friends to deceive you. There is an appointed time for everything. If you allow yourself to be misled by bad company, you’ve made yourself prey to failure.

Bad friends are like viruses that destroy human systems. Give no room to such people, for they are capable of luring you to failure. When you avoid such friends, you will avoid every form of evil and wickedness. If you keep good company; they would show you the way to success.

When you are ready to decide your future, you will believe with me that, to keep only good friends is essential. Any friend who does not add positive values to you is not worth having; keep off from him. Always strive for good company. Avoid making the wrong decision by avoiding bad company.

6. Family Background

Some people do not consider the family background as one of the major factors that determine one’s success, but I do. Family background can determine how fast or slow you can make success.

Consider rich and poor backgrounds; the children of rich parents have easy access to quality education, connection to social, political, economic benefits, and otherwise. It is easier for them to meet with influential personalities, and get job appointments than those whose parents are poor.

Wrong Decision: 11 Things That Lead To It

Family background has affected me in so many areas. It had subjected me to so many struggles, denial of social, economic, and political benefits.

In terms of success, the rich man’s children have more links to make success than the poor man’s children. It does not mean that the rich man’s children can make success more than the poor man’s children, but they have plenty of opportunities for most things in life.

Anybody can make success, but those who meet the opportunity easily are those who were born in a wealthy family. Making use of the available opportunity has to do with personal disposition, commitment, and wisdom, irrespective of family background.

Forget your family background, it does not determine how successful you would become, it only provides fast or slow links to success. I must tell you that, our backgrounds have a lot to contribute whenever we aspire to achieve anything but do not determine what we become.

However, the decision we make determines what we become. I must encourage you to put every effort to ensure you make success through the decision you make.

Poor background can result in poor education, irresponsible lifestyle, wrong decision, waywardness, and every unpleasant life experience. I know how many of my coursemates secured visas to the USA, Dubai, and Malaysia even before we graduate.

Some secured good jobs. All of these were through the connection of their families.  But those who were born into poor families will graduate and begin searching for jobs without being certain of getting one. Most of them would meet some difficulties of life which they did not bargain for.

Many of us struggle to survive while our mates got the opportunity to survive easily at no cost. But you can become successful more than those who initially got the opportunity, if only you decide your future wisely by making the right and profitable decision and following it up.

Don’t use your background as an excuse, work to rewrite your family history. When one is carnally minded, he can use his family background as an excuse for his misfortune.

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7. Frustration

I am certain that anything can lead to frustration, but it depends on personal disposition. When you eventually become frustrated, you may be working off-target and your brain would be disorganized. When we encounter frustration, we would become biased to make good decisions.

We should learn how to guide our minds against going astray whenever we are frustrated. This might not be easy at all, but we must stop being weakened by frustration.

Frustration is one of the major things that lure people to a wrong choice and decision. It can be caused by so many things. Frustration can be caused by hardship, disappointment, injustice, maltreatment, poverty, and other variables. We become frustrated whenever we found life challenging and tough for us to cope with.

Frustration has led so many young people to make a decision that has endangered their future, thereby engaging them in nefarious acts.

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8. Lack Of Information

We need information on everything we do or would wish to do before we get started. It’s so important to be informed, oriented, and directed before we proceed with any project. We need someone who is knowledgeable enough to properly guide us with accurate information about our quest. Information transforms, don’t overlook it.

The sources of information are now easier to access, such as WikipediaGooglelibraries, etc. You can always utilize any of them to get information on anything. Before going into any business, marriage, or course of study, you need orientation, you need information.

The information would help you avert some mistakes and mitigate the rate of risks you may encounter in the future. Proper information would make you focus on any project. Lack of proper information is enough to lead anyone to a wrong and destructive decision— a decision that can ruin one’s future.

9. Government Policies

When there is an economic meltdown, it will negatively affect the citizens, especially those in the lower and middle-class levels. Sometimes, the government makes its policies in such a way that it brings recession to the economy and hardship in the country. This may affect the individuals in their enterprises and rub them the profits of their labour.

It could probably push some of these individuals to start thinking otherwise. They would choose to make a negative decision at their disposal in order to uphold their businesses from running into liquidation. When the economy is down, it affects everything we do. It affects everyone in the country.

In most cases, government policies can affect the economy to an extent that, it would be hard for some families to feed. This can cause malnutrition to those families whose income had been affected. At this point, hardship would come and the children would feel the pains. Government policies are one of the major causes of economic meltdown.

Whether you call it economic meltdown or inflation, you are right. Those who could not be patient with the depreciation of the economy may trigger their ideas to promote nefarious activities to keep fit until the economy normalizes. It’s not encouraging to indulge in any business that will stand against the law because of hardship.

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10. Bad Leadership

Without a doubt, bad leadership has over 70% to cause the people to make a wrong decision. We have seen a lot of problems our leaders have caused in our countries which have created permanent stamp in the world. No country is exempted from bad leadership especially, in Africa. How can one survive in a country where leaders loot public funds and privatize public sectors?

Wrong Decision: 11 Things That Lead To It

Nigeria is a case study for this. A lot of evil has occurred because of bad leadership. We can count the excessive expansion of prostitution, robbery, human trafficking, cyber-crime, and a lot of unspeakable things that happen in Nigeria every day. Fraud is now at its peak because people are looking for means of survival.

If those in the seats of leadership would do what is needful and reduce the excessive corruption in the country, fewer people would be found making wrong decisions. When government fails to carry out its duties as expected and enacted in the supreme document, it creates hardship, corruption, and crisis.

At this juncture, those who are weak can choose to get what they want from the other side. Sadly, the current leadership in Africa has subjected thousands of Africans to a high level of hardship without any means of survival. We have millions of unemployed graduates in Nigeria when the country has the resources to provide jobs for the youths after their graduation.

Bad leadership can lead to a situation where young people can explore and utilize every opportunity at their disposal to survive when they can no longer endure the pains of poverty. A regime that has no provision for employment after graduation and those who work do not receive salaries on time causes a lot of harm to the masses. It’s one of the causes of a wrong decision.

11. Environment

The environment is another unavoidable factor that can influence one’s decisions. We can notice this in the behaviour of our kids, which are always influenced by the peer group.  The kind of activities that take place in a particular environment can determine one’s behaviour, reasoning, speeches, and mode of conduct.

The environment is a sensitive variable that should not be overlooked or neglected regardless of any condition. It can make or mar us; it is very intelligent to be underrated. Residing in an environment where everyone has negative thoughts about the future is a barrier to positive decisions and can limit one from aspiring higher.

It’s wise and advisable for you to choose an environment where people who are in pursuit of their destiny can be found.


The ability to make the right decision enables us to make a success of anything we lay our hands on. Today is gone, tomorrow is still far, just prepare for it! A wrong decision is capable of destroying one’s future. Give your future the quality planning it requires to make you great. Just make the right decision always. “A desperate man is always subject to making a mistake and wrong decision.” —Godspower Oparaugo

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